onika does the barbz dirty on instagram, fuels #omeeka speculation

nicki minaj plays too much. earlier this week she got fans/#omeeka shippers' tongues wagging when she posted a selfie with rapper meek mill and teased that they were on the set of a new video. meek features on two tracks off minaj's new classic THE PINKPRINT, "buy a heart" and "big daddy," and the barbz were quick to analyze every aspect of the minimally detailed photo for clues as to which of the two was getting a visual.

as it turns out, there doesn't seem to be a video in the works for either of the tracks co-starring meek. later that same day, her minajesty changed sweaters and posted this follow up to her instagram feed:

which did nothing but piss off fans hoping "buy a heart" would be the next single and fan the flames of speculation that she and rameek are more than just good friends (feat. stevie wonder).mp3. and then before going to bed that night she shared this outtake from her 2015 calendar shoot, just cos:

so i guess we'll see what plays out between these two in 2015. sending love and light to aubrey.

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Dish makes a big splash into web TV with $20/month for ESPN (and more)


Another major domino has fallen for cord cutters.

The first real Internet-only television subscription package has been introduced by DISH Network, marking an important milestone in the transition of TV from cable to the web.

DISH's service, called Sling TV, offers customers $20-a-month option for a limited batch of channels. It is the first real bundle of TV available online without a cable subscription, and includes ESPN — an important channel for its live and exclusive sports content.

The service will be available in the first quarter of 2015, the company said. It will only be for U.S customers, and can only be streamed on one device at a time. Read more...

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Sushi Chef With Knife Subdues Would-Be Armed Robber

Sushi Chef With Knife Subdues Would-Be Armed Robber

Oh, just your typical news story. Guy tries to rob sushi restaurant, sushi chef scares the piss out of him with a gigantic knife, guy runs in urine-soaked terror, chef catches him outside and subdues him until the police get there. No big.


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