Why are they always full of shit?

From Sunday's N-G:

Brady's company stalled on project near interchange in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN – Even before the Curtis Road interchange opened in May 2008, city planners were working with a developer to build a residential subdivision west of the interstate.

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I don't know what's more aggravating. The fact that yet again a developer doesn't want to pay for the services needed to build a neighborhood or that someone is looking for state money to build this shit for them. Reminds me of Garden Hills where this are no sidewalks or streetlights. Or how sidewalks begin and end at random because previous developers were allowed to develop without putting them in.

Why are we supposed to keep paying for developers to make a profit? Why is someone who is running for governor of this broke-ass state balking at providing the necessary infrastructure in his private business? Is this how he is going to run the state as governor? Cutting corners and expecting use to pay for his personal gain? Not that Quinn is much better. I'd like to kick his dumb ass up and down the street for giving his staff raises while other state workers who have taken on extra responsibility don't get squat except furloughs, benefit cuts, and hiring freezes.


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