House conservatives hold firm as government shutdown looms

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - With conservative House Republicans promising not to back down on an emergency spending bill in a push to defund President Barack Obama's healthcare reform law, the U.S. government edged closer on Saturday to its first shutdown since 1996.

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Ohio joins growing number of states out of execution drug after EU boycott

Death penalty states vow to press on with executing prisoners despite inability to replenish stocks of drug pentobarbital

The number of US states to run out of the drugs they use for executions is growing. Ohio has exhausted its supplies of pentobarbital, the powerful sedative it uses to execute prisoners, becoming the latest death penalty state to be hit by what amounts to a boycott on drug sales to US corrections departments.

Ohio expended its last viable doses of pentobarbital on Wednesday in killing Harry Mitts Jr, 61, sentenced to death for the 1994 shootings in Cleveland of a black man and a police officer. The state is unable to replenish its stocks of the drug after the sedative's manufacturer, Lundbeck in Denmark, imposed stringent restrictions on sales that prohibits distribution to prison institutions involved in executions.

The de facto boycott leaves Ohio, and a growing number of other death penalty states, in limbo, with no obvious alternative method of execution open to them. A spokesperson for the state's correction department told the Guardian that its execution protocol that governs the method of death is now likely to be changed in time for the next scheduled execution, of Ronald Phillips on 14 November. Any proposed change will be announced by Ohio by 4 October.

Despite its professed intention to continue executing prisoners, the harsh truth for Ohio is that no easy solution to the drugs drought is readily to be found. Arkansas, California, Georgia, Missouri, South Dakota and Texas are all in varying degrees of crisis.

The governor of Arkansas has suspended all executions until an alternative to its depleted stocks of pentobarbital could be found. California has announced it is dropping its three-drug lethal injection protocol but has not landed on a replacement.

Georgia and South Dakota are trying to skirt around the boycott by having execution drugs put together by compounding pharmacies, keeping the identities of those drug makers a "state secret". The use of compounding pharmacies, usually used to customise drugs for individual clients, has prompted a storm of criticism as the outlets are not regulated by federal authorities.

Texas, the most active of the 32 death penalty states with 15 executions last year, will run out of its stocks of pentobarbital this month – again, with no obvious substitute available. Missouri is leading the pack by turning to an entirely new drug as a hoped-for way around the shortages: it plans to use propofol, the drug on which Michael Jackson overdosed, for the first time in an execution on 23 October.

The rapidly spreading drought in drugs – imposed largely as a result of a European Union boycott on the sale of sedatives to US prisons in protest against their use in judicial killings – represents the greatest practical challenge to the death penalty in America since the practice was halted by the supreme court in 1972. "This is a moratorium by default," said Deborah Denno, an expert on execution methods at Fordham university law school.

"Departments of corrections are panicking because they have scheduled executions that need to take place, and no way to carry them out. Nobody is going to go back to the old ways of lethal gas or the electric chair," she said.

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Unsafe food temperatures contribute to three failed restaurant inspections in August

Thursday, September 26, 2013

By Pam G. Dempsey/CU-CitizenAccess --Three area restaurants failed health inspections in August according to new data released this month.

Inspectors found broken coolers and equipment and food out of safe temperature ranges in each restaurant.

One restaurant was temporarily closed after inspectors found multiple violations, including raw chicken out of safe temperature ranges stored in a broken cooler.

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Unsafe food temperatures contribute to three failed restaurant inspections in August | CU-CitizenAccess

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5 YouTube Exercises to Strengthen Your Core


Whether you're training for a triathlon, looking for a workout you can do indoors, or sitting at a desk all day and need to improve your posture, a few basic at-home or in-gym core workouts may be exactly what you need.

We rounded up five core-strengthening exercises on YouTube, featuring yogis, MMA fighters and more. Even if you don't have access to a gym or your own equipment, many of these exercises can be done at home — with a little willpower. If you have a buddy to work out with, even better

Which core workout is most effective for you? Tell us in the comments. Read more...

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Black victim of car accident shot ten times by white officer

According to autopsy reports, Randall Kerrick, the North Carolina police officer who shot and killed 24-year-old Jonathan Ferrell when he sought assistance after a serious single-car accident, fired at the former Florida A&M University football player 12 times, hitting him 10. After crashing his car into a tree early Saturday morning, Ferrell sought help from the first house he came to. He banged on the door, and the woman who answered immediately closed it and […]

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The Big Brother’s Guide to Little Sisters

When she was growing up, Jennifer in New York says she always wanted a big brother. “Now that I have three children of my own,” she writes, “I thought I could live vicariously through my daughter, the middle child.” However, finding this “to-do list” on top of her eldest son’s homework has made her consider [...]

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Will Apple Ever Fix the iMessage Text-Killing Problem?


When Liz DeStasio's smartphone abruptly stopped getting her parents' text messages, she chalked it up to old-person syndrome — that they had simply screwed up a setting that was preventing the texts from getting through. But the missing-text problem began spreading to more of her contacts, perplexing both her and her husband, Dominick.

Soon, they found the common thread: All of the people whose texts weren't getting through were iPhone owners.

"It was actually her father who noticed that whenever he sent a message, it was showing up as if it were sent under iMessage," says Dominick. "Once he mentioned the iMessage thing, I put two and two together that all the people that were having trouble messaging her had iPhones." Read more...

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Next electronics recycling event scheduled

CHAMPAIGN — The next free countywide electronics recycling event will be held from 8 a.m. to noon Oct. 12 at The News-Gazette Distribution Center, 3202 Apollo Drive, Champaign.

Drivers are asked to enter the event at Market Street and Olympian Drive.

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N.C. police shoot unarmed man who survived car accident

(Reuters) - Police in Charlotte, North Carolina, shot dead an unarmed man who was running toward police officers and may have been just trying to get help after crashing his car, authorities said.

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