Music Monday: NotGonnaSayNuJazz

Found this via Don-Ray Simmons who does the Midnight Marauderz podcast that I *know* I've blogged about before. Here's a track from the Midnight Marauders Soundcloud:

Dalindeo - Mr J.L. by Marauder Music

And here's one of Don-Ray's Midnight Marauderz podcasts. He moves through a ton of different styles and blends it all so smooth you'll barely notice except when a track reaches out and grabs you.

Midnight Maraudaz Special Samurai Edition by Don-Ray

And all you who dig on reggae, he's got a reggae mix on his Soundcloud so give it a listen.

Don-Ray Version 1 Classic Reggae Mix by Don-Ray

Enjoy! And I'll be blogging more...lots of things going on right now.


Don Gerard said...

I have been away too long...going to spend a bit of time catching up here...

Angie said...

I heard this version of "Crazy" as a promo for the HBO show "In Treatment" and wondered how on earth I would ever find this version to listen to...guess I should have looked here first. Thanks for posting.