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College - My Secret Romance by Golden Scissors

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This HDMI Cable Represents The Edge Of Human Stupidity


We'd like to believe that the packaging for this HDMI cable is the victim of poor translation or some kind of misunderstanding. We sincerely hope that no one working in the consumer electronics industry believes that digital video is susceptible to viruses, those viruses cause noises, and that you can fend them off with a nice coating of Mylar. But we've had to deal with the public, and know better.

A reader kindly sent this photo to our estranged ex-cousins over at Gizmodo. This is an HDMI cable marketed to go along with an Xbox. Okay. You don't need a special cable for an Xbox, but we'll let that go. The real problem is on the back of the package, where the made-up boasts begin.

"100% Mylar" double shield 1.3c grade cable with anti-virus protection to reduce virus noises and to obtain perfect image transmission

I miss Monster Cable. They probably wish that they had thought of this antivirus cable idea first.

Is There Anyone Stupid Enough to Believe That This Cable Has Anti-Virus Protection? [Gizmodo] (Thanks, Heidi!)


How This $2,000 HDMI Cable Will Change Your Life

Pick The Right HDMI Cables Without Getting Ripped Off

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/07/this-hdmi-cable-represents-the-limits-of-human-stupidity.html

This Is Why Graphic Designers Should Pay More Attention To Kerning


When a packaging designer is putting together a layout on their computer screen, one important thing they need to keep in mind is kerning, the space between individual characters in a word. They should also be thinking about how the printing process is imperfect. If not, they can end up with some very confusing, potentially offending results.

[Reddit via Buzzfeed]

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/07/this-is-why-graphic-designers-should-pay-more-attention-to-kerning.html

You Don’t Need The Perfect Tortilla Pan. No One Does.


Every time I look at a TV during the last few weeks, I see ads for the Perfect Tortilla, a wavy mold designed to help you make lovely edible bowls out of a regular store-bought tortilla. At home, visiting family, even at a sports bar: the ad is everywhere. What makes it annoying isn't the spokesman who resembles a bald Billy Mays. It's that this product is useless, even by the rarified standards of as-seen-on-TV merchandise.

If you really do aspire to eat a tortilla bowl-centric diet, you don't need to buy a special product that takes up cabinet space. As food blogger Emily Bites showed the world more than a year ago, you need to turn your muffin pan over.

Mini Taco Bowls [Emily Bites] (via Lifehacker)

Perfect Tortilla [Official Site]

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/07/you-dont-need-the-perfect-tortilla-pan-no-one-does.html

Less Than 24 Hours Into The Olympics And NBC Has Already Ticked People Off


When NBC first announced it would offer free live streaming to all of the London 2012 Olympic Games, a lot of people were delighted that they would finally not be stuck having to wait until the network's oft-derided prime-time broadcast coverage just to see the results of events that were already spoiled to most folks with an Internet connection. And yet, even with the live feeds, NBC has managed to piss off an awful lot of viewers.

It began at the beginning. NBColympics.com touts live streaming of "All 32 sports. All 302 events." But this apparently didn't include Friday's Opening Ceremony. Not only was this not made available on the live feeds, NBC kicked a hornet's nest of hate when it opted to break up the event, editing out a touching tribute to victims of terror attacks in favor of a heart-to-heart between apparent swimming enthusiast Ryan Seacrest and Subway shill Michael Phelps.

Speaking of Phelps, he's at the heart of NBC's second huge goof. For weeks, one of the main stories leading up to the games has been the inevitable standoff between the gold medalist and his U.S. teammate Ryan Lochte in the 400m medley. Well, that showdown happened in the middle of the afternoon on Saturday perfect timing for audiences on both coasts to watch live on TV and online.

Except NBC opted not to air any of Saturday's swimming medal events -- or subsequent medals ceremonies -- live on TV, opting instead for live coverage of events like volleyball. And if you missed the live stream, you can't stream the medal races until after they air on prime time TV.

The same goes for gymnastics. None of the archives of the men's qualifying rounds from earlier Saturday are available for streaming, even though we are far from the medal events in this sport.

While we can sort of understand NBC's desire to air the swimming and gymnastics in the more lucrative prime time hours, we also think that NBC is deluding itself into thinking that most people will come to tonight's broadcast not knowing how the events ended -- especially since the network is live-Tweeting results and posting huge spoiler headlines on NBColympics.com.

Beyond all the questions of programming, many people are complaining about NBC's live streams. The most common hiccup -- and one that we at Consumerist HQ have experienced on several different browsers and operating systems -- is the YouTube-based live feeds (which randomly go to ads in the middle of an event) freezing up after between 20-30 minutes of streaming.

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/07/less-than-24-hours-into-the-olympics-and-nbc-has-already-ticked-everyone-off.html


Couple Arrested For Dancing On NYC Subway Platform

Perhaps some day, if I manage to live long enough, somebody somewhere will be able to explain to me why the seemingly benign combination of dancing, cameras, and police tends to result in threats, beatdowns, and arrests. Recall a year ago when I had the privilege to write about protestors getting bodyslammed at the Jefferson Memorial for the horrific crime of silently dancing on the premises?

Well, Yakko Warner writes in with the story of two nefarious characters, code named George Hess and Caroline Stern, who had the gall to dance on a New York City subway platform and were taken to the ground and arrested for their trouble. As that New York Post piece explains, the couple found themselves near a musician playing on steel drums:

“We were doing the Charleston,” Stern said. That’s when two police officers approached and pulled a “Footloose.”

“They said, ‘What are you doing?’ and we said, ‘We’re dancing,’ ” she recalled. “And they said, ‘You can’t do that on the platform.’ ”

And so, as their training manuals surely instructed them to do, the officers demanded to see their IDs. Because they were dancing. Where someone was playing the drums. In the most cosmopolitan and culturally-rich city in America. In any case, when Hess could only produce a credit card (which had his name and photo on it), this happened:

"The officers ordered the couple to go with them — even though the credit card had the dentist’s picture and signature. When Hess began trying to film the encounter, things got ugly, Stern said.“We brought out the camera, and that’s when they called backup,” she said. “That’s when eight ninja cops came from out of nowhere.”

The ninja cops then alledgedly tackled Hess to the floor, cuffed both of them, and detained the pair for twenty-three hours. The initial charge was apparently impeding the flow of traffic of what is reported to have been three other people on the platform. The police then added other charges, such as resisting arrest.

All charges were subsequently dropped when the paperwork was finally reviewed by the NYPD's Not Crazy Department. The couple are now suing in Manhattan courts, but maybe it's time a national memo went out to law enforcement agencies reminding them that dancing people with cameras don't necessarily need to be tackled?

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via Techdirt. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120710/08455719645/couple-arrested-dancing-nyc-subway-platform.shtml

YouTube Decides Obama Singing Al Green Is Fair Use; Restores All The Videos

Earlier this week, we wrote about BMG issuing a takedown to YouTube over a Mitt Romney advertisement that used a clip of President Obama singing one line of an Al Green song. As we noted at the time, this seemed like a clear fair use case. Also, people pointed out that it was clearly an attempt to stifle speech since BMG only went after the Romney commercial, and not the original clips of Obama singing. Realizing this, BMG then also issued takedowns for those videos. If YouTube wanted to retain its DMCA safe harbor provisions, it is supposed to keep those videos down for 10 days and then it could (but does not need to) restore them. However, Google has jumped the gun and restored the videos already (you can see it here), saying that the company made a determination that the content does not violate copyright laws.

At this point, the ball is back in BMG's court. Technically, it can now file a lawsuit against the uploaders of the video if it wants (so, the Romney campaign, the Associated Press and others). Also, it could potentially try to go after Google itself, claiming that the safe harbors no longer apply due to the early reposting. Of course, one would hope that BMG realizes that pursuing any of these strategies would lead to ridicule and, quite possibly, a court issued rebuke for wasting their time with a bogus copyright claim. Unfortunately, for reasons that remain a mystery to me, when it comes to copyright claims, many copyright holders fail to recognize this kind of likely outcome ahead of time.

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via Techdirt. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120719/14402119765/youtube-decides-obama-singing-al-green-is-fair-use-restores-all-videos.shtml

Patent Office Releases Rules To Let Third Parties Provide Documents To Help Reject Patent Applications

One of the big problems with the patent system is that it's not an adversarial process at all. You only have advocates for why a patent should be granted. No one is on the other side arguing why it shouldn't be. The examiner is supposed to be neutral, but actually has some implicit incentives to find things more patentable than not. For example, patent examiners are often reviewed on their productivity in getting through patent applications. Considering the backlog of patents, this isn't a surprise. But since there's no such thing as a true "final rejection" of a patent, the inventor and their lawyers can keep coming back, asking the patent office to try again. But each time the examiner has to go back and review the same application all over again, that's time away from a new application, and thus hurts his or her "productivity."

Making matters worse, once a patent is granted, it has to be presumed valid under the law. Meaning that even though it has never actually been tested in an adversarial process, the courts simply assume it's a valid patent. The fact that when patents do get re-examined, somewhere around three quarters of them have to be adjusted, with previously approved claims rejected, certainly calls into question just how "valid" those patents are. One of the small changes in the patent reform bill that past last year, the America Invents Act (AIA), was that it will now be slightly easier to file documents with the Patent Office for a patent application under consideration, rather than waiting until after the patent is granted.

This is definitely a step in the right direction, though, I do wonder how widely it will be used. Part of the problem is that it's often not at all possible to tell what a patent actually impacts until after its granted and the holder sues or threatens to sue. And no one can watch every application to see if they might have some useful prior art or evidence of obviousness. Either way, the rules for such third party submissions go into effect September 16th, and the USPTO is releasing its official rules for how the process will work (pdf and embedded below). There is a fee involved -- $180 -- but it's exempted for your first submission on a particular patent application if that submission is less than three documents. That may be a bit limiting, but it does suggest that individuals with clear prior art or proof of obviousness might at least be able to weigh in a bit to convince the examiner that an application is totally bogus.

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via Techdirt. http://www.techdirt.com/articles/20120717/00232219721/patent-office-releases-rules-to-let-third-parties-provide-documents-to-help-reject-patent-applications.shtml

DailyDirt: Blue-Green Or Green-Blue Crayons?

Human perception can be pretty strange sometimes. People with synesthesia experience some mixing of their senses, so that they can hear colors or taste colors. But the English language even contains some interesting phrases to describe various feelings, such as "green with envy". Here are just a few more interesting examples of sensory perception.

If you'd like to read more awesome and interesting stuff, check out this unrelated (but not entirely random!) Techdirt post.

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Study: Bacteria outbreak due to ocean warming

Manmade climate change is the main driver behind the unexpected emergence of a group of bacteria in northern Europe which can cause gastroenteritis, new research by a group of international experts shows.

via MSNBC.com: Top NBCNews.com headlines http://www.msnbc.msn.com/id/48278511/from/RSS/

Surgeon - Humanity Test [DJ mix] by dynamic tension

Here's a mix of some of the new tracks I've been enjoying recently. See if you can spot the odd one out. Death Abyss - Seek Happiness In Victory, But Never In Peace (Inigo Kennedy remix) - MAK035 Woo York - Void (Truncate Remix) - MUX006 Samuli Kemppi - Hostile - KOMISCH012 Midland and Pariah - SHEWORKS03B The Exaltics - Node#2 (Delta Funktionen Remix) - MA02 Midland and Pariah - SHEWORKS03A Untold - Kane - HEK016V The Fear Ratio - Dirty Paws - BP035 Kazuya Kawakami - Haunt - HHX08 Blawan - Untitled - HINF8674 Oris Jay - Said The Spider (Surgeon remix) - Texture Records Roberto - Going Nowhere Fast - AFFIN114 Truncate - Diffraction (Jonas Kopp remix) - Modularz 8.1 Planetary Assault Systems - Function 4 (Lucy Remix 1) - Mote030 Roebin de Freitas - Doubt pt.1 - Unreleased Grenier - Uncertain - TEC062 Phase - Binary Opposition (Inigo Kennedy Process) - TOKEN20RD Surgeon - As You Breathe Here Now - Semantica 50 Svreca - Vilna (Orphx Remix) - Semantica33A Lory D - Acidattak - NMBRS23 Randomer - Search It Out - Unreleased OM Unit - Preshah - TECCD013 Diversion Group - Shirts And Skins - LINO22 Blawan - Why They Hide There Bodies Under My Garage - HINF8674 Midland - What We Know (Motor City Drum Ensemble Remix) - AUS1238 Jacques Greene - Prism - 3024 019 Oneohtrix Point Never - Remember (Surgeon remix) - SFT015 DJ bookings- www.dynamix-djs.com


ACLU Sues On Behalf Of PA Man Arrested For Recording Police Officer

The American Civil Liberties Union has filed a lawsuit on behalf of Pennsylvania resident Gregory Rizer, who was arrested in January for recording a police officer aggressively questioning his quadriplegic friend. The officer also confiscated Rizer’s cell phone.

When Rizer complained to the mayor’s office about the arrest, the Point Marion Police Department arrested him at home and charged him with violating Pennsylvania’s wiretap law, which bans audio recording unless all parties consent. The district attorney has since removed the charges and returned Rizer’s cell phone – without the recording. The ACLU argues that Rizer was within his rights to record the officer because “the state’s Wiretap Act does not apply if the person being recorded does not have a reasonable ‘expectation of privacy.’” ACLU cooperating lawyer Glen Downey explained,

“The explosion of technology that allows almost every citizen to document and record the interactions between police and civilians makes it incumbent that both the officers and those seeking to record them understand that officers cannot shield themselves from public scrutiny by invoking wiretap laws. Police officers performing their official duties do not possess the requisite reasonable expectation of privacy necessary to be covered by the statute.”

There have been reports from across the country of police officers interfering with cell phone recording of their actions. Earlier this month, the New York City Police Department put out a flyer warning against a couple who record “stop-and-frisk” searches in the city. New York’s ACLU chapter released a phone app, “Stop-and-Frisk Watch,” to help New Yorkers hold police officers executing these controversial searches accountable.

Last week, New Jersey’s ACLU chapter released a similar app, “Police Tape,” an Android phone app that allows users to discreetly videotape and record police officers. The app also explains American civil rights and allows users to send recordings to ACLU databases for backup storage.

Ben Sherman

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/07/19/550081/aclu-sues-on-behalf-of-pa-man-arrested-for-recording-police-officer/?mobile=nc

Special Interests Spent $173.5 Million On The 2008 Farm Bill

As Congress moves toward passing a 2012 Farm Bill that would, among other things, deprive millions of Americans of food stamps, gut food safety protections, and prematurely force genetically engineered crops onto the market, a new report follows the money poured into the last Farm Bill.

Food & Water Watch, a food safety non-profit, estimates that special interests including agribusinesses, commodity groups, and food manufacturers spent $173.5 million on the 2008 Farm Bill — more than $500,000 a day during the 110th Congress. This vast sum makes the 2008 Farm Bill one of the decade’s most well-financed legislative fights, more than health care reform ($120 million by the Center for Public Integrity’s estimate) and comparable to the Dodd-Frank financial reform law ($250 million, according to the Center for Responsive Politics).

According to the report, many of the lobbyists were former politicians:

Special interests hired an army of well-connected lobbyists to press their case with Congress, including 45 former members of Congress, at least 461 former congressional and executive branch staffers (including 86 that worked for former agriculture committee members or the U.S. Department of Agriculture) and a host of K Street firms.

The former House Agriculture Committee Chairman and Ranking Members that oversaw the 2002 Farm Bill, Larry Combest (R-Texas) and Charlie Stenholm (D-Texas), each received more than $1 million in fees to lobby on the Farm Bill. In 2007, nine of the top 10 Washington firms lobbied on the Farm Bill including Patton Boggs, Akin Gump and Barbour Griffith & Rogers.

Far from being limited to agriculture and trade groups, Wall Street also got in on the spending frenzy, dropping $10.8 million on commodity futures trading rules. Energy interests topped that sum, with $23 million from the fossil fuel, ethanol and biodiesel industries.

While half the money was spent on core farm policies, much of it went to inserting a slew of sweet deals into the bill. For instance, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) inserted a tax break for thoroughbred racehorses estimated to cost $126 million over a decade after the National Th oroughbred Racing Association and Churchill Downs spent $136,000 on lobbying.

Since the drafting of the 2012 Farm Bill started, the money flow has only intensified. According to CQ’s First Street database, 1,063 organizations reported to be lobbying on the farm bill from the beginning of 2011 through the first quarter of 2012, on track to surpass the 1,200 groups that lobbied in 2008 by the end of the year.

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/07/19/548691/special-interests-2008-farm-bill/?mobile=nc

Corporation That Paid Nothing In Taxes For Four Years Tells Congress It Pays Too Much In Taxes

Over a four years period from 2008 to 2011, Corning Inc. was one of 26 companies that managed to avoid paying any American income taxes, even though it earned nearly $3 billion during that time. In fact, according to Citizens For Tax Justice, the company received a $4 million refund from 2008 to 2010. That didn’t stop Susan Ford, a senior executive at the company, from telling the House Ways and Means Committee this week that America’s high corporate tax rate was putting her company at a disadvantage:

American manufacturers are at a distinct disadvantage to competitors headquartered in other countries. Specifically, foreign manufacturers uniformly face a lower corporate tax rate than U.S. manufacturers, and virtually all operate under territorial systems which encourage investment both abroad and at home.

Ford told the committee that Corning paid an effective tax rate of 36 percent in 2011, but as CTJ notes, she is counting taxes on profits earned overseas that haven’t yet been paid and won’t be unless the company decides to bring the money back to the United States. Corning’s actual tax rate in 2011, according to CTJ’s analysis, was actually negative 0.2 percent.

The territorial system Ford testified in favor of would actually encourage the offshoring of profits earned by American companies, thereby reducing the amount they pay in taxes even more. And rather than helping remove a disadvantage that prevents companies from creating jobs, an economic analysis of such a tax system found that it could actually cost the United States as many as 800,000 jobs.

The United States does, indeed, have one of the highest marginal corporate tax rates in the world. In reality, however, few corporations pay it, and the nation’s effective tax rate is far lower than the rate in other developed countries.

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/economy/2012/07/20/558931/corporation-that-paid-nothing-in-taxes-for-four-years-tells-congress-it-pays-too-much-in-taxes/?mobile=nc

Virginia Drug Possession Case Highlights Flawed Drug War Policies

In a local case exemplifying changing attitudes on the War on Drugs, a jury found a farmer in Albemarle County not guilty of marijuana possession on Wednesday evening.

54-year-old Philip Cobbs was summoned to court to answer for two marijuana plants spotted on his 37-acre farm by a helicopter. About 10 law enforcement officials came to his farm to confiscate the illegal plants, armed with semi-automatic guns. Cobbs claimed that he was not aware of the marijuana plants on his property, which can sometimes grow in the wild.

The plants were discovered by a task force of law enforcement officials that routinely flies over farms searching for marijuana. Cobbs’ attorneys, Paul Belonick and Andrew Sneathern, unsuccessfully contested in a pre-trial motion that these helicopter flyovers violated the Fourth Amendment, which protects against “unreasonable search and seizure.”

Sneathern, pointing out that the task force uses National Guard helicopters, protested, “We’re treating our citizens like they’re the enemy.”

As Sneathern noted, Virginia law dictates that anyone found guilty of a first offense of marijuana possession must have their drivers license revoked without exception.

While the jury ultimately found Cobbs not guilty, it took half a day to find 7 people out of 25 who were neutral enough on drug laws to serve as jurors. Many potential jurors had to be dismissed because of their strong disagreement with national marijuana laws.

Sneathern, who in the past has prosecuted drug possession cases for the Commonwealth, observed that the law is still “playing catch up” to “a massive sea change in public opinion about small amounts of marijuana.”

Support for marijuana legalization is currently at an all-time high of 56 percent, according to a Rasmussen poll released in May. 15 states and several cities have reduced penalties for marijuana possession; recently, Chicago decriminalized small amounts of marijuana.

The prosecutor’s closing statement warned the jury against nullification, which allows jurors to find a defendant innocent because of their dislike of a law. Most judges prevent defense attorneys from informing the jury of this right. New Hampshire passed a jury nullification law in June, a move that could significantly affect drug cases in the state.

In Virginia, Sneathern hopes that lawmakers and prosecutors all over the Commonwealth keep Cobbs’ trial in mind for future prosecutions.

“This is not a good use of their resources,” he said. “This was an extraordinarily expensive trial for them to bring when the best outcome they were going to get was a maximum of 30 days [in prison], and likely just a fine.”

He also questioned the non-financial cost of frightened citizens: “This is over in the sense that this case is over, but as [Cobbs] told me yesterday, it will take him a long, long time to get over the feeling of the invasion and the fear that he felt — and still feels every time he sees a helicopter fly over his house.”

via ThinkProgress http://thinkprogress.org/justice/2012/07/20/556211/virginia-drug-possession-case-highlights-flawed-drug-war-policies/?mobile=nc


New Yorkers marvel at ‘Manhattanhenge’ sunset

New Yorkers gathered at dusk to witness “Manhattanhenge” — a rare alignment of the sun with the east-west street grid in which it appears to set between skyscrapers.

Dozens of people gathered shortly before 8:30 pm Wednesday (0030 GMT Thursday) at the corner of 14th and Sixth Avenue, taking pictures of the huge red sun at the foot of the urban canyon formed by the buildings.

Manhattanhenge occurs twice during the Northern Hemisphere’s summer — in May and July — and a partial Manhattanhenge is expected on Thursday. The phenomenon also occurs in winter but is often obscured by inclement weather.

The name Manhattanhenge alludes to Stonehenge, the prehistoric circle of large stones in southern Britain.

The sun crosses the central axis of Stonehenge during the summer and winter solstices, leading historians to theorize that the monument was used as an astronomical observatory.

via The Raw Story http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2012/07/12/new-yorkers-marvel-at-manhattanhenge-sunset/


Hackers expose 453,000 credentials allegedly taken from Yahoo service

Hackers posted what appear to be login credentials for more than 453,000 user accounts that they said they retrieved in plaintext from an unidentified service on Yahoo.

The dump, posted on a public website by a hacking collective known as D33Ds Company, said it penetrated the Yahoo subdomain using what's known as a union-based SQL injection. The hacking technique preys on poorly secured web applications that don't properly scrutinize text entered into search boxes and other user input fields. By injecting powerful database commands into them, attackers can trick back-end servers into dumping huge amounts of sensitive information.

To support their claim, the hackers posted what they said were the plaintext credentials for 453,492 Yahoo accounts, more than 2,700 database table or column names, and 298 MySQL variables, all of which they claim to have obtained in the exploit.

Read 3 remaining paragraphs | Comments

via Ars Technica http://arstechnica.com/security/2012/07/yahoo-service-hacked/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+arstechnica%2Findex+%28Ars+Technica+-+All+content%29

Midwest drought slashes corn estimate, jolts market

WASHINGTON (Reuters) - The worst Midwest drought in a quarter century is doing more damage to U.S. crops than previously expected with the government on Wednesday slashing its estimate for what was supposed to be a record harvest.

via Reuters: U.S. http://www.reuters.com/article/2012/07/12/us-usa-crops-idUSBRE86A0LL20120712?feedType=RSS&feedName=domesticNews

NYC Morphing Practically Unused Pay Phone Kiosks Into Wi-Fi Hotspots


When New York City's Mayor Mike Bloomberg isn't too busy on his crusade to downsize sugary drinks or rebrand super tiny studio apartments as "micro-units" it turns out he's been working on a way to turn the city's practically unused pay phone kiosks into something useful — Wi-Fi hotspots.

This makes sense in the era of cell phones, because really, when's the last time you weren't surprised to see someone actually making a phone call in a pay phone booth?

The program will kick off with hotspots in around 10 locations, with the hopes that it will eventually expand to almost 12,000 kiosks scattered throughout the city's five boroughs.

At each spot, the signal will extend out a couple of hundred feet. Good for those trying not to overdo it on their mobile device's data plan. And in an added bonus, the spiffed up kiosks will be a boon to those who rely on using pay phones on a regular basis as well.

The program is part of Bloomberg's NYC Digital Initative, and has the Department of Information Technology and Telecommunications working on deals with several phone companies.

The only two times I've left my phone at home and tried to use a pay phone in this city I couldn't find a working one within a 10-block radius that wasn't jammed full of garbage, so this is a welcome change.

Pay Phone Wi-Fi Hot Spots Coming to NYC [NBC 4 New York]

via The Consumerist http://consumerist.com/2012/07/nyc-morphing-practically-unused-pay-phone-kiosks-into-wi-fi-hotspots.html


eats everything - ra podcast 316 [06.12] by mixfeed

jill scott - love rain (detroit swindle seasonal redux) cd vs cd - i really do believe roberto rodriguez feat. max c - ride with me (eats everything rebeef) detroit swindle - jick rames [dirt crew] lukas - best in show [moda] disclosure - what's in your head [greco roman] block committee - it's got to be (phil weeks remix) [tango] aaron soul & terry brookes - city life (carl craig's caya dub) [rush hour] invasion - spells of deception (boy 8-bit remix) [this is] kenlou - the bounce [maw] andri - housers revenge [cityfox]j the quirk burglars - dypo [trendy mullet] jimmy edgar - hot, raw, sex [k7] hoh - suswour (bubba remix) [dubnoir] dop - party rockin (eats everything create-a-break rebeef) [guerilla] justin martin & pillowtalk - the gurner [dirtybird] armando - don't take it (thomos edit) roska & jamie george - love 2 nite [rinse] eats everything - jagged edge [pets] &me - matters (eats everything rebeef) wildkats - perpertrating [hot creations] differentme - back to tomorrow (catz 'n dogz remix) [saved] hardrive - deep inside (shadow child remix) [strictly rhythm] eats everything & lukas present the eel - futureboogie http://soundcloud.com/eatseverything


Mutate - Circle 1 (Drumcell Remix) by drumcell

New remix i did for DETROIT based techno label BLANK CODE. This is the labels debute release and is a label to closely watch this coming year. ALLOT of incredible releases lined up.


move d @ robert johnson 2012-06-09 by Move D

dj-set @ robert johnson, offenbach is not berlin 2012-06-09 booking requests: romy@magnet-musik.de https://www.facebook.com/MoveD.official http://www.myspace.com/moufang http://www.residentadvisor.net/dj/moved http://www.discogs.com/artist/Move+D

The League Unlimited Orchestra - Don't You Want Me ( Aeropop Edit ) by Aeroplane (Official)

Hey ! You guys remember that edit of The Human League I played a million times you were all asking about ? ;-)


Still infected, 300,000 PCs to lose Internet access July 9

If you haven’t already seen the screaming headlines across the blogosphere declaring the arrival of Internet Armageddon for a quarter-million PCs because of a virus, allow us to get you up to speed. Believe it or not, some of the 4 million computers hijacked by Estonian and Russian hackers through a long-running botnet called DNSChanger are still not patched, over eight months after the FBI and Estonian authorities broke up the ring in November of 2011.

The botnet took control of PCs, changing their DNS settings to connect to rogue DNS servers, which allowed the ring to reroute user’s click on web advertisements to alternative sites and replace web ads with those of companies that paid them for clicks. When the FBI shut down the rogue DNS servers at the center of the ring, the US District Court for the Southern District of New York appointed Internet Systems Consortium, a not-for-profit company, to keep running replacement DNS servers so affected users would not loss Internet access before they could remove the botnet and fix their DNS settings. The FBI also posted tools to help PC owners check to see if their system was affected by the botnet. (If you haven’t checked yours, go there now.)

On Monday, July 9, the court order runs out, and ISC will pull the plug on the DNS servers. But by some estimates, as many as 300,000 computers are still using the DNS servers to resolve their Internet searches. Those systems will lose the ability to resolve domain names for web sites and email when the server is disconnected.

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Louis C.K. Responds To Online Ticket Sales Experience: Scalpers’ Opinions Have Been “Enlightening”


When Louis C.K. announced that he was selling tickets to his shows for $45, cutting out ticket middlemen entirely, the response was fairly giddy. As of this writing, he sold $6,102,000 in tickets, not a bad haul. Of those 135,600 tickets, 500 are now floating around the scalping sites.

He did, however do a little experiment: he sold two shows traditionally, through Ticketmaster and the like, and 1,100 of those tickets out of 4,400 available are already on scalping sites like Stubhub.

He writes:

Contact with these scalpers has been enlightening. They tend to respond with indignance and a defensive posture “Hey man! Scalping is NOT a crime!” We’re not treating it as a crime or even a wrong-doing. We are just competing with them, on behalf of my fans, to enforce the terms and conditions of our ticket sales and to keep the prices down. It’s worth the effort, it’s working and it’s even been kind of fun.

The interesting thing is that C.K. hasn’t yet described the methodology for “killing” scalped tickets but it seems to be some sort of fan-based mechanical Turking that grabs barcodes from scalped tickets online. While I suspect this is more difficult than it seems, I also suspect that the folks who would traditionally go to scalpers are erring on the side of caution, thereby disabling the scalping business model. It’s an amazing display of frictionless markets and, although it does reduce revenue on the seedier side of ticket sales, it certainly makes fans feel warm and fuzzy.

Incidentally, am I alone in not being happy with the first episode of the new series of Louie?

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