Music Monday: Pygmalion Music Fest

This Music Monday is a bit different than those in the past. Instead of simply sharing a couple of videos, I'm also sharing an opportunity to hear great music locally at Pygmalion Music Fest. This year it is September 22-25 and the schedule is up.

Peruse the links, listen to some of the music, and make plans to catch at least *one* show this year. There are shows at bars, at coffeehouses, at the IMC, at art galleries, at Krannert, at the Art Theater. There are live acts and DJ sets and combinations in between. I've only partially made my way through the line-up of bands but I thought I'd put this out there early because so many folks I know always regret that they missed X *after* Pygmalion is over.

I'll try to throw up some of tasty tidbits between now and then but make sure you chime in with a comment if there's an act you really think people should see or if there's a particular show that might be overlooked. So far, I'm kinda intrigued by Cut Chemist, Caribou, and Roky Erickson and Okkervil River.

Also, you can follow Pygmalion Music Fest on Twitter or Facebook. 

Cut Chemist - The Garden

Caribou - Odessa

Roky Erickson and Okkervil River - Goodbye Sweet Dreams

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