This is why you're single: Humpday!

Summer fun - 40 (Champaign)

I’m a normal mid western guy looking for someone to hangout and have fun with. Go watch a movie, listen to a band, lunches, trips to Indy, maybe someday a weekend getaway and any other things we want to do. ;-) Go do things we’ve always wanted to do. I like to make things happen.

A little about me. I’m white, early 40s, decent looking, in great shape, love music, easygoing, professional job, and open minded to whatever. Btw yes, I am married with kids and not wanting to change that.

What I’m looking for. A lady in her 30s or early 40s that is flirty, fun and sensual. I’m not looking for a super model but at least someone who is in good shape. I am active. Someone who can get away to be with me. For drinks after work or to go out at night. If you’re married or single that’s fine. I’m not wanting to be a sugar Daddy but I do want to spoil you. ,Someone with the mindset to have amazing sex. The kind you say “WOW” afterwards.

I want honest, upfront conversations about life, the world and sex. Oh, the amazing sex!
This is not all about sex. It’s about a friendship of flirting, fun and being alive.

I’m an open book so if I’ve intrigued you. Ask and I will tell all.

I'm already saying WOW and it's because you are a douchebag. Speaking of....

yooo you wanna kick it? =] - 19

yooooo wutupp mahhh ninjahhhhhhhss, so heres the dwn low, im just lookin for someone to hangout with ya knw n just to have fun with, not really lookin for sex or anything of the matter, im a pretty chilled guy dont really get bothered much, dont really want drama or any of that shit cuz i could use that time to have fun with my life but instead stuck there arguing over some stupid shit thats finna get ppl hurt n i dont really wanna deal with it. i speak my mind if something bothers me ill let ya knw n we could work it out im a patience person i would be willing to work things out for the girl i love. i would love nothing more then to make her happy. so bout me, im currently a student at parkland , im 19 im 5'9 slim kina active ya knw been going to the gym to keep in shape n stay healthy um im a friendly guy once u get to knw me. i like meeting new ppl n make new friends, if shit doesnt work out we could always be friends i wouldnt mind, um im funny i like to make ppl laugh when shit gets kinda awkward lol. im outgoing down for anything that catches my interest. my interests are music any kind really cept for country or that opera shit lol if its good ill check it out, kickin it with mahhhh homiesss from time to time, im more of an outside kinda person, dont really like to sit a home doing nothing ya knwww? but if u wanna kick it at home n watch a movie or something then im down it should be SWEEETTTT!!! =] but most importantly i dont discriminate against other ppl, i see every race as equal, if ur fun n cute then ur fun n cute to me that all that matters u really dont need to prove anything to me, im just a normal human being like urself n i believe that u should be treated the way u wanna be treated. but cheaaaaa hit me up if ur interested ive been knwn to be cute ;] feel free to ask anything n ill hit ya up in a hot sec. i would give u an honest n straight forward answer. Cheaaa hope to hear from u soon n thnx for reading beautifullllllllll =] n oh plz send a pic with ur reply so i knw who im talkn to n ill give u mine thnks agian

Stay in skooooooooooool there ninja! And the answer to your headline is no. I can't even read that block of text you crapped out. Try hitting enter a couple times every so often. Eh, fuck it. I probably wouldn't read it then either.

And finally, we close out with one that will make you go "awww...."

help me get revenge on my ex - 20 (champaign)

hi boys. i'm a normal cute 20yo who just got cheated on by the biggest doche on the planet. i really just want to release some tension and have some fun. i live in champaign and go to parkland and i'm normal and not a slut but i def want to try this out and see if it works. not looking for a date and def not looking for older guys. say hi and we can trade pictures and maybe meet somewhere public first just to be safe. put jim is a bastard in the subject so i know you're real, lol

First off, awwww.... And second, you should be hooking up with his best friend. Not strangers. How will your ex find out otherwise?


moongrrl said...

Good advice on the last one! Oh, and use protection. Lots of it.

Anonymous said...

Ha, the best friend comment made me laugh. You are so right about that one.

Gamera said...

Yes, random stranger from Craigslist isn't going to achieve the effect I suspect she's going for.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree - hook up with his friends. Or his worst enemy. Some hot guy he is already jealous of. ;)

Anonymous said...

And also, I almost pity that second poster. He is probably nice enough, but damn! Use a real keyboard or learn to text. I hate text-speak.