LinkedIn, Pinterest more popular than Twitter: study

SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters) - More U.S. adults use LinkedIn and Pinterest than Twitter, but that website attracts a greater proportion of blacks and young adults than do its social media peers, a Pew Research Center study released on Monday showed.

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Former BP geologist: peak oil is here and it will 'break economies' | Nafeez Ahmed

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YouTube’s Content ID System Will Take Away Your Money If You Dare Sing “Silent Night”

YouTube is full of web-celebs with decent followings who make some cash by allowing the site to run ads against their videos. YouTube also has a horrendously inaccurate and over-eager system called Content ID that flags videos that may contain copyrighted music content. When a monetized video is flagged, YouTube takes away the ads and […]

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Minneci's downtown closing after New Year's Eve

A longtime local Italian restaurant will serve its last plate of pasta next week.

CHAMPAIGN — A longtime local Italian restaurant will serve its last plate of pasta next week.

Minneci's Traditionale, a fixture at First Street and Springfield Avenue for about three decades, will shutter on New Year's Eve. A second Minneci's, which opened this fall in southwest Champaign, will remain open.

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Home sweet home-based businesses

Some of the most unusual businesses in Champaign-Urbana don't have a storefront. You can't find them downtown or on campus. You probably won't even notice them as you drive by.

Some of the most unusual businesses in Champaign-Urbana don't have a storefront. You can't find them downtown or on campus. You probably won't even notice them as you drive by.

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With Instagram Direct, Facebook's Pursuit of Snapchat Is Over


I was mostly wrong about Instagram's plans and also mostly right. I know, that oxymoronic statement makes little sense unless you consider that Instagram Direct, unveiled on Thursday in New York, is the very first big step into a full-scale encroachment on Snapchat's territory. It also means Facebook, to borrow a Taylor Swift lyric, will never, ever, ever bid on Snapchat again.

A couple of days ago, I predicted Instagram would unveil some sort of direct image messaging system and I almost called it Instagram Direct: "The ability to make chat-based or direct Instagrams temporary." Instagram Direct is, as I guessed, a way of sharing images "between only a group of Instagram friends or with just one other user." Read more...

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Stopgap farm bill passes U.S. House, averts 'dairy cliff'

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Twitter Says New Blocking Policy Which Allows Following, Tweet Interaction Is To Prevent Retaliation

Twitter has introduced a new blocking policy that is materially different from the one that they’ve had in the past. Blocked users can now see your tweets while logged in and continue to follow you on the service, allowing potential harassers or abusers to continue to track your updates on the network, even though you’ve […]

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Shane Dwight plans Friday night show

URBANA — Shane Dwight, who was a headliner at the 2013 Blues, Brews & BBQ Festival, will return to perform Friday evening at the New Fluid Event Center inside Lincoln Square Village.

The show, presented by Fluid Events & Smoky's House BBQ, will open with local band Timmy D. and Blind Justice. The doors will open at 8 p.m.; the show will start at 9.

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YouTube culls hundreds of game clips

Major games publishers offer support to fans who have had gameplay clips removed from YouTube due to "illegitimate" copyright claims.

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Early results show turbines not exceeding noise limits, firm's lawyer says | News-Gazette.com

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Middle-aged drink and drugs warning

People in their 40s have the highest rates of hospital admission for drug and alcohol abuse in England, a review says.

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Monday was a really bad day

Monday was just a regular day for normal people, the first day of a new work week. But for the especially sick and twisted — those who run for public office in Illinois — Monday was a day of almost cosmic significance.

Days like Monday undermine the political process, and here's why.

Monday was just a regular day for normal people, the first day of a new work week.

But for the especially sick and twisted — those who run for public office in Illinois — Monday was a day of almost cosmic significance.

It was the last day of the candidate filing period — Nov. 25 to Dec. 2.

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Spotify's Own Math Suggests Musicians Are Still Getting Hosed

Nerval's Lobster writes "Spotify wants to change the perception that it's killing artists' ability to make a living off music. In a new posting on its Website, the streaming-music hub suggests that songs' rights-holders earn between $0.006 and $0.0084 per stream, on average, and that a niche indie album on the service could earn an artist roughly $3,300 per month (a global hit album, on the other hand, would rack up $425,000 per month). 'We have succeeded in growing revenues for artists and labels in every country where we operate, and have now paid out over $1 billion USD in royalties to-date ($500 million of which we paid in 2013 alone),' the company wrote. 'We have proudly achieved these payouts despite having relatively few users compared to radio, iTunes or Pandora, and as we continue to grow we expect that we will generate many billions more in royalties.' But does that really counter all those artists (including Grizzly Bear and Damon Krukowski of Galaxie 500) who are on the record as saying that Spotify streaming only earns them a handful of dollars for tens of thousands of streaming plays? Let's say an artist earns $0.0084 per stream; it would still take 400,000 'plays' per month in order to reach that indie-album threshold of approximately $3,300. (At $0.006 per stream, it would take 550,000 streams to reach that baseline.) If Spotify's 'specific payment figures' with regard to albums are correct, that means its subscribers are listening to a lot of music on repeat. And granted, those calculations are rough, but even if they're relatively ballpark, they end up supporting artists' grousing that streaming music doesn't pay them nearly enough. But squeezed between labels and publishers that demand lots of money for licensing rights, and in-house expenses such as salaries and infrastructure, companies such as Spotify may have little choice but to keep the current payment model for the time being."

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Snapchat Scoops Up Facebook, Instagram Exec as COO


Snapchat added Emily White, the director of business operations at Instagram, as the company's new COO on Tuesday, according to AllThingsD

The now-former Facebook exec had been director of mobile partnerships at Facebook beginning in 2011, according to her LinkedIn profile. She was assigned to work with Instagram and its co-founder Kevin Systrom in April, and was involved in bringing advertisements to Instagram just last month

"It happened really quickly, but to have an actual COO role in one of many companies that is disrupting the communications arena is one I could not pass up," White, who will work directly with Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel as the company's No. 2, told AllThingsD. “I have always been captivated by the creativity that has gone into the product… and I think that Evan has been looking for someone who can help him grow and scale what is already something that has changed a lot of the way people think about the mobile experience.” Read more...

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Keith Sweat - Make It Last Forever by jtobegood


Houston Cops Handcuff and Take 13-Year-Old White Girl From Black Guardians

Houston Cops Handcuff and Take 13-Year-Old White Girl From Black Guardians

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Houston Police have refused to explain why they took a 13-year-old white girl from her two black guardians over the weekend and placed her in the custody of Child Protective Services.

Landry Thompson's mother had signed notarized papers giving dance instructor Emmanuel Hurd full guardianship over her during a trip from Oklahoma to Houston for training, according to KHOU.

Thompson, Hurd and another dance instructor had stopped at a gas station in Houston on Saturday night when they were surrounded by police cars.

Thompson is a 13-year-old blonde white girl and both dance instructors are young African-American men.

"We were on the GPS trying to figure out where the hotel was," Hurd recalled. "They just pulled us out of the car and put our hands behind our backs like we were criminals."

"The officer asked me 'who’s the girl?' and I said 'she’s my student,'" Hurd continued. “I told him I had a notarized letter from her parents stating that we have full guardianship over her while we’re here.”

All three told the police the same story, but the officers apparently weren't buying it.

“They still put handcuffs on me and it really scared me,” the 13-year-old said. “And they put me in the back of a cop car and I was terrified.”

Thompson's mother, Destiny, was shocked when she found out that her daughter had been placed in the care of Child Protective Services.

“She was with the people I wanted her to be with," the mother remarked. "She was with people I trusted. And now she was taken away from those people and in a shelter with people I didn’t know.”

At first officials reportedly demanded that the mother fly to Houston to get her daughter, but 11 hours later, the girl was released back into the custody of Hurd.

Destiny Thompson insisted that the police owed her and her daughter an apology. However, the department refused to comment for KHOU's report.

(h/t: Egberto Willies)

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Patent trolls have a surprising ally: universities - The Washington Post

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This Is What An Uncooked McRib Looks Like

Gird your stomach muscles, oh ye lovers of the elusive, seasonal McRib. Because when you see what it looks like before it’s delivered on its bready bed covered in barbecue sauce, you might not be so excited to actually eat it.

The above photo posted to Reddit claims to show what an unthawed McRib patty thing looks like before it’s … [More]

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YouTube hilariously impotent against ASCII comment pornographers | Ars Technica

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