Heads up!

Just an FYI: I'm updating and renovating the site. I'll continue with full feeds so those who don't actually visit the site won't see much of a difference but I may continue to change things over the next couple of weeks as I update the blogroll, tweak the layout, and add more widgets.

I've already re-added the Twitter updates and Google Reader items in the sidebar. If you use Twitter or Google Reader, you can follow me here or there for both. I use both a lot. However, I've dropped Last.fm. It interferes with Illustrator so that makes it impossible to run while working which is when I listen to a ton of music/podcasts/etc.

Let me know if you see anything wonky. You should still be able to comment without logging in. Let me know if that craps out on anyone. Moongrrl had a problem with it recently.

My goal is to have everything updated and running smoothly before my five-year blogiversary. Can you believe it's been five years since I started this blog? I think my initial description of "a meandering mix of serious and not" has held up well over the years.

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