One Direction's barnacle 5SOS host a 'mexican party' for the release of their new album


Today we are giving out Mexican hats, moustaches, we have taco trucks outside and a mariachi band playing our songs http://ift.tt/1pKrMdF

— Ashton Irwin (@Ashton5SOS) July 26, 2014

We wanted today to be epic for you guys... So we did this lol, cause what's more epic than this.. https://t.co/L64ZMFMNU4

— 5 Seconds of Summer (@5SOS) July 26, 2014

instead of apologizing for turning mexican/xicano culture into a joke to amuse their fans, or pleading ignorance on the situation, ashton passively fav'd:

the only reason 5sos hired a mariachi band was to make queues more enjoyable & entertaining for the 5sos fam yet ppl are calling them racist

— (@FellFor5SOS) July 27


via Oh No They Didn't! http://ift.tt/1oTvtBk

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