I've known for a while that we were heading in this direction...

...and in case you haven't heard, I quit smoking 8 months ago after having sinus surgery.

Should Parents Be Fined for Smoking with a Kid in the Car

Now, part of me doesn't see how this could be enforced very well. I also see this as yet another instance of criminalizing addiction rather than treating the real issue.

However...I never smoked with the kids in the car. Never. And I am, I mean, was a damn chain smoker. I've even parked to get out of the car and smoke a cigarette on a long car trip. So...that's my personal beliefs. But I don't believe my personal opinions should be codified into law.

How about you? Where do you fall on this issue? Should smoking in a hot box with children be something that law enforcement should be delving into?


Angie said...

OK--Am with you on this one. Smoker on and off for what seemed like forever. But I never smoked when I was pregnant or around the kids. EVER. It just seemed really white trash to do that. That being said this isn't something that needs to be legislated. It's a personal choice. If they start fining people it's only a matter of time before they start the push to ban cigarettes entirely.

Oh am very glad you are back :)

Gamera said...

Thanks! Glad to be back. :)