Access to public transit a big factor in where millennials will live

A supermajority of millennials say that access to high quality transportation is one of the top three criteria they would weight when deciding where to live.'s according to a recent survey from the Rockefeller Foundation and Transportation for America, which studied millennials and their transportation views in 10 major U.S. cities, including Chicago. This is good news for the long-term future of our country. Some other survey results:

  • A large majority of millennials want access to better transit options and the ability to be less reliant on a car

  • More than half (54%) of millennials surveyed say they would consider moving to another city if it had more and better options for getting around

  • Though Millennials value the transportation options they currently have, they support continued and growing access to quality transportation options in the future

Millennials living in cities with mature transportation systems (Chicago, New York City, and San Francisco in the study) count on a mix of transportation to get around and look to transportation access when they are deciding where to live, work, and visit.

  • 95% say that having a convenient and reliable public transportation system is important to them, and 67% say that their city is doing an excellent or good job delivering on that

  • 82% say that access to quality transportation options in one of their top criteria when deciding where to live

  • 70% would consider moving to another neighborhood if it had more and better options for how to get around and 53% would consider moving to another city entirely for more and better options

Millennials in mature transportation systems want to live in places with a wide range of transportation options, including car- and bike-share services. And though they think their cities largely provide them with adequate options, they desire even greater access moving forward.

  • 93% say their ideal transportation system would include a range of options so they can decide for themselves how best to get around

  • 83% say that having a wide range of transportation options, including public transportation and car- and bike-sharing services is important to them

  • Even with these positive ratings, 62% say they would like more public transportation options in their area

Transportation access shapes where millennials in mature transportation systems spend their time, and they believe it offers cities real economic benefits.

  • 88% are more likely to shop, eat out, or go to a bar in areas with access to quality public transportation

  • 76% say that visiting an area without access to public transportation is a major inconvenience

  • 91% say that investing in quality public transportation helps improve the economy and create jobs

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