New Gamera Gabs Feature: This is why you're single

I've been threatening to start another blog entitled "This is why you're single" in which I shall share crazy personal ads. However, since I haven't even bothered to update this blog, we'll just roll it into this blog.

Now..."This is why you're single" can be taken two ways. One: these posts are examples of why someone might be single---they share too much, ask for bizarre things (trust me, you'll see), or they are just too out there. Two: these posts are examples of the options for single people to date, hence an excuse to remain single. I'm sure there are more ways to interpret "This is why you are single" but I just wanted to point out that we aren't simply making fun of people on Craigslist. Though...that is a huge part of it. Thank heaven for the internet.

I can't claim credit for finding all these gems. I have a crack team (read: twisted friends) who will be helping me scour the Craiglist to find you only the *best* in personal ads. Now...for this first one. This one isn't that shocking it's just funny and comes to us from our very own local Craigslist Casual Encounters section. I have to give moongrrl credit for this find. She finds some real treasures for sure.
2 hornie bitches - ww4m - 29

wse are kind a drunk an VERY hory!!!



we wanna dance have fun than FUCKK YA!!!

if you are HOT AND FUN and likes to enjoy the night give us ya number!!!

we are waitihg

we will leave tha house in 1 hour if you contac us before that we mingh hang out!


Timestamp: 7:34PM CDT last Wednesday night

Just a tiny morsel to whet your appetite. Not sure how regular this feature will be since it depends on popularity here but also on available material. Your submissions are always welcome. :)


Gnightgirl said...

I'm reading and loving. Yes, you do it, bring the amusement to my very computer! Go for it, I'll be reading.

Gamera said...

Yay! I'm trying to get back into the swing of things. I missed the writing. :)