Aeroplane August 2012 Mix by Aeroplane (Official)

Tracklist : 1. Compuphonic feat. Marques Toliver - Sunset ( DJ T Remix ) 2. Adriatique - Motions 3. Delia Ros - Love Rush 4. Luca C & Brigante - Flash of Light ( Solomun Remix ) 5. H.O.S.H. - HearThuG ( Technicolor Main Mix ) 6. Saint-Etienne - Heading for The Fair ( Time & Space Machine Remix ) 7. Blende - Fake Love ( The Living Islands Tropical Doom Dub ) 8. Scandal - Just Let Me Dance ( Maxxi Soundsystem Remix ) 9. Lindstrom - Eg-ged-osis ( Todd Terje Extended Edit ) 10. Colour Coding - Perfect ( Baby Diego Remix )


Twin Peaks (Fire Walk With Me) - Bang Bang Bar / The Pink Room (full sequence) by melomania75

David Lynch - Pinky's Dream [Visionquest Velvet Curtain Remix] by Sunday Best

The next release from David Lynch's Crazy Clown Time, Pinky's Dream, features 3 amazing remixes from Trentmøller and Visionquest. It also includes a remix of 'Stones Gone up' by Sunday Best Recordings newcomer Tythe! Single available for download August 6th 12'' available to buy 20th August Pre order the Crazy Clown Time Deluxe Edition here (out August 6th): http://itunes.apple.com/gb/preorder/crazy-clown-time-deluxe-edition/id546652998

Proposal for new jail falling on hard times

Late last year, a team of officials from Champaign County, including Sheriff Dan Walsh, State’s Attorney Julia Rietz and County Board Member Tom Betz attended a workshop in Colorado sponsored by the Department of Justice’s National Institute of Corrections (NIC). After completing exercises that required them to construct budgets and design the physical layout for a new jail, the team returned to Champaign-Urbana eager to get on with promoting the construction of a state-of-the-art, $20 million facility in East Urbana.

Initially, their proposal gained considerable traction among members of the County Board, the body that would have to approve the funds. The motivation for the new facility centered on the decrepit state of the downtown jail, which was built in 1980. An NIC report from a May 2011 visit to Urbana declared the facility in a “deplorable” state and recommended its closure in favor of adding on more cells at the county’s “satellite” jail on the eastern edge of the city. The report cited leaks in the roof and walls, the presence of rodents, and a heating and cooling system in disrepair as the major problems warranting closure. Today, some eight months after Walsh, Rietz, Betz, and their Jail Planning Team first presented their proposal to a County Board meeting, the plans have landed on rocky shores. A broad-based campaign from various community members, as well as intensive study of the issue by Board members themselves. has cast serious doubt on the viability of the project.

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Kansas Man Sues Former School For Ignoring Anti-Gay Bullying

A 2010 graduate of Blue Valley High School in Kansas is suing his alma matter for failing to protect him from anti-gay bullying while he was a student. The student experienced beating, including kicking, punching in the face, hitting, kicking him out of his chair, placing his hand on a hot burner in cooking class, spraying shampoo bottles full of urine on him in the locker room shower, and throwing ball at his face during gym class that caused chronic sinus problems due to repeatedly breaking his nose. According to the suit, his reports of bullying were met with “indifference, inaction, or where some action was taken, the action was wholly inadequate and ineffective.” KCTV has more background on the suit. (HT: Towleroad.)

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/lgbt/2012/08/20/715381/kansas-man-sues-former-school-for-ignoring-anti-gay-bullying/?mobile=nc


Judge: Former ACORN worker can sue James O’Keefe

A federal judge last week allowed a lawsuit against conservative activists James O’Keefe and Hanna Giles to proceed, according to Courthouse News Service.

Former ACORN worker Juan Carlos Vera sued O’Keefe and Giles in 2010 for allegedly illegally taping their confidential conversation to make the now infamous “ACORN pimp” video. After the heavily-edited video was released in 2009, Vera was fired from ACORN and Congress later voted to defund the organization, which led to its bankruptcy.

California law that prohibits people from recording confidential conservations without the consent of all parties involved. The law excludes communications made in “any other circumstance in which the parties to the communication may reasonably expect that the communication may be overheard or recorded” such as in public places.

O’Keefe argued that Vera had no expectation of privacy. But U.S. District Judge M. James Lorenz said that Vera “reasonably believed that the conversation was private because it was held in his office with no one else present, and he believed that no one else was listening in on his conversation.” He denied O’Keefe’s motion for a summary judgement.

Lorenz added that O’Keefe had “misled [Vera] to believe that the conversation would remain confidential by posing as a client seeking services from ACORN and asking whether their conversation was confidential.”

The video made it appear that Vera had given human-smuggling advice to O’Keefe and Giles while the two conservative activists were dressed as a pimp and prostitute.

However, it was later revealed that Vera had reported their fake child prostitution ring to the police. A California state investigation later cleared Vera and other ACORN workers of any wrongdoing.

“Even if O’Keefe and Giles had truly intended to break the law, there is no evidence that any of the ACORN employees had the intent to aid and abet such criminal conduct or agreed to join in that illegal conduct,” the California Department of Justice concluded (PDF).

The California Department of Justice agreed not to prosecute O’Keefe and Giles in exchange for providing the full, unedited videotapes. The department said their report “strongly suggests that O’Keefe and Giles’s violated state privacy laws and provides fair warning to them and others that this type of activity can be prosecuted in California.”

via The Raw Story http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/08/15/judge-former-acorn-worker-can-sue-james-okeefe/

Dee Reynolds is the absolute greatest.

Dee Reynolds is the absolute greatest.

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AZ Woman Imprisoned -- After Producing Her Birth Certificate

Guilt has nothing to do with punishment -- that is, as long as you're not a Wall Street banker. In Arizona, if you "look" foreign, that's enough to put you in jail indefinitely, without bail - even after you produce your birth certificate:

Recently, the Maricopa County Attorney's Office alleged Briseira Torres, a shy, 31-year-old single mom from Glendale, was here illegally and that Briseira Torres was not her real name.

She was accused of three counts of forgery, in part because her driver's license had her real name on it, which the MCAO thought was bogus. Following her arrest, she was held without bond in Estrella Jail for 4 1/2 months.

Torres lost her home and car because she couldn't make the payments as she endured Estrella's harsh conditions, lousy food, and detention officers.

Worst of all, she was separated from her 14-year-old daughter, who stayed with Torres' friend Amy Diaz while her mom was behind bars.

Torres' eyes well up as she recalls the days her daughter came to visit and had to see Torres in county stripes.

"It was really hard, especially the first time," Torres tells me in the offices of her attorney, Delia Salvatierra. "She was very sad."

Torres was released on August 3, after the MCAO was forced to dismiss the case.

Salvatierra, a well-known immigration attorney, along with the aid of criminal attorney Antonio Bustamante and Johnny Sinodis, a counsel in Salvatierra's office, went to battle on Torres' behalf.

In the pile of paperwork they provided to the court, to the prosecutor, and to U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement was a silver bullet: a sworn statement from Arizona's Office of Vital Records attesting to the legitimacy of documents on file for Torres.

Among these docs is Torres' birth certificate, showing she was born August 14, 1981, in Avondale.

Salvatierra asked the court to remand the case back to the grand jury.

Judge Carolyn Passamonte did just this, noting in her minute entry that Torres' long-form birth certificate was "clearly exculpatory evidence that should have been presented to the grand jury."

The judge remarked that the documents on file with Vital Records had been "available to the state," and in oral arguments, the prosecutor had to admit that he'd never bothered to pull the file and inspect it.

More troubling still was Passamonte's observation that the MCAO's lone witness, Detective Chris Oberly of the Arizona Department of Transportation's Office of the Inspector General, told the grand jury this:

In 1999, Vital Records discovered that Torres' birth certificate, in his words, had been "falsely created" by Torres' mother and so the department "canceled it."

This was not true, according to Vital Records. Torres' birth certificate never was canceled and remains as valid as the day it was issued.

There was a flimsy excuse for this insane treatment. When she was 13, she was sent to live with her father in Mexico, who registered her under the name Brenda Gomez. In 1999, she was stopped at the border over the two names, but was admitted back into the United States when her mother brought her birth certificate to show customs officials.

But her legal birth certificate was right there, the whole time of her incarceration. A cop with a bug up his butt decided to act as if it didn't exist. If only her name was Goldman Sachs!

via Crooks and Liars http://crooksandliars.com/susie-madrak/az-woman-imprisoned-after-producing-h


Liquideep "Feel It" by JusGorilla

preview by heycasey

internal blends. sry bout that. new mixtape featuring tons of cool jams out soonzor

move d @ n.o.g. 2012-07-22 by Move D

dj-set @ nation of gondwana 2012-07-22 booking requests: romy@magnet-musik.de https://www.facebook.com/MoveD.official http://www.myspace.com/moufang http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/moved http://www.discogs.com/artist/Move+D


Ohio And Florida Public Schools Lock Mentally Disabled Children In Closets

To discipline misbehaving students, public schools in Ohio and Florida regularly send children to “seclusion” — isolation in a locked cell-like room, old office, or closet, NPR’s State Impact reports. Many of these children are special needs students and their parents are not always told of this disciplinary practice.

Ohio schools — where seclusion is almost completely unregulated — sent students to seclusion rooms 4,236 times in the 2009-2010 school year. Sixty percent of these students had disabilities. Florida schools have fewer cases, with 969 instances of seclusion from 2010 to 2011. The state has just three stipulations for using seclusion rooms: teachers may not choke or suffocate students, the room must be approved by a fire marshal, and the lights must be left on.

A joint report by StateImpact and Columbus Dispatch report found rampant abuse and lack of training of the punishment, which is meant as a last resort to deal with violent children:

But last school year, one Pickerington special-education teacher sent children to a seclusion room more than 60 times, district records show. In nearly all of those incidents, the children were not violent. Often, they were sent to the seclusion room for being “mouthy,” or whining about their school work.

Pickerington Special Education Director Bob Blackburn said the teacher in that classroom was new and that someone in the district has now taught her the right way to use the seclusion room.

Other Pickerington teachers misused the rooms, too, though. In another classroom, children were secluded more than 30 times last school year. Two-thirds of those instances involved misbehavior and not violence, district records show.

Far from benefiting violent or rowdy students, seclusion has been found to be deeply traumatizing, sometimes leading children to hurt or kill themselves. In one special education school in Georgia, a 13-year-old boy hung himself in a seclusion room in November 2004.

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/education/2012/08/09/667931/ohio-florida-school-closets/?mobile=nc

Angelo Badalamenti - The Pink Room by philbxr


Google Apparently Wants To Get Sued Again, Now Including Gmail Content In Search Results


Because Google didn't learn anything from the Google Buzz privacy debacle, the company has now decided to begin testing the integration of users' Gmail content into general search results.

So a search for Amazon on Google.com would also bring up a sidebar with e-mails from or related to your Amazon purchases.

Well, that's all well and good. Until someone's spouse, significant other, or co-worker unwittingly uses that person's computer to search for something like "restaurants in Chicago" and up come e-mails about a secret rendezvous at the Rock 'n' Roll McDonald's.

“This is a baby step in a really complicated area,” says the company's director of product management for universal search about the e-mail results, which Google describes as being in the "limited field trial" stage.

Google hopes to expand the feature to all e-mail providers. It also hopes to similarly integrate all other Google products like Docs, Calendar, Drive.

While we have no problem with making one's entire Google account searchable from one screen, we think it should be within something like Gmail, where the user already has the expectation of privacy, as opposed to just a Google search that one can do straight from their browser's nav bar.

For those that have absolutely no problem with their Gmail content possibly showing up in search results, they can opt in at g.co/searchtrial, though we recommend staying far, far away.

Google Adds Personal Gmail Results Into Search

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/08/google-apparently-wants-to-get-sued-again-now-including-gmail-content-in-search-results.html

Documents obtained in June ‘11 police brutality case

This article was previously published at ucimc.org .

After months of stalling, the city of Champaign has finally released documents about the June 5, 2011, incident when a 18-year-old African American man, Brandon Ward, was choked in the back of a squad car by white officer Patrick Simons. While five officers have been disciplined, not one has been suspended for a single day. Nevertheless, it is a sign of the shake-up taking place in the Champaign Police Department.

The Ward case created a storm of controversy in November 2011 when Champaign city officials announced that they had seen video of a black youth being abused by police. It occurred around 2:30 a.m. at 4th and Green streets after the bars had closed. Video of the incident was anonymously leaked at the Independent Media Center website, ucimc.org, and has received nearly 15,000 hits to date.

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LEGO Piece Crammed Up Nose For 3 Years Causes Child’s Chronic Health Problems

lego doctor

The six-year-old Utah boy was sick for no clear reason. Just bad luck. For years, he had terrible sinus problems, and doctors assumed that it was bacterial, prescribing antibiotic after antibiotic that never solved the problem. Then one physician looked outside of the box (outside of the nostril?) a bit and noticed that there was some kind of foreign object up the child's nose. Did he remember putting anything up there? No, of course not. A specialist removed the obstruction, which turned out to be a "ball of fungus" surrounding a tiny, flexible LEGO tire. The child's health problems abruptly disappeared.

"You ask yourself, ‘Am I a bad parent because I didn't catch it sooner?' But the doctors just kept prescribing antibiotics," the child's dad told TV station KSL. "We just didn't know."

LEGO piece found in boy's nose after three years [KSL] (Thanks, GitEmSteveDave!)

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/08/lego-piece-crammed-up-nose-for-3-years-causes-childs-chronic-health-problems.html


Pop-Up Restaurants Are Here To Stay

People are aware that the restaurant industry is massive — to the tune of $372 billion per year — and what they may not be aware of is that a quarter of these restaurants fail within the first year, and 60% fail by their third year. This rate of failure has driven some cutting edge chefs and restaurant financiers to seek out new investment opportunities. The pop-up restaurant trend was inspired by supper clubs, and first started in London in the mid-2000s as “happenings”. A cheaper investment upfront coupled with the opportunity for constant reinvention and chance-taking make pop-up restaurants ideal for restaurant financiers and chefs looking for a new investment.

Intuit Infographic PopUp Eateries Optimized 750x2109 Pop Up Restaurants Are Here To Stay

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Cristian Vogel - Lucky Connor by Shitkatapult (Official)

CRISTIAN VOGEL’s fourteenth album is already a classic. Every track is subtly shaped, full of nuances without drifting into gimmickry. Every sound is efficient and precise. With THE INERTIALS, Vogel nonchalantly provides the soundtrack for industrial wasteland. This is clubmusic beyond any genre which, while bearing the spirit of Industrial Techno, is way above the Rave-dogma which dominated Industrial Techno during the 90s. The dark side of high end production, as you may call it. With a great sense of distinct melody and harmony, Vogel as a producer roughs up the digital surfaces. This is how he adds depth and body to his music, which is something a lot of techno-related productions are lacking. With CRISTIAN VOGEL, digital clarity has patina and at the same time sounds hazy. At a predominantly moderate tempo, Vogel, a perfectionist, cleverly combines creaky sounds with swinging rhythms. With a knowledge of Dubstep, but unimpressed by the short-lived micro-trends of clubmusic, he has assembled the newest standards of digital production on THE INERTIALS. The lively „Seed Dogs“ with it’s unexpected tempo changes; the surprising „Lucky Connor“ with it’s marvellously complex rhythm; the hypnotic, incredibly groovy „Snakes In The Grass“, appearing like a confident nod towards Minimal techno; the mysterious „Deepwater“, creating suspense from the very first moment like a John Carpenter soundtrack. The list could be continued indefinitely. Every track is timeless and rests within itself. „Todays Standard Form“ is a syntheziser arpeggio fantasy with no beats at all, a prelude for the midi piano, if you like. And with „Dreams Of Apolonia“, dub for the first time is not just insinuated, but actually emerging in it’s own right. In the late 80s in the U.K., CRISTIAN VOGEL with the „Cabbage Head Collective“, became engaged in the production of electronic music. He completed his studies of 20th century music at the University of Sussex. In the mid-nineties he began to deliver blueprints for Minimal and Wonky techno. His first Album „Beginning to understand“ was released on MILLE PLATEAUX in 1994, the following twelve longplayers on labels such as Tresor and Novamute. In collaboration with JAMIE LIDELL, he founded SUPER COLLIDER years before Lidell gained recognition as a solo artist. At the same time, he provided work as a composer of contemporary dance and film music. Vogel did remixes for the likes of RADIOHEAD, MAXIMO PARK, CHICKS ON SPEED and THOM YORKE. As a programmer and theorist in the field of digital sound research he is just as much at home as he is as composer and songwriter.

Electric Deluxe Podcast 075 Rebekah by electric deluxe

Episode 075 by Rebekah 01. Laurent Garnier – 6 Months Off 02. John Tejada, Arian Leviste – From Empty Words 03. Chopstick, JohnJon – Birds (Afrilounge Liapin’s remix) 04. Cold Wired Heart 05. Sendai - ESP2012-4 06. Burial – Stolen Dog 07. Timo Maas – Hard Life 08. Ellie Herring – Hunter’s Dreamboat 09. Matthew Herbert – August 2010 10. Cristian Vogel – Lucky Connor 11. The Cure – The Forest 12. Conforce – Lonely Run 13. Tropic Of Cancer – L.O.V.E Feelings 14. Radiohead – Everything in its Right Place 15. Desire – Under Your Spell


House Passes Year-Old Sop To Filibuster Reformers, Leaving Confirmation Crisis Firmly In Place

In January of 2011, several senators attempted major reforms to the Senate rules intended to thwart the kind of obstructionism that has reigned in the Senate every since Sen. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) took over as Minority Leader. This effort failed due to opposition from both Republicans and many senior Democrats. Filibuster reform’s opponents did, however, agree to pass a minor bill eliminating the requirement that certain military officers and low-level political appointees be confirmed by the Senate. That bill now passed both houses of Congress:

The House gave final congressional approval Tuesday to a bill that would save the slow-paced Senate some time by eliminating the need for confirming nominees to some 170 executive branch jobs and 3,000 military officer positions. . . . Among positions that will no longer need Senate approval are a chief scientist in the Commerce Department, directors of the Corporation for National and Community Service, the top press spokesmen for the Defense, Treasury and State departments, members of the Council of Economic Advisers, the commissioner of education statistics, the Homeland Security Department’s chief medical officer, director of the Labor Department’s Women’s Bureau and members of the Mississippi River Commission.

Although this bill is a positive development, its impact will be limited. It does nothing to prevent a minority of the Senate from attempting to shut down entire agencies by filibustering essential personnel. It does nothing to prevent widespread obstruction of judicial nominees. And it does nothing to prevent the minority choking the federal government by making it impossible for the Senate to confirm more than a small fraction of a president’s nominees.

As a 2010 Center for American Progress report explains, Senate rules allow a small minority of the Senate to waste up to 30 hours of floor time before a single nominee can be confirmed. When these 30 hours are multiplied across the all Senate-confirmed political appointees a president needs to fill, it adds up to more time than any president is allowed to stay in office:

After the bill that just passed the House becomes law, obstructionist senators will still have the power to force the majority to waste more than 1,000 days Senate work days before a president’s entire slate of nominees can be confirmed.

There is some reason to be optimistic that more meaningful filibuster reform could occur next year, however. Every two years, when newly elected senators are sworn in, a brief window opens up allowing the Senate to change its rules by a simple majority vote, rather than the 67 vote supermajority the Senate’s rules normally require. Although Majority Leader Harry Reid (D-NV) opposed serious reform efforts the last time this window opened, he has since recanted. Last May, Reid delivered a floor speech where he agreed that the senators who supported significant rules reform “were right. The rest of us were wrong.”

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/08/02/627461/house-passes-year-old-sop-to-filibuster-reformers-leaving-confirmation-crisis-firmly-in-place/?mobile=nc


Steve Bug - Tell Me Why by Poker Flat Recordings

Steve Bug drops a new outstanding 12” on his own highly prolific Poker Flat Recordings. Those Grooves is the perfect primer for his upcoming album (due out in autumn 2012), and sees the man in fine form - masterfully in control of his sound and producing tracks with a depth of dancefloor knowledge most other producers would die for. "Those Grooves", the lead track locks into its exquisitely crafted groove early on, holding a taut balance between its individual elements. Mid way through its 10 minutes, Bug drops the tempo and lets the groove breath, before bringing it all back home - an audacious late night club weapon. The flip side is no less dramatic – "Tell Me Why'" creeps up, evolving slowing but surely – before an edgy, freaked out bass line drops over the crisp drums. A true peak-time burner with enough energy and tension to smash any floor.