This Voter’s Story Will Make You Angry at Texas

Geoffrey Kuchera / Shutterstock.com Eric Kennie, 45, has never left his home town of Austin, Texas, and he was raised to do “the right thing” and vote. But Texas won’t let him. Spoiler alert: He’s black. Texas has a voter ID law meant to prevent fraud, its proponents claim. What it actually does is prevent poor people from voting. Although a judge threw out the law, the Supreme Court is allowing it to stand, at least for this election cycle. According to the Guardian, Kennie gets by collecting cans. And even though he went through the relative difficulty and expense of obtaining his birth certificate, the state still won’t let him vote. The Guardian: I asked him how much $23 means to him. His said what he does when he feels flush with money is decide to splurge on a special treat for himself and his friends. “I do chicken Tuesday at Popeyes.” What’s that, I asked. “Two pieces of fried chicken for 99 cents – one dollar seven with tax. When things are good I might get five or 10 boxes and hand them out to my neighbours.” So what passes as a reckless binge for Eric Kennie – a splurge on about $10 worth of fried chicken – is less than half of what he spent getting himself a copy of his birth certificate. The outcome was perhaps predictable by now: the birth certificate wasn’t up to scratch either. When he took it to the DPS (another three buses there, three buses back, another two hours waiting in line) they told him that the name on the birth certificate didn’t match the name on his voter registration card. The birth certificate has him down as Eric Caruthers – his mother’s maiden name – even though his parents were married at the time he was born. Read more There’s more to the story, written by Ed Pilkington, but the gist is this: Republicans in Texas are holding onto their tenuous majority by hook and crook. It’s undemocratic, un-American, and racist. —Posted by Peter Z. Scheer

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Please Explain How This Squirrel Made a Jack O' Lantern

No, seriously, tell me how they did this. Not to get all squirrel truther on you, but there was clearly something put on the pumpkin to make the squirrel do this, right?


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Blockman should not be retained | News-Gazette.com

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Unity's Freeman tough matchup

Senior is a challenge on both sides of the ball.

TOLONO — Hiley Freeman was lightheaded as he jogged off the field in last year’s Week 3 game against Meridian. The closer he got to the Unity sideline, the worse it got.

What Freeman knew was he was hurt. Just how severe that injury was he didn’t find out until later that night after X-rays at Carle Foundation.

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Woman charged in murder-for-hire case

An Arcola woman who allegedly wanted to eliminate the competition for her man is in the Douglas County Jail.

TUSCOLA — An Arcola woman who allegedly wanted to eliminate the competition for her man is in the Douglas County Jail.

Michelle L. Smith, 34, was charged in Douglas County Circuit Court Friday with solicitation to commit murder for hire, a Class X felony carrying penalties ranging from 20 to 40 years in prison upon conviction.

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Jawun Evans: Will he or won't he?

John Groce and his staff have been stockpiling the Illinois roster with some serious talent. Here's another chance to add to the loot.

Got a basketball question? Send it to Marcus Jackson , who'll answer them after Evans' decision on Wednesday

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Centennial volleyball earns big sweep

First-year coach Alan Newman had his team calm during the touch stretches of its match against Springfield on Thursday.

CHAMPAIGN — In the tensest and most-pressurized moments of Thursday’s volleyball match, Centennial’s Chargers were relaxed and playing with poise.

Springfield gave the home team plenty of opportunities to succumb to the tension, but Centennial held strong, playing with an energy that matched the sideline intensity of first-year head coach Alan Newman.

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