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Police act against 'party buses'

CHAMPAIGN — Champaign police and Illinois State Police have issued multiple tickets in connection with "party buses" coming to Champaign from other college campuses.

According to a police report, state police stopped the "Wild Nites" party bus at Prospect and Bradley avenues in Champaign at about 11:22 p.m. Thursday.

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Bill Clinton Officially Joins Twitter


Bill Clinton received a warm welcome from Twitter, after the former U.S. president officially joined the microblogging network Wednesday night

Welcome to Twitter @billclinton, 42nd President of the United States and founder of @clintonfdn.

— Twitter Government (@gov) April 25, 2013

Under the handle @BillClinton, he sent out two tweets on Wednesday, including one in which he expressed excitement at joining his daughter and comedian Stephen Colbert on Twitter:

Excited to join @chelseaclinton and my good friend @stephenathome on Twitter!

— Bill Clinton (@billclinton) April 25, 2013

But those who visit Clinton's Twitter account will notice a third, noticeably sillier tweet sent on April 6. That message was actually written by Colbert (as dictated to him by Clinton) during an interview with the president on a special edition of The Colbert Report. At that time, the comedian had opened a Twitter account for Clinton under the handle @PrezBillyJeff, which now has its tweets protected Read more...

More about Twitter, Bill Clinton, and Social Media

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@BillClinton Officially Joins Twitter, Ditches @PrezBillyJeff


Welcome to Twitter @BillClinton, 42nd President of the United States and founder of @ClintonFdn.

Twitter Government (@gov) April 25, 2013

The 42nd President of the United States and the man with the most endearing lip bite in the world, William Jefferson Clinton, has officially jumped into the 21st century by joining Twitter. The Prez has already racked up over 200,000 followers in roughly 30 minutes and brought his lovable charm in under 140 characters. “@StephenAtHome Just got a call from Chelsea. Ready to start Twitter lessons tonight,” he wrote to comedian Steven Colbert, who had attempted to persuade Clinton to join Twitter under the name @PrezBillyJeff during an interview earlier this month (video below).

@StephenAtHome Just got a call from Chelsea. Ready to start Twitter lessons tonight.

Bill Clinton (@billclinton) April 25, 2013

Personally, I’m a little bummed he ditched Colbert’s moniker, as I much preferred Clinton’s first Twitter bio, “I am President William Jefferson Billy Jeff Rodham Clinton. Stephen Colbert is my BFF.” In true Clinton fashion, he’s using his new found fame to plug the Clinton foundation, which also switched its name (@ClintonFdn) tonight.

Colbert also seized the opportunity to congratulate himself:

I taught @billclinton to tweet! This is almost as exciting as the time I taught Cheney "Dance Dance Revolution."

Stephen Colbert (@StephenAtHome) April 25, 2013

Check out Colbert’s interview with Clinton below:

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State charges unlikely against Ford-Iroquois health department

PAXTON — The Illinois attorney general's office has decided not to pursue criminal charges against anyone at the Ford-Iroquois Public Health Department, after the attorney general's office completed its review of information supplied by Iroquois County.

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U.S. sues Novartis, alleging kickbacks to pharmacies

(Reuters) - The U.S. government filed a civil fraud lawsuit against Novartis AG on Tuesday, accusing a unit of the Swiss drug maker of causing the Medicare and Medicaid programs to pay tens of millions of dollars in reimbursements based on fraudulent, kickback-tainted claims.

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FedEx signs new $10.5 billion contract with USPS

(Reuters) - FedEx Corp said its FedEx Express subsidiary has entered into a seven-year express air transportation contract with the United States Postal Service for about $10.5 billion.

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Actor Michael Shannon dramatizes sorority member’s rant against ‘f-cking awkward’ sisters

A sorority officer’s expletive-laced reprimand of her chapter for being “fucking awkward” and “fucking boring” was brought to life by actor Michael Shannon in a video released by Funny or Die on Monday.

The email, originally sent by a University of Maryland student to her chapter of the Delta Gamma sorority, upbraids her sisters for not “socializing” enough with the Sigma Nu fraternity, and gained popularity online after being reposted by Gawker on April 18.

“I’ve been getting texts on texts about people literally being so fucking awkward and so fucking boring,” the student said, chastizing members for preferring to spend time with each other and threatening to assault and “cunt punt” those who don’t change their behavior.

“Newsflash you stupid cocks: Frats don’t like boring sororities,” the email said. “Oh wait, double fucking newsflash: Sigma Nu is not going to want to hang out with us if we fucking suck, which by the way in case you’re an idiot and need it spelled out for you, we fucking suck so far.”

Gawker also reported that the chapter president asked for the text of the email to be removed from the site, saying it “absolutely does not reflect our chapter’s values nor Sigma Nu’s and any assistance you can give us is greatly appreciated.”

Watch Shannon illustrate the frustration caused by Delta Gamma’s social faux pas, posted by Funny or Die on Monday, below.

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Jon Stewart mocks CNN’s new ‘responsible’ reporting on Boston bombing

The Daily Show host Jon Stewart beat up one of his favorite punching bags on Monday night, the 24-hour news network CNN.

Last week, CNN humiliated itself after falsely claiming the FBI was arresting a “dark-skinned male” in connection with the Boston Marathon bombing — a situation that Stewart gleefully mocked.

Stewart observed that the news network appeared to have learned its lesson. Once the manhunt for the Boston bombing suspect was actually underway on Friday, CNN reporters and anchors were falling over themselves to emphasize they were unclear on what was happening.

“It’s a much more responsible way of broadcasting than your usual say it first and have Anderson Cooper correct it later,” Stewart joked.

But Stewart was still able to find much in CNN’s coverage of the event that was worthy of being lampooned. One reporter speculated about the meaning of dogs barking, while another remarked a suburb of Boston was so quiet it was as if “a bomb had dropped somewhere.”

Watch video, via Comedy Central, below:

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Airwaves Plays Your Mac's Audio Over Multiple AirPlay Speakers

OS X (10.8+): Playing music from your Mac to an AirPlay device is pretty easy, but Airwaves is a handy app that lets you broadcast your audio to any one or multiple AirPlay speakers all over your home, kind of like a poor-man's Sonos.

With AirPlay, you're often limited by whether or not the music or movie player you're using supports it, and even then you can only select one AirPlay target at a time. Airwaves gets around the problem by giving you a system-wide control that switches from your Mac's speakers to any AirPlay-compatible device on your home network. If you want to broadcast to multiple rooms and multiple devices, Airwaves can handle that with no issue. The app is available now, and will set you back $4 in the Mac App Store.

Airwaves ($4) | Mac App Store via Adam Pash

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You're All The Weakest Link: Bad Law Permits Bad Takedowns, Which Google Handles Badly

Google Operating System is a Blogspot-hosted blog offering "unofficial news and tips about Google." Earlier this month, the operator, Alex Chitu, checked his email to discover that a 2008 post had been removed by Google in response to a DMCA takedown. This was confusing to say the least:
Apparently, this is the infringing post: http://googlesystem.blogspot.com/2008/02/lyrics-for-youtube-music-videos.html (Google Cache). It's a post about a Greasemonkey script that allowed you to show music lyrics in the YouTube interface.


I've managed to find the DMCA notice: "The URL listed below is one of nearly 20 song lyrics sites who have attempted to post lyrics for the song titled 'Alden Howell' by the artist Inspection 12. The lyrics posted on this and other sites are not accurate and the artist has not given them permission to post lyrical content. Inspection 12 has been making efforts to contact these websites directly in order to have the content removed. We are attempting to have this URL and others like it to be excluded from google search results for the name 'Alden Howell'."

Unfortunately for Inspection 12, that blog post doesn't include their lyrics. In fact, it only includes a screenshot with lyrics from a much more popular punk band. Inspection 12 has never contacted me and no post from this blog mentions 'Alden Howell' (except for this post, obviously).

As Tim Cushing wrote in a recent headline, "in the long history of specious DMCA claims, this is definitely one of them." Chitu, unlike many people who are rightfully too intimidated by potential liability, filed a counternotice... and it was rejected.

So we've got an obviously non-infringing post that has been wiped off the web and, at the time of writing, is still gone. That's not okay, and it's time to ask how it happened. There's no shortage of reasons.

Firstly (or more accurately lastly), we've got Google's handling of the DMCA request. As Chitu points out, it was just a search result takedown, but Google chose to actually take the post off of Blogspot as well. That wasn't an accident, it's their process:

From time to time, the Search team may receive copyright removal requests for search results that link to other Google products like Blogger or YouTube. In these cases, we forward these requests to the appropriate teams to evaluate the allegedly infringing material.

Actually, maybe "process" is too generous. If they "evaluate" the requests (twice, apparently—once at Search and then again at Blogger), surely they would filter out a takedown like this one that doesn't even pass the laugh test. And not only did these two evaluations fail to catch it, the review they supposedly conducted after receiving a counternotice still didn't catch the error. Given the nature of the law and the requirements it places on Google, all of this is somewhat understandable, and would be somewhat excusable but for one thing: Google's terrible customer service. Blanket, form-letter rejections that ignore all reason and logic, sent by a faceless monolith, are among the most infuriating things a customer can receive. Good luck getting actual help with a human being.

But the buck hardly stops at Google. It doesn't even really land there. After all, why did Inspection 12 file this takedown in the first place? Chitu asked them just that:

I've contacted Inspection 12 and they say "that must have been submitted in error. not fully understanding the DMCA notice. our intent wasn't to post on a blog or complaints about a blog. it was to submit a complaint to google about websites that are posting lyrical content that is falsely described as Inspection 12 lyrics in order to sell ringtones."

That's a lot better than some of the furious missives we've seen in the past when copyright holders have been called on their shenanigans, but there are still some big problems. If you're "not fully understanding the DMCA notice," then you are not allowed to file it. How can you sign your name to say you have a "good faith belief" in something if you knowingly don't understand what it means? Inspection 12 is clearly guilty of abusing the DMCA process. But one thing they're probably not guilty of is perjury.

And that brings us to the final problem, where the buck really does stop: the DMCA itself. As we've discussed before, the prescribed text of a DMCA takedown notice employs some clever wording to imply (intentionally or otherwise) that it's more strict on the rightsholder than it actually is. The "under penalty of perjury" language is surgically separated from the bulk of the notice—it applies only to the statement that you are the copyright holder or an authorized agent of the copyright holder. As for the statement that the material you are targeting is in fact infringing, that's just made under a good faith belief. That is a much lower bar, and while it's not great to stand in court and have it demonstrated that you asserted a good faith belief when there was none, it's hardly a clear-cut and substantial safeguard against abuse the way "penalty of perjury" is.

So let's be clear on this: the DMCA is harsh on anyone messing with copyright holders by incorrectly claiming rights they don't own, but lenient on copyright holders abusing the public.

Nobody is blame-free here, except Chitu and his blog. Google needs to handle these requests better, and Inspection 12 should never have sent that notice (nor should they be wasting their time on a DMCA campaign against lyric websites in the first place). But the real culprit is the DMCA itself, which is constantly pushing companies like Google in this regrettable direction, and makes it all too easy for rightsholders like Inspection 12 to abuse the law. Until we get a system that holds both sides of the equation to the same standard, and until copyright holders demonstrate that they can use the takedown system judiciously and responsibly, all their protestations about online services not doing enough to fight infringement will fall on deaf ears (or be drowned out by laughter).

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Not that Homeland: Fox sends bogus takedowns for copyright reformer’s book

Homeland is a television show produced by Fox that debuted in 2011. It's also the title of an unrelated novel written by author and copyright reform activist Cory Doctorow. And evidently, the system Fox uses to send takedown notices under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act can't tell the difference between the two.

TorrentFreak first broke the news that Fox has been sending Google takedown notices for URLs like "http://tpb.piraten.lu/tag/Homeland-Doctorow" and "http://torrentreactor.net/torrents/6214335/Homeland-by-Cory-Doctorow." Not only does Fox not own the copyright for these works, but because Doctorow published his novel under a Creative Commons license, distributing his work on BitTorrent is completely legal. This means that Fox's carelessness may be causing legitimate content to be removed from search engine results.

"I have made inquiries about the possible legal avenues for addressing this with Fox, but I'm not optimistic," Doctorow wrote on his blog. "The DMCA makes it easy to carelessly censor the Internet, and it makes it hard to get redress for this kind of perjurious, depraved indifference."

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Next Xbox May Require Internet Access At All Times, Microsoft Creative Director Doesn’t See The Problem

After a mediocre showing in the last few Worst Company In America tournaments, Microsoft seems intent on making sure the next generation of its Xbox gaming console earns it a top seed in next year’s bracket.

One of the big reasons that EA is on the path to a possible repeat as Worst Company In America is its ill-advised decision to require that users of the popular SimCity 5 game always be connected to the Internet in order to play. When the servers couldn’t keep up with interest, consumers raged, both because they couldn’t play the game and because requiring an Internet connection at all times is often viewed as invasive and unnecessary.

And yet, a new report from Kotaku indicates that this is exactly what Microsoft will require for people who want to use the next Xbox, which is due out at some vague point in the not-terribly-distant future.

“If there isn’t a connection, no games or apps can be started,” one source explains to Kotaku about the currently unannounced system. “If the connection is interrupted then after a period of time–currently three minutes, if I remember correctly–the game/app is suspended and the network troubleshooter started.”

If this is true, it would be the first time a major gaming console has required an always-online connection.

The source does allow that this may have changed since he last heard details about the console, and other reports have not indicated anything definitive about whether or not this requirement will be in place.

In a response that some believe is a sign that Microsoft is at least considering the always-online requirement, Microsoft Studios creative director Adam Orth stuck his foot in the hornets’ nest when he Tweeted (since deleted but available on Reddit) “I don’t get the drama around having an ‘always on’ console. Every device now is ‘always on’. That’s the world we live in. #dealwithit

In response to a Twitter user who pointed to the SimCity 5 debacle as an example of why always-connected can be problematic, Orth replied “Electricity goes out too,” arguing that occasional lack of power is no reason not to buy a vacuum cleaner and spotty cellphone service is not a reason to avoid buying a wireless device.

Except those aren’t the best analogies. Your vacuum cleaner requires electricity to work; cellphones require a network of cell towers to be anything other than a paperweight (and yes, some would argue that lack of cell service is indeed a good reason to not buy a cellphone).

Internet connectivity is not a part of all games; it’s an additional function of the device, so the always-online requirement is more like requiring that your new car always have its GPS on.

Additionally, it’s not just about people who may have spotty or slow Internet access (though Orth did take the time to insult the towns of Blacksburg, VA, and Janesville, WI). Many of those concerned about always-online technology simply want the option of when they connect to the Internet. They feel this is something that, heaven forbid, they should have some say in.

So while there are a growing number of devices, from thermostats to wristwatches, that connect to the Internet, there are also plenty of options for people who don’t want to be tethered to the online world at all times.

Speaking of which, Sony has already confirmed that its upcoming PS4 console will not require an Internet connection for basic operation.

via Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2013/04/05/next-xbox-may-require-internet-access-at-all-times-microsoft-creative-director-doesnt-see-the-problem/


Bill on opening up academic research advances to floor

SPRINGFIELD — Legislation that would set up task forces at each of Illinois' nine public universities to establish policies for open access to research articles published by faculty members and researchers was approved Tuesday by the Senate Higher Education Committee. It now moves to the Senate floor.

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Bruno addresses filings against Gerard

CHAMPAIGN — City council member Tom Bruno used part of Tuesday night's meeting to make sure residents have accurate information about Mayor Don Gerard's legal troubles.

The mayor has been the subject of two filings by two different people seeking an order of protection against him. In both cases, a judge denied issuing an emergency order, but final orders are still pending.

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Watseka teacher dies from injuries in crash

URBANA — A Watseka teacher died Tuesday morning from injuries he suffered in a single-vehicle accident in Iroquois County over the weekend.

Champaign County Coroner Duane Northrup said Brent McTaggart, 36, died at 7:25 a.m. Tuesday at Carle Foundation Hospital in Urbana,

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Hoopeston man sentenced for gun possession

URBANA — A Hoopeston man who admitted he had a loaded gun in a pickup truck in Champaign County almost two years ago has been sentenced to two years of conditional discharge.

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Huge earthquake hits Iran, hundreds feared dead

DUBAI (Reuters) - A major earthquake struck Iran near the border with Pakistan on Tuesday and an Iranian official said hundreds of people were feared to have been killed.

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Electronics recycling event Saturday

CHAMPAIGN — Another countywide residential electronics collections drive will take place from 8 a.m. to noon Saturday at The News-Gazette distribution center, 3202 Apollo Drive, C.

Saturday's drive is the first of two scheduled to take place this year. The second will be on Saturday, Oct. 12, also at The News-Gazette center.

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Earthquake shakes buildings in Indian capital New Delhi

NEW DELHI (Reuters) - Strong tremors shook tall buildings in India's capital New Delhi on Tuesday, sending people running into the streets, Reuters witnesses said.

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Target Probably Didn’t Check Spanish Dictionary For “Urine” Before Selling “Orina” Sandals

Maybe a quick Google search would've helped Target.

Maybe a quick Google search would’ve helped Target.

Dear readers, cast your brains back all the way to last week: Remember when Target caught a bit of flak for selling only the plus-size version of a dress in Manatee Gray in an apparent mix-up that had the other ladies’ version in regular Heather Gray? The company apologized and blamed an internal process for the glitch. That’s all cleared up — but who at Target made the decision to go ahead and sell Urine style sandals?

During the manatee brouahaha, we asked readers to send in any other evidence of inappropriate or otherwise questionable color names for retail products. Consumerist reader P. sent in evidence of something else that made us go, “Wait. What?”

Presenting, sandals in the style of “Orina,” or, as anyone who speaks Spanish knows, “Urine.”

She writes:

This isn’t a color name, but a style name. At my Target, at least, we have been asked to remove all signs with this shoe’s name as well as cover the name on both the box and the shoe tag. Seeing as there are so many Spanish-speaking people who shop and work at Target in various areas of the country, I can’t see how this got past whatever process Target uses to ensure that inappropriate names for shoes don’t reach the shelves.

As of this morning there are four search results for “Orina” on Target.com, all of which bring up this certain style of shoe made by Mossimo. We’ve reached out to the folks at Target and Mossimo for comment on what kind of product naming process could lead to pee style footwear, and will let you know if we hear back.

It’s not so much that urine is offensive — hey, we all gotta pee — but it does display an apparent lack of attention to detail on the part of a national retailer. Does no one speak Spanish at Target HQ or have access to this thing we call Google?

Our fellow consumer blogger Gitte Laasby at the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel points out that Target’s not the only one in the urine pool — retailers like Anthropologie, Urban Outfitters, Dillard’s and more all carry products with Orina in the title.

via Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2013/04/09/target-probably-didnt-check-spanish-dictionary-for-urine-before-selling-orina-sandals/