Not that Homeland: Fox sends bogus takedowns for copyright reformer’s book

Homeland is a television show produced by Fox that debuted in 2011. It's also the title of an unrelated novel written by author and copyright reform activist Cory Doctorow. And evidently, the system Fox uses to send takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can't tell the difference between the two.

TorrentFreak first broke the news that Fox has been sending Google takedown notices for URLs like "http://tpb.piraten.lu/tag/Homeland-Doctorow" and "http://torrentreactor.net/torrents/6214335/Homeland-by-Cory-Doctorow." Not only does Fox not own the copyright for these works, but because Doctorow published his novel under a Creative Commons license, distributing his work on BitTorrent is completely legal. This means that Fox's carelessness may be causing legitimate content to be removed from search engine results.

"I have made inquiries about the possible legal avenues for addressing this with Fox, but I'm not optimistic," Doctorow wrote on his blog. "The DMCA makes it easy to carelessly censor the Internet, and it makes it hard to get redress for this kind of perjurious, depraved indifference."

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