New Yorkers Plaster ‘Racist’ Stickers Over Islamophobic Subway Ads

After the anti-American protests erupted in the Middle East earlier this month, Pam Geller’s American Freedom Defense Initiative (AFDI) decided to re-up its anti-Muslim ad campaign in New York’s subway system. The ad, borrowing from an Ayn Rand quote, is meant to imply that Muslims are savages.

New York City transit authorities did not want to display the ads but a federal court said refusing the ads would violate AFDI’s First Amendment rights. But now that the ads are up, New Yorkers are taking matters into their own hands, writing “RACIST” and “HATE SPEECH” over the ads in certain subway stations:

AFDI is trying to run a similar campaign in the Washington DC Metro but authorities there have so far been successful at blocking the campaign “out of a concern for public safety.” (HT: Mondoweiss)

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/security/2012/09/25/903431/pam-geller-new-york-ads-racist/?mobile=nc

Racial Politics: Scott Brown Staffers Mock Warren With ‘Tomahawk Chop’ And ‘War Whoop’

As part of his re-election campaign, Sen. Scott Brown (R-MA) has attacked his opponent for mischaracterizing herself as Native American. Elizabeth Warren does have Cherokee ancestry, but Brown claims she abused that to gain a professional advantage by listing herself as a minority.

Perhaps Brown’s sensitivity to the issue ends there. On Tuesday, a video surfaced of Brown staffers doing a ‘tomahawk chop’ and making ‘war whoop’ sounds at Warren supporters, an apparent allusion to the dust up over Warren’s heritage. The incident occurred outside of a pub in Boston on Friday.

Watch it:

According to News Center 5 in Boston, the video captures three Brown staffers: “Deputy Chief of Staff Greg Casey, Constituent Service Counsel Jack Richard, and GOP operative Brad Garrett.”

Warren’s mother is part Delaware and part Cherokee.

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/election/2012/09/25/904581/warren-brown-tomahawk-chop/?mobile=nc


Jimmy Edgar - Sex Drive (Jon Convex Remix) by Hotflush

Futuristic-funk starchild, Jimmy Edgar, returns with the third single to be taken from his recent album, Majenta, out earlier this year on Hotflush. This time Edgar shoves his free-spirited sexual appetite in your face, with a slice of stripped-down, upfront electro-funk complete with J.G. Ballard-inspired lyrics of car-crash sexual fetishism. Alongside the original album cut, two alternate takes are reworked by a pair of producers at the very top of their game: Jon Convex and John Talabot. Whilst Talabot creates an eerie and downright epic re-imagining through his combination of Amazonian electronics and volume manipulation, the Convex cut enhances the dance floor potential of the original with bubbling, arpeggiated 303 bass. Release date: 8th October 2012 Jimmy Edgar Majenta tour: 07 Sep – Pula, Croatia – Dimensions Festival 13 Sep – Milan – La cattedrale – Fabbrica del Vapore 18 Sep – Boston – Wonder Bar 19 Sep – Montreal – Pop Montreal / Club Lambi 20 Sep – Baltimore – E Villa 21 Sep – Toronto – Twist Gallery 22 Sep – Chicago – Smart Bar 23 Sep – New Orleans – Dragons Den 26 Sep – Seattle – Decibel Festival / Crocodile 27 Sep – Seattle – Dimensions Boat Party 27 Sep – Log Angeles – Los Globos 28 Sep – San Francisco – 1015 Folsom 29 Sep – Austin – Holy Mountain 30 Sep – New York City – Le Bain at The Standard 12 Oct – Manchester – Warehouse Project 14 Oct – Perth – This Is Nowhere Festival 18 Oct – Melbourne – Revolver 19 Oct – Sydney – The Civic 20 Oct – Auckland – Cassette 9 27 Oct – Bergen, Norway – Ekko Festival 02 Nov – Nottingham – Stealth 10 Nov – Leeds – Warehouse 30 Nov – London – Village Underground 01 Dec – Bordeaux – LBoat


This Is Why People Hate Health Insurance Companies


For many people, health insurance premiums take a sizable bite out of their paychecks. Which would be somewhat tolerable if insurance companies did anything to ease the process of actually receiving medical care. Heck, most of us would tolerate the pricey payments if insurers just did the bare minimum of what they are supposed to do and didn't put up roadblocks to getting the proper care. And yet that simple concept appears to be too complicated for some insurance providers to grasp.

Take this story from David Lazarus' column in the L.A. Times about a father who has spent a year and a half dealing with nearly incomprehensible levels of idiocy at Aetna, as the insurance company repeatedly tried to force his daughter to get care at a clinic that doesn't provide the care she needs.

The father in the Times story has a daughter with autism. He also has an Aetna policy that is supposed to cover 20 visits a year to the occupational therapy his daughter's doctor prescribed in Feb. 2011, so long as the therapy is provided at an in-network clinic.

Aetna signed off on therapy at a nearby clinic, but then the father discovers that this clinic does not provide the specific treatment prescribed by his daughter's neurologist.

Thus he went back to Aetna for the name of another clinic.

Aetna told him to go back to the clinic.

The father wrote Aetna a letter trying to explain what they had obviously ignored -- that this clinic is not the correct one for his daughter.

Aetna once again told him to take his daughter to that first clinic, where she won't get the care she needs.

It gets better/worse (depending on your tolerance for repetition).

The father went back to the clinic. He got a letter from the doctors there explaining that they could not help the young girl. He asked Aetna once again for a new referral.

And he got one. To the same exact clinic.

The father, who subsequently went out of pocket to the tune of $120/session for an out-of-network clinic that could provide the therapy his daughter needs, filed a complaint with the California Dept. of Managed Care, since state law now requires insurance providers to cover prescribed occupational therapy for children with autism.

In order to legally dispute the issue -- and per the terms of his Aetna policy -- he filed for arbitration with the American Arbitration Association. When the arbitrators made the standard request for Aetna to waive the provision of its contract limiting the amount of damages that can be awarded to customers, the insurance company didn't respond. This bought the arbitration process to a halt.

But investigators for the state didn't look so kindly on the insurance company, saying that Aetna had "either ignored or disregarded" the father's attempts to correctly follow the company's own referral procedures. The state found that Aetna had made no attempt determine whether the original in-network clinic could provide the prescribed therapy.

The state ordered Aetna to pay for the father's out-of-pocket expenses and to continue paying for treatments at this second clinic through 2012.

A rep for Aetna tells Lazarus that -- in spite of multiple attempts by the father to clearly point out that the first clinic could not help his daughter -- the insurer "originally did not understand the nature of the dispute."

The rep also tried to point the Flaming Arrow of Blame (patent pending) at the father, telling Lazarus that the dad must not have followed the referral process correctly. Yeah... state officials have already deemed that claim "factually inaccurate."

In many ways, Aetna's insistence on the original clinic is not very different than some phone CSR for a cable company telling you to reset your modem for the fifth time while you're trying to explain to them that there's a severed cable dangling in your backyard.

But while you can always cancel your cable -- you'll survive without the History Channel -- most people have no such options with their insurance provider. Cutting cable out of your life will only put more money in your pocket; getting rid of your health insurance only serves to make treatment more expensive, and all but guarantees you won't receive the level of care you would if you had coverage.

Insurance companies may not be required to pretend they care about our well-being, but they are required to do their jobs correctly. For the money Aetna and other insurers make, it's not asking too much.

One battle in the war against health-insurer insensitivity [L.A. Times]

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/09/this-is-why-people-hate-health-insurance-companies.html


Outdoor Tech's Turtle Shell: Rugged Wireless BoomBox — Daily Tech Find

091812-TurtleShell.jpgOutdoor Tech's Turtle Shell: Rugged Wireless BoomBox

$99.00 ($149.95 retail)

Caro Krissman of Outdoor Tech

The Turtle Shell wireless speaker was amongst our best portable and wireless speakers roundup, catching my attention for it's more rugged application design (attention: mountain biking enthusiasts). The vector 3D graphics meets turtle shell inspired design is sure to catch attention even before it's turned on (in the color tinged versions, these sort of look like jewels too) And now Outdoor Tech's portable speaker is inching closer to becoming a readily available product, compatible with any Bluetooth device, now a Kickstarter to fund their delivery at a $50 discount.


via Apartment Therapy | Saving the world, one room at a time http://www.apartmenttherapy.com/outdoor-techs-turtle-shell-rugged-wireless-boombox-daily-tech-find-177275?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+apartmenttherapy%2Funplggd+%28AT+Channel%3A+Tech%29

Kyodai - Always by Poker Flat Recordings

Here comes more pure heat from the Poker Flat stable. This time it’s the turn of Kyodai, with a four-track digital release of pulsating, riveting house music. Not much is known about the shadowy Kyodai, other than it translates as ‘brothers’ from Japanese, and the pair have already released well received tracks on labels such as Compost, OM records, Appetizers, Localtalk, and Freerange. It’s no surprise Steve Bug picked them up for his Poker Flat imprint – PFR133 is packed full of searing, jacking grooves, completely assured in their ability to work any dancefloor. The lead track is ‘Never Know’ – driving and deep in all the right ways, and infused with subtle power from a production team that seems to be growing with every release. The ‘Future Funk’ remix comes courtesy of Simon Garcia ­– the Spaniard is no stranger to Poker Flat and here drops a heavy, tech-based workout of ‘Never Know’. ‘Always’ keeps the pace up with a bubbling, lean groove that draws some inspiration from raw Chicago house, and even elements of synth-heavy italo. Rounding off this white-hot release is ‘Hate Me Now’, combining a soulful flavour with evolving, Detroit-referencing pads and a fully devastating bassline.

Steve Bug - Tell Me Why by Poker Flat Recordings

FOLLOW: http://www.facebook.com/pokerflat.rec FOLLOW: http://www.facebook.com/pages/steve-bug/8517364710 ************************************************************************** ****************************************************************************** Steve Bug, one of the world's most renowned artists in the electronic music circuit, presents his fifth and most mature longplayer. "Noir" doesn't deny its roots, but expands the usual spectrum and invites the listener to an exciting listening pleasure. The title is ‘Noir’. The cover is dominated by the filmic aesthetics of light and shadow. The title evokes a world of shady transactions and secret crimes. Most of the tracks emit a suitably dark and moody atmosphere, with at least three directly referencing the film noir genre – From the well-known classic ‘The Spiral Staircase’, to more obscure ‘Somewhere in the Night’, and ‘The Seventh Victim’. Is ‘Noir’ a concept album? Origi- nally it was planned that way, but in the end Steve found the concept too rigid. "I play all over the world on a constant basis, and always come back with different impressions", says Steve Bug. "Accordingly, this changes the music that I produce. I’ve had the idea to make a concept album for some time, but on the other hand, that’s not the way I work. My music expresses my moods, and of course, they are always changing. " The material for the new album was created over a period of three years, which makes its consistency and coherence all the more amaz- ing. The mood is dark, spooked. Over the relentless beats and basslines ghostly sounds swirl and conspire. Although all the pieces are driven by head-rushing beats, ‘Noir’ is more than ever, a listening album. "If I had worked longer on the album, I probably would have replaced even more of the dance tracks with listening tracks", says Steve. "I think a lot of albums in dance music are not convining as albums - more a collection of tracks, than a coherent whole." ‘Noir’ is definitely different. Although the film noir concept isn’t carried through completely, it infuses the spirit of the record in a way reminicent of the sci-fi obsession of Jeff Mills or Carl Craig. In fact, ‘Noir’ could soundtrack a 21st Century ‘Blade Runner’ - tracks such as the pre-re- leased single ‘Those Grooves’ and ‘No Adjustments’, with their evocative spoken word texts, play in to a vision of an apocalyptic-dystopian disco. ‘Noir’ is very much an electronic album. Richer than its predecessor, these tracks easily transcend the merely functional - Steve Bug has in- jected the harmonies with serious emotion. Avoiding the trap of many house music producers, Steve has resisted the temptation to throw in an album full of live instrumentation, explaining: "the results have never convinced me. You have to find musicians who understand repetitive music, otherwise the whole thing is so watery." ‘Poison of Choice’, with its sensational guitar solo, is the exception - and the result of a techni- cal difficulty. Due to non-compatible plug-ins, access was blocked to a sample, and Steve ended up asking his mixer Hannes Bieger to play the guitar chords. While the recording was made, the idea to add the solo happened and the results were so good they ended up defining the track. Two of the standout tracks involve sublime vocals from performers Steve has a strong affinity for. Emilie Chick, the Portland born, genre- scrambling rising star brings a femme fatale’s touch of jazz to 'Moment of Ease'. The aforementioned 'No Adjustments' with its driving, edgy groove and out of control synth, is enhanced by the spoken word exhortation to just let the beats flow - the unmistakable work of the Foremost Poet Johnny Dangerous. Aside from that, Steve Bug has always recorded everything on his own – and similarly, developed his distinctive harmonic knowledge by himself. "I have no training as a musician - I taught myself about harmonies. When I realised that many of my heroes in electronic music, whose mu- sic always seemed so rich, was done with the help of others, I have al- ways been a little disappointed". In this respect Steve can be proud about the fact that his experience producing the intricate and exceptional ‘Noir’ was achieved on his own. From the driving opener ‘Tell Me Why’ to the emotional closing track ‘The Seventh Victim’, Steve Bug has crafted a rounded, atmospheric al- bum that throws a long and impressive shadow over most contemporary dance albums.

The Laboratory #6 - Jason Burns by The Chemistry Magazine

6th Experience of The Laboratory Podcast on The Chemistry Magazine w/ Jason Burns http://the-chemistry.net/?p=20411 1. Your Love - Jason Burns - Symbols 2. Old George - Laney - Slime 3. Ignition (Jason Burns Remix) - R.Kelly 4. Pyramids (Kastle Remix) - Frank Ocean 5. Somebody - Kastle & jason Burns - Forthcoming Symbols 6. You Should Know - Jason Burns - Symbols 7. Rebounds - Walter Ego - Symbols 8. Listening - Jason Burns - Symbols 9. To Run A Rig - We Sink - Symbols 10. Psalms - Jason Burns - Forthcoming Youngunz 11. Look at You - Jason Burns - Unreleased 12. Bash (French Fries Remix) - XXXY - Halocyan 13. Tell ME - Jason Burns - Unreleased 14. Let it so - Laney - Slime 15. See Thru You - Jason Burns - Brap Dem! 16. Nothing Changes - Sleepyhead - Embassy 17. Shadows (Inkarv Remix) - Walter Ego - Symbols 18. Cat O Nine Tails - We Sink - Symbols 19. Ain't Nobody - Jason Burns & Brent Still Life - Forthcoming Symbols 20. Leave me alone - Jason Burns - Unreleased 21. Sidney St. - Walter Ego - Senseless 22. Cry Wolf (123Mrk Remix) - B Ju - Squelch & Clap 23. Got Me Down (Jason Burns Remix) - Maribou State - Fat! 24. Sipslow (Cedaa remix) - Mess Kid - Freshmore 25. No Sleep - Desto - Rwina 26. Back 2 You - Jason Burns - XLR8R 27. Right Here - Jason Burns & Brent Still Life - Forthcoming Symbols 28. Damn Girl - Cosmic Revenge - Pelican Fly 29. See Through you (Distal Remix) - XLR8R 30. Bendin - Richelle - Finetunes 31. Damp (Jason Burns Remix) - Forthcoming Freshmore 32. Mami (Manare Remix) - Piri Piri - Sounds of Sumo 33. Certified Dime Piece - Dandaak - 2019

Druid Cloak - The Grove (SMBL010) by Druid Cloak

This is the debut EP from Druid Cloak, The Grove. It will be released in October via Symbols Recordings. Artwork by Joyce Su www.facebook.com/druidcloakmusic www.symbolsrecordings.com

Druid Cloak - The Grove EP (SMBL010) by Symbols Recordings

Druid Cloak - The Grove Release Date: October 9th, 2012 01. Blessing Of The Grove 02. Heart Of The Wild 03. Living Seed 04. Glyph Of Moonfire We are excited to present yet another debut EP, this time from the mystical Druid Cloak. He delivers a diverse release of club-ready tracks with his unique morphing soundscapes and strong rhythmic quality. No tempo range is safe as Living Seed clocks in at 104 bpm with absolutely enormous percussion. As you can usually expect in a Symbols release, there are many infectious vocal edits throughout the entire EP. Follow http://www.soundcloud.com/druid-cloak: https://www.facebook.com/druidcloakmusic http://www.twitter.com/druidcloak


Sub.Mission Podcast by Kastle

Kastle prepared a podcast for Denver's Sub.Mission crew. Check them out at http://subdotmission.com


French Fries - Yo Vogue by MrFrenchFries

The wait is over! ClekClekBoom proudly hooked up with Dirtybird to give you this release... shout to Claude VonStroke! Sick track, sick remixes, and watch out for a possible special treat sometime soon on www.clekclekboom.com. Let's vogue! Released by: DirtyBird Release/catalogue number: DB069 Release date: Mar 14, 2012


Is This 9/11 Casino Promotion A Nice Tribute, Or Just Tacky?


Reader Bearcat44 spotted this ad in the Spokane, Wash. Spokesman-Review. It's from an Idaho casino running a promotion tomorrow, September 11th. To honor the 11th anniversary of the terrorist attacks in New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania, they're offering special rates to law enforcement, medical personnel, and other first responders in order to honor "heroes who protect and serve our community."

Special deals for eligible "heroes" include hotel rooms for only $91.11, food vouchers for $9.11, and $10 in play credits. What? Not $9.11 in credits?

Is this a nice tribute or just tacky?

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/09/is-this-911-casino-promotion-a-nice-tribute-or-just-tacky.html


Newworldaquarium - The Force (Ame Alternative Version) by ame

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Delsin / NWAQ http://www.delsinrecords.com/release.php?idxRelease=204 http://www.mutingthenoise.com/#!product=%2Fproducts%2Frelease%2Fnwaq-newworldaquarium-the-force-ame-mixes.html


Angel and Spike's stupid argument by buffyfredfan9191

EMINDS24B1 "Say I" by electricminds

These files are very low quality mp3s for streaming and previewing only. If you record them and play them in the club you'll look and sound rather stupid !! Released by: electric minds Release/catalogue number: EMINDS024 Release date: October 2012

EMINDS024A  "Got 2 B" by electricminds

These files are very low quality mp3s for streaming and previewing only. If you record them and play them in the club you'll look and sound rather stupid !! Released by: electric minds Release/catalogue number: EMINDS024 Release date: October 2012

EMINDS24B2 "Useless" by electricminds

These files are very low quality mp3s for streaming and previewing only. If you record them and play them in the club you'll look and sound rather stupid !! Released by: electric minds Release/catalogue number: EMINDS024 Release date: October 2012


Alison Valentine - Peanut Butter (Moon Boots Remix) by Moon Boots

Free remix for the lovely Alison Valentine - DL link above! She brought me flowers, I made her a remix FOLLOW: twitter.com/itsallyv, twitter.com/moonbootsmusic LIKE: facebook.com/itsallyv, facebook.com/moonbootsmusic