Is it just me...

...or are the comments on the WCIA News Facebook page a hot mess or what?

Have you *seen* any of the comments lately? Go look...I think the ones where they solicit events from the public are bad but some of the questions get some truly bizarre answers.

Honestly, it makes me feel lucky to know such great people in real life....


Music Monday: Pygmalion Music Fest

This Music Monday is a bit different than those in the past. Instead of simply sharing a couple of videos, I'm also sharing an opportunity to hear great music locally at Pygmalion Music Fest. This year it is September 22-25 and the schedule is up.

Peruse the links, listen to some of the music, and make plans to catch at least *one* show this year. There are shows at bars, at coffeehouses, at the IMC, at art galleries, at Krannert, at the Art Theater. There are live acts and DJ sets and combinations in between. I've only partially made my way through the line-up of bands but I thought I'd put this out there early because so many folks I know always regret that they missed X *after* Pygmalion is over.

I'll try to throw up some of tasty tidbits between now and then but make sure you chime in with a comment if there's an act you really think people should see or if there's a particular show that might be overlooked. So far, I'm kinda intrigued by Cut Chemist, Caribou, and Roky Erickson and Okkervil River.

Also, you can follow Pygmalion Music Fest on Twitter or Facebook. 

Cut Chemist - The Garden

Caribou - Odessa

Roky Erickson and Okkervil River - Goodbye Sweet Dreams


An Open Letter: Stop it

Dear MTV,

No one wants to watch those two douchebags, Sammie and Ronnie, play out their stupid ass back-and-forth. I mean really, I know people who do this in real life. I find it just as annoying when it happens at a bar on a Friday night as when it happens on Jersey Shore. Stop it. Now.

What do I want to see?
  • More of Pauly D playing out at clubs
  • More of the boys picking up hand grenades and landmines
  • More of the girls picking up hand grenades and landmines
  • Some GTL with the boys
  • Some beach/spa/shopping with the girls
Sammie and Ronnie are as interesting as two goldfish in a bowl. You know this. Are you just in Spencer-Heidi withdrawal or something? Cuz I'm not....



This is why you're single: Misogyny.com

We have some real...well...you'll see....

Read this ad. You will be VERY tempted to respond. Seriously (not spam)

...Blah blah blah...looking for a submissive...blah blah blah...defining submissive for you...

Perhaps the following scene sums it up. Let's say we are at a formal event for your work. It's your firm's Christmas party and we're all decked out in suits and dresses at the reception hall. I am charming and fun all night long. I speak highly of you to your boss. I make good conversation. The first time I excuse myself to go to the bathroom or get a drink, all of your female co-workers, most of whom are in volatile relationships with men they are constantly trying to compete with and outdo, will turn to you and say "Wow. Good catch! He's handsome...AND charming! He's so nice to you." Here you are, getting all of these compliments on your man from other women (and won't that make you feel like quite the vixen!). As you say your thank yous, a smile appears on your face and you feel yourself getting wet between your legs, as you start thinking about what you're going to be doing for me later. What these women don't "get" and you DO (or WILL) is that my treating you this way makes you WANT to be on your knees later. This treatment makes you WANT to be my devoted girl in public and my submissive whore in the bedroom. To the world we look like the loving, happy "normal" couple. If they only knew the secret world we share together!
My friends don't date losers. But nice assumption, asshole. And not really tempted. Not even a little. Click on the link for the full spiel. Maybe someone out there is this guy's perfect match. But make sure you are ready to move cuz he's in Chicago---but you don't have a life worth anything anyways, right?

Not Sure - 37 (champaign)

I am white 37 have a young child not sure what im looking for friends ltr must like kids outdoors no drugs and not a bitch send me a pix and we might see where we end up
If you haven't seen Idiocracy yet, we can't really be friends anymore until you do. Scurry off now...go watch it so you get this one:

real woman wanted - 50 (champaign/danville/tuscola )
i am a 50plus guy looking for a long term relationship with a woman who understands values like loyalty empathy. not interested in the its all about me women out there. what you have done in the past is not as important.as where your heart and head is today. most men understand that woman are more emotion oriented. why cant women understand men are visually oriented. i am a non drinking or drug taking person. i am a homeowner and retired not tired. have been told by friends that i give too much and i tend to spoil the one i am with. you should be between 40-50. intelligent loyal and a bit quirky. divorce should be a word that you do not believe in. you should have a basic knowledge of what a skirt or dress is. actually possessing them and wearing them is a major plus. the desire to turn a house into a home should be a priority. not looking for a beauty queen but i don't want a drama queen either. tell me about yourself and how to contact . please put loyal in the subject line so i know that you aren't a spam bot. also those who answer this ad with directions that require me to open an account on some website forget it, i dont do that. im not into hookers.
More assumptions. Some women are visually stimulated as well---you are reading the blog of such a female. And a dress? Maybe that's code for "feminine"? Or maybe this guy just doesn't know how to ask for a submissive outright like the first guy.

A non-desperate guy desperately seeking a date! - 30 (Urbana)

Please hurry before I die of boredom! Intelligent, handsome, and recently got out of a relationship, I am in URGENT need some romantic time with a female that doesn't end with plates being thrown at me :). Hoping to go see the ten or eleven fifteen showing of the movie Inception TONIGHT. I'm not picky, I just want someone who's in the mood to smile and laugh, and maybe let me hold their hand. I won't be checking email often, so please call or text me ~only~ if you are up for a spontaneous evening with a charming respectful guy! Hope to hear...
This one is a bit odd. Not desperate but desperately seeking and urgent and near death. This entry was post at 8pm. By 11pm, he'd already given up. Perhaps a little patience would transmit non-desperation better.

Do you still like to neck? - 59 (Danville)

Does anyone over 40 still get a kick out of necking on the couch while watching a movie on TV? A little cuddling, caressing, maybe a foot massage for her. I am a very passionate man who loves to kiss and cuddle. Unfortunately, I live with someone who has lost all interest in necking. My best trait is my oral skills and it is a total shame to waste them. Especially with me being alone all week, sitting home watching movies by myself and wishing someone who enjoys kissing was sitting next to me sharing my popcorn and my talent. You don't have to be naked with someone from the opposite sex to have a great time. Conversation, kissing, and cuddling is also great fun. I will be sitting home alone again Wed and Thur wishing I had someone to kiss. If you are in the same position, we should meet at Wendy's or Arbys' on Vermillion and see if there is enough of a connection to share time together. You only live once and no sense both of being along at night wishing for a little kissing and cuddling when we can share it together. You can even pick the chick flick you want to watch and I will enjoy it right there beside you. Just pick a time between 5:15PM and 8PM and the location to meet in Danville and lets enjoy each other's company while we can.
My mate, who puts up with my viagra-addled ass, is out of town and I need to fill the endless vacuum that is my soul with strangers to mack on. So...you know...if you are free during the three hours a day I'm not busy with other shit, meet me in a skeevy fast food parking lot. I'll be the guy with the dodgy van and the industrial roll of hefty bags.

Lookin 2 give u the best 23 seconds of ur life! - m4w - 23 (Urbana, Ill)

Tall white and sexy. Jp about my title btw. I go to u of I. Txt pix to area code sex for nyne nyne ate ero ero.
I think we *all* know that 23 seconds is still probably too generous.

Wanted: Haircut +++ - m4w - 50 (chambana)

Looking for lady who can give me a haircut and also a happy ending $$$ why not do both please reply with haircut in subject.
This one made me scratch my head at first. I was thinking perhaps this was an attempt to skirt the word massage? But...upon further reflection, I think this guy just really wants a haircut and a handjob. Cuz hairdressers are basically prostitutes, right? *sigh*

Join me for some fun and excitement before Summer fades away! (C/U)

You MUST be;
1) a real caucasion Female age 35- 50 (flexible)
2) Any weight from skinny to needing to lose 20 pounds(but NO more than that).
3) good stamina and a high sex drive
4) Independant, attractive, sexy woman in her own right.

If you can say yes to ALL items #1-4, then you just might be the lady I am looking for.
I am a true gentleman and will treat you with kindness politeness and respect that a lady deserves.
My height is 5 foot seven and I weight almost 200 pounds.
Although I am 55, I am told I look much younger. (I know I can act it. HA!)
I have been blessed with a full head of hair. (see pics)
I have a good sense of humor and am a very passionate & hopeless romantic.
No games, be serious and send along PICTURES, INFO and anything to help expedite this meeting.
To cut down on Spambots and hel assure you are as real as I, put "LEO" in your reply in the subject line
Please conform to my rigid standard based on what makes me horny---but hopefully spelling isn't a turn-on for you. In addition, I'll treat you according to rigid gender roles where you are the submissive. My physical appearance, however, has been stunted in the 70s.

Click through for the real Magnum PI pics included with the ad. I swear...they just pop up like this. Variations on a theme.... And a big thanks to moongrrl for these entries.



Unfortunately, funnier than the movie they did together...

Some bad language so it may be NSFW if you don't have headphones.

Music Monday: Blast from the Past

All these were apparently shot at the same time---ONJ has the same outfit on in all of them. Those headbands...esh. For some unknown reason, A line from A Little More Love popped into my head on Sunday and I had to hear it.

Also...what the hell is that keyboardist on?

A Little More Love - Olivia Newton John (1978)

Magic - Olivia Newton John (1980)

Make a Move on Me - Olivia Newton John (1981)

Is it just me or does this last one sound like background music for a hit 80s movie? Can't place it....


Music Monday: Crave

This song has been rolling around in my head for a couple days. This is the remix that's got me hooked.

Aeroplane vs. Friendly Fires vs. Flight Facilities ft. Giselle Rosselli - I Crave Paris

Here's the original.

Flight Facilities - Crave You ft. Giselle [OFFICIAL]

This is why you're single: Desperation isn't flattering

Today's edition is sort of a "what not to do" if you are trying not to smell of desperation.

world is spiralling into death - 28 (champaign)

world is spiralling into death
why would you wish to procreate
for only selfish reasons of course

yes i am depressed
why wouldnt you be if you give a damn about the best interest of the world
and by world i dont meant any more people.
i mean what god created
yes we can be beautiful too but we are in his image
we have control over this world
and it is obviously headed past shit
been depressed for a long time
need a woman to pull me out

i just want to learn to live of the land and live in the wilderness, wait for everyone else to die
Cheer up, Emo boy. While I might agree with you on the state of things in the world today, you don't show your despair right away. Scares away the food.

Need someone to snuggle tonight...and maybe for the rest of my life :) - 29 (Chambana- A date at the Beverly?)
Looking to add all kinds of romance to my life. Could you be the one :)? Let's jump right into it... the holding hands, calling each other 'sweety', picking up the phone and knowing that someone will always be on the other end... I'm open on age, I find all kinds of women attractive. I am intelligent, handsome, and at the start of a good career. I'm fine if our date ends up being just a one-time thing, and also more than happy to continue it. We'll just take everything as it comes together and see how it feels!
I'd also like to see the movie 'Inception'. Want to come with me? I don't see many movies in theaters, but this one is so well-reviewed that I feel like the big screen experience would definitely be worth it. I'll buy you some popcorn if you let me hold your hand :). Actually, I'll even buy the tickets if you can drive tonight... my car is currently sick, but I'm getting it fixed this weekend. Write me back soon so we can figure out a showtime, dear!
Let's see, no car. That smells suspiciously like an excuse to hide a lack of a driver's license. And no driver's license breaks one of the cardinal basics required of a potential dating candidate:

driver's license
don't live with parents

I know, I know...picky, picky.

BLACK FEMALES ONLY!!!!!!!!! - m4ww - 27 (URBANA)

lookin for women who share the same interests as me i love hip hop and r and b some of my favorite artists are gucci mane lil wayne tpain 2pac genuwine neyo dru hill just to name a few i like to find a female who likes the same thangs if you are cool and sexy maybe we can be further than friends im into basketball tattoos drinking smoking i smoke newports 420 friendly i love 2 watch porn and i love sex very oral and i like new positions dont like boring sex hit me up if you like what i put in and we can trade pic 4 pic
This one was posted under "Strictly Platonic." I'm guessing he doesn't know what that means.

Saw you at the mall - m4w - 38 (Champaign)
I saw you at Market Place Mall this past weekend. I think I may have caught your eye.

You - very attractive, fit, well-dressed, sexy married woman.
Me - attractive, fit, white male, 6' 190lbs, brown bedroom eyes, just a bit graying.

Would you like to meet for a discrete cup of coffee or iced tea?
Yes, because there was only one attractive, fit, well-dressed married woman at the mall this weekend. I guess, though, if you cast a wide enough net....

crossdresser kennel pet - m4m - 39 (champaign)

looking to be ones pet girl etc. large crossdresser with desires to be ones collared leashed pet. if you have a male dog and would like to see me be his bitch girl or would like to have me collared leashed as a pet or all above please put kennel pet in subject line.
I don't want to see that. Ever. Also, our first bestiality post! Notice, I didn't say last. I have faith....