Buttitta's in the news

The N-G has an article about Buttitta's closing. In it, the owner says people must prefer chain restaurants instead of local restaurants and that's why their business was successful.

Scroll down and check out the comments.

Eesh. Whatta bloodbath. I prolly wouldn't have commented if I had realized how many other folks would pile on.

I feel bad for the employees and all but they were doomed from the start, I fear. Big *huge* space, inconsistent food quality, and shitty service will not build a clientele. On the other hand, Black Dog is a perfect example of how you can maximize a small space, provide a superior product with excellent service, and succeed. There is a line at Black Dog from 11am to 9pm practically. They run out of the specialty items because they are so wonderfully prepared. And they have fantastic service.

I also have to say...I can't believe they don't own that building with all the renovations they did to it. That seems like an enormous expense.

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