A quick poll: Blog or Forum?

What do you prefer to visit? A very active:

blog where you can post your own articles for comment by all


internet forum with many different discussion forums (music, politics, current events, etc.)

This is sorta related to my post about Illinipundit/ChampaignPundit, but it's also out of curiosity. I'm a forum person myself but I know others who prefer blogs. I can't seem to make a poll with the Blogger tools, so just chime in with a comment.


Narc said...

I think that's going to depend on the software involved. Something like Slashdot, which is VERY active, has threaded comments, community moderation, and a friends/enemies system.

IP/CP worked well since the traffic was fairly low. I could usually go to the tracker and there were 4 or 5 new comments and I could jump straight to them. There really wouldn't be a lot of point in making sub-forums for something like that since the number of posts per day was quite small.

Gryphon77 said...

I think I prefer a blog for the organizational reasons. now this might just be because I'm not used to being on forums and thus find them sort of confusing and a bit overwhelming.

also wave is even better than either. I think..

Gamera said...

Well, I doubt a local site would get as busy as Slashdot, but I guess we can hope. :)

I think I prefer forums because things are a little easier to find since you categorize by using different forums to post but...you can categorize with tags on a blog. I just forget to use the tags. :(

Gamera said...

@Gryphon77: I haven't used the wave system much. I see you trying to get things going on a wave. I just haven't had a lot of collaborative projects to use it with...though maybe I will make and effort to try it in the near future.