Home is still home

Home is still home:
If you were to know only one thing about the electronic music scene in Champaign, you should know about its favorite daughter, J. Phlip. Here’s the basics: born and raised in C-U with family active in the music scene (her father was part of REO’s touring crew), Jessica Phillipe is the epitome of local-girl-made-good. She attended our local university down the street, worked at our local video game developer, and gigged around town before moving to Chicago and, ultimately, San Francisco, where she became part of the Dirtybird crew. She now splits her time between Berlin and the beautiful Bay Area while not on tour.
She's currently on a U.S. tour with stops in Los Angeles, D.C., Detroit (DEMF afterparty), … and Champaign. We are extremely lucky to have her in our very own downtown on a regular basis rather than Chicago or Indianapolis, where most of the big names hit as they travel through the US. J. Phlip, along with locals DJ Belly and HEYCASEY and former local Vader (otherwise known as Agent Mos out of Chicago), filled the bill the Tuesday after Memorial Day at Cowboy Monkey.

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