Where I'd like to be

This snow and cold has me a bit sleepy and sluggish but I've been sifting through stuff on Hype Machine and Soundcloud and I found this track that is a favorite of mine by Move D. For some reason it makes me think of sun and warmth and relaxing on the beach. Hope it warms you up, too.

Uzuri014-Move-D-Sur-un-Bateau-avec-Eric by uzuri


Music Monday: New Move D set

Just popped up on Soundcloud yesterday. Via Kirkwood West.

move d @ robert johnson 2010-12-11 by Move D

Music Monday: Not unlike Champaign, hell has frozen over.

I finally went to one of the fabulous house concerts of Cynthia and Ernie's (from The Sandwich Life) on Saturday night. I'm sure she'll post some of the the great pics. I managed to get a little video from my seat on the stairs.

If you are interested, they just finished a new Christmas CD.

Thanks so much to Cynthia and Ernie and if you like what you see in the video, you should fan them on Facebook or check out Pulp Country because they have a couple events coming up that you can stream online.

Really great night of fantastic food and drinks and music and people. So great that it prompted the first *ever* post on GG about a country music act.


This is why you're single: Holidaze Edition

Let's hit the ground running. Literally.

Mwm looking for ski a companion - 40 (Champaign)

I'm hoping to meet a lady here in the next couple weeks to get to know and see if we have a connection. If so then plan a ski trip to West Virgina in January. All on me. If you like to ski thats perfect. If you don't, I will treat you to a day at the spa. Dinner, drinks and all the fun we want.

I'm white, decent looking, in great shape, runners body, nice career, and you'll just have to get to know me better to see what else. yes I am married and don't want to change that.

I'm not looking to be a sugar daddy but I will treat you like a queen when we are together.

If I've intrigued you please send me a line. Put "ski Trip" in the subject line.

I'm picturing a cabin on the side of mountain 50 miles outside of armpit of nowhere in the Appalachian Mountains. Maybe a nice patch of land behind it. Where he's buried previous victims. Though...a spa day *would* be nice.