Summer mixes: Bass music for long, sunny days

June 2011 by Cal Emmerich

Available to stream or download. Filled with favorites: Burial, Dark Sky Kelis remix, Mount Kimbie, Alliyah, Metro Area, and more. If you like the mix, I'd suggest following Cal Emmerich on SoundCloud so you'll know when he puts out his next mix.


Buttitta's in the news

The N-G has an article about Buttitta's closing. In it, the owner says people must prefer chain restaurants instead of local restaurants and that's why their business was successful.

Scroll down and check out the comments.

Eesh. Whatta bloodbath. I prolly wouldn't have commented if I had realized how many other folks would pile on.

I feel bad for the employees and all but they were doomed from the start, I fear. Big *huge* space, inconsistent food quality, and shitty service will not build a clientele. On the other hand, Black Dog is a perfect example of how you can maximize a small space, provide a superior product with excellent service, and succeed. There is a line at Black Dog from 11am to 9pm practically. They run out of the specialty items because they are so wonderfully prepared. And they have fantastic service.

I also have to say...I can't believe they don't own that building with all the renovations they did to it. That seems like an enormous expense.


Same as it ever was

I guess I got what I wanted...a sign that Schweighart himself used email, internet, social media, etc:

Punctuation and spelling errors, strange capitalization, piss-poor attempt at humor. That's *definitely* Jerry....


Vote for Don Gerard

I had this big long anecdote about my ex-councilperson and some jackassery I witnessed at Esquire Lounge last week, but I've decided to edit myself and just cut to the chase:
I believe the mumbling birther and his bumbling band of buffoons should be handed their hats and shown the door.
Make sure you vote tomorrow. Do it on your way to work, do it at lunch and bring a sandwich back to your desk, or stop off at the polling place on your way home. It takes five minutes.


Indicative of the problem

I've said it before and I'm saying it again:

I see absolutely no evidence that the current mayor---nor the people he's selected to run his campaign---understand social media, email, internet, etc.

It's embarrassing for me as a Champaign resident to see this kind of bumbling over and over.


Cannot believe the level of ignorance I'm seeing...

Baseless accusations without even an attempt to prove her insane conspiracy theory. It's libel, pure and simple. I guess when Don pondered running for mayor four years ago, that's when the cabal began, eh?

Course, what should I expect from someone who supports this guy?

Two crazy-ass peas in a pod writing checks their butts can't cash. NEITHER of these people have ANY proof of what they say. Instead they ask others to provide proof of their assertions for them. Ignorance runs amok in Champaign.

Unfortunately for Mayor Schweighart and his deluded campaign manager, Don Gerard already addressed this issue. However, since it's on the internet, I'm sure Schweighart isn't aware of it.


Was sick all through the warm weather...

...and now that I'm coming out of it, it's cold again. I thought I told winter to fuck the hell off.

Ready for some warm. Some sun. Ahhh....


It's amazing how much my future sounds like my past....

Tim Capello - "I Still Believe" 4AM's Frog Brothers Mix by 4AMSOUNDS

Happily, I find old faves like this are being used in nu-disco sets...heard this one (or more likely, something like it) at Boltini the other night when Space Police Radio was spinning.

The minute I heard it....


Choo Choo!

The current mayor of Champaign has joined Facebook. As of today, he has 21 "likes."

Please, please, please, if you aren't currently registered to vote at your current address, you have until next Friday to fix that. Go here to check your current registration status.

If you are square, Vote Gerard. If you aren't, you need to remedy that before next Friday.

You can update your address via the form here---instruction included there.

Or...if you've never been registered in Champaign, use this form and get registered.

I would suggest delivering the paperwork in person to the Champaign County Clerk's office at 1776 East Washington Street in Urbana to make sure you don't miss the registration deadline.

Else we'll have four more years of Mayor Mumbles.