An Open Letter: Stop it

Dear MTV,

No one wants to watch those two douchebags, Sammie and Ronnie, play out their stupid ass back-and-forth. I mean really, I know people who do this in real life. I find it just as annoying when it happens at a bar on a Friday night as when it happens on Jersey Shore. Stop it. Now.

What do I want to see?
  • More of Pauly D playing out at clubs
  • More of the boys picking up hand grenades and landmines
  • More of the girls picking up hand grenades and landmines
  • Some GTL with the boys
  • Some beach/spa/shopping with the girls
Sammie and Ronnie are as interesting as two goldfish in a bowl. You know this. Are you just in Spencer-Heidi withdrawal or something? Cuz I'm not....


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