Sandra Bland buried amid US protests over racism

Funeral held for young black woman in Chicago, as hundreds gather in Newark to protest against police brutality.

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Customers Report Receiving $15 Best Buy Gift Cards For $15 After Pricing Error

It turns out that our post yesterday about the pricing error at Best Buy wasn’t quite accurate. When the retailer’s site offered $200 gift cards for $15, lots of people hopped on this particular bandwagon and ordered them. However, a tipster reports that some cards shipped out before best Buy caught the error. Some shipped out…and they aren’t worth $200. … [More]

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Oh God, Someone Ran Fear and Loathing Through Google's Neural Network

By now, the entire internet’s realized that Deep Dream, Google’s artificial neural network, is capable of some pretty trippy images. But what happens when you run a movie about acid trips through the acid trip generator? Fear and Loathing in your worst nightmares, that’s what.


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