The ayes have it...

Blog it is. Anyone have any input as to whether drupal or joombla or something else is best? I'm just now researching it. Also, what features would you absolutely want to see in a group blog?


DaveM said...

I guess it really depends on your goal. Drupal has a reputation for being hard to administer, but does have nice multiuser flexibility.
Scoop (dKos' backend) seems to have disappeared. Admittedly, I like the way the content is provided there - any user can have an account, and if enough people like what's said, it makes it into the "recommended" section.
The biggest requirements are security and admin competence. Wordpress seems to have a negative rep for security, so I'd steer away from that.

Gamera said...

Thanks for the input.

Right now, we are just monkeying around with the different options.

I think it should be open to all and all should have posting privileges and anonymous posting should be allowed. There should be admins but only to approve registrations, remove spam, and remove legally actionable material (death threats, libel, etc.). Otherwise open to all. Free to all.

DaveM said...

Hm. As for "anonymous" commenting - why? What's wrong with pseudonymous commenting? It's really not that hard to register a username and password, especially if you're not requiring email activation.
(And even if you are, there's always mailinator.)
I'm of the opinion that registration w/o email activation is a sufficiently low bar that if someone wants to comment, they will - and it removes some of the spam difficulties.

Arvid said...

Well, you know my list from CP. I'd be happy to help run it.
- Anonymous allowed, but part of their IP octets are shown for the purposes of separating out which anonymous is which.
- New accounts have to be approved before they can create threads and/or accounts can't create new threads until they have at least posted a comment or two.

Hit me up on facebook and let me know if you want some help. securing/administering a site.