Only took a few weeks

When I started blogging again, when I searched for gamera, I was asked "Did you mean camera bag?"



Please show djbozak some bloggy love

DJ Bozak, a local dj who has moved out to San Francisco, needs your support for a mixtape competition. I'm gonna let him explain what he needs you ALL to do before the end of the month---basically before midnight Saturday.
...I'm in a mixtape contest. Tomorrow the 5 DJ's with the most favorites to their BBE Mixtape Contest mixes on mixcloud.com get their mixes sent to BBE records, and I am currently juuust on the outside looking in. I am askin' for a bit of your help in a final push towards winning this thing. This is one of my favorite labels and I would love a chance to work with them.

I'm asking for a vote of support for myself, and for quality music in general, by favoriting my mix. To do so you need to spend 3 minutes creating an account (you give them an email address and a password, then you confirm the email address and your done), then .5 seconds clicking on the "favorite" tab here:

That's it. That's all you need to do to help. And the confirmation email comes quickly. So...can you spare three minutes? In addition, *definitely* give his mix a listen if you like:

Hip-Hop Rap / Soul Funk Disco Boogie / Nu Soul / House

since that's what's in this mix. Here's the tracklisting:

1 Martin L. Dumas - Attitude, Belief, Determination
2 Masters At Work - Justa Lil Dope
3 J Dilla - E=Mc2 Feat. Common
4 Madlib - Disco Dance
5 Visioneers - Funk Box Feat. Capitol A
6 Pete Rock - Get Involved
7 Jay Dee - B.B.E.
8 Ty - Me Feat. Erik Rico
9 King Britt - Transcend Feat. Bahamadia
10 Pete Rock - For The People
11 Aaron Jerome - Way Of Life (Dj Vadim Remix)
12 J Dilla - African Rhythm
13 Roy Ayers - Liquid Love
14 J Dilla - Dime Pieces Remix Feat. Dwele
15 Aquasky - "Images"
16 Jay Dee - Strange & Funky Things
17 Ronnie Dyson - All Over Your Face
18 Ramona Brooks - I Don't Want You Back
19 Class Action - Weekend [Jm After-Session M&M Mix]
20 Fresh Band - Come Back Lover
21 # Pepe Bradock - Deep Burnt
22 Amy Winehouse - My Bed (Bugz In The Attic Remix)
23 Nuyorican Soul - The Nervous Track
24 Mr. Fingers - Can You Feel It (Instrumental)

So...go favorite bozak's mix. Comment here when you do.


Tasty Tidbits 18: Snack-sized but still full flavored

First off, there are two pieces of good news. That's right: good news. First, DRM can be broken if you aren't trying to infringe copyright. Via boingboing:
Here's some remarkable news: a judge in a New Orleans-based 5th Circuit Appeals Court has ruled that the Digital Millennium Copyright Act's ban on breaking DRM only applies if you break DRM in order to violate copyright law. This is a complete reversal of earlier rulings across the country (and completely opposite to the approach that the US Trade Representative has demanded from America's trading partners)....

It's up to the plaintiff, MGE, to appeal to the Supremes, but even if they don't, it's only a matter of time until there are new cases in the Fifth Circuit (or other circuits that follow its lead) that lead to highest court handing down some new law on this. Let's hope they see the sense of Judge Garza: "Merely bypassing a technological protection that restricts a user from viewing or using a work is insufficient to trigger the (Digital Millennium Copyright Act's) anti-circumvention provision."
In another article from boingboing:
The Electronic Frontier Foundation drove three deep wedges into the US prohibition on breaking DRM today. EFF had applied to the Copyright Office to grant exemptions permitting the cracking of DRM in three cases: first, to "jailbreak" a mobile device, such as an iPhone, where DRM is used to prevent phone owners from running software of their own choosing; second, to allow video remix artists to break the DRM on DVDs in order to take short excerpts for mashups posted to YouTube and other sharing sites; finally EFF got the Copyright Office to renew its ruling that made it legal to unlock cellphones so that they can be used with any carrier.

These are major blows against the tradition in US law of protecting DRM, even when DRM wasn't upholding copyright. For example, Apple argued in its Copyright Office filing that it should be illegal under copyright law to install iPhone software unless Apple had approved and supplied it (akin to the principle that you should only be allowed company-approved bread in your toaster, or Folgers-approved milk in your instant coffee).
And...while these two good news items may not last, they are a bright spots.

National Geographic has an article and accompanying photos up showing how oil glows under a black light. I'd make a rave joke but it's just still too sad.

Bluntcard.com has fantastically funny images that you can get made into magnets, t-shirts, mousepads, etc. I'm kinda partial to Dial Tone. Or Old Space.




I have a nephew and since he was 6-ish, I've been watching movies with him. And not just any movies---Sci-Fi movies. It started because he caught Alien Vs. Predator on FX. He started asking me questions about the facehuggers flying through the air and the weapons of the Predators and I realized quite quickly that he just needed to watch all those movies from both franchises and all would be clear.

So...that's where we began. Some movies we watched on TV (where the sexual content or super graphic violence was edited out) and some we rented. After making through all six of those movies, we moved on to other franchises---Terminator, Riddick, and some Star Trek movies.

After a few years, it became clear. Special effects become dated. Many of the original Star Trek movies didn't hold up. I, of course, adore them because I watched Star Trek in reruns as a child. But the boy hadn't seen those reruns. And...a movie from the early 80s...well...it's not that flashy. Electronically animated mannequins, smoke, and shitty special effects...not as compelling 30 years later.

Now...a few movies did hold his interest from that era. The main one that comes to mind is the original Terminator. He was interested in it because he saw the second one---from the early 90s---first. He *wanted* to know the beginning of the story. The story, not the effect, kept him interested. And to me, story is very important in sci-fi. Just a quick sidenote here, but that's why Inception is going to endure better as a sci-fi classic than...oh, Avatar. The Story. Avatar (or Dances with Smurfs) has none. Inception...it's got so much I'm not sure I got all of it in one viewing.

So...I have compiled a list a few years ago and have had friends add suggestions over the years and I thought I'd see if anyone who reads the blog has any suggestions for movies I might have overlooked. I'll publish the entire list included those seen so as to avoid any overlap.

One caveat: I prefer movies that don't have a ton of sexual content. I don't have a problem with sexual content myself, but I don't really wanna watch it with my nephew. For example, when I rented Total Recall, I forgot all about that one scene. And if you are guy, you instantly know what scene I'm talking about. And maybe it's cuz I'm a girl, but *I* remember the rubber fake faces on the side of a hill on Mars gasping for air. However...every man I've told this story to remembers the one scene I forgot all about: the three-boobed mutant. When it popped up, I yelled "Don't look!" and he turned away. But...at the end of the movie...he looked at me and asked, "Do all the mutants have three boobs?"

So...if a suggestion has a lot of sex, howzabout a heads up. Maybe he can watch it on his own. Later. Without his auntie sitting on the couch next to him. Trust me, I went to see Bram Stoker's Dracula with my dad while in college. Talk about uncomfortable.

However, language and violence are not issues and the boy *particularly* loves cool weapons/technology and robots. So...without further ado...here is The List.

Alien 1-4
Predator 1-2
AVP 1-2

Terminator 1-4

Pitch Black
The Chronicles of Riddick

Star Trek VI: The Undiscovered Country (Personal favorite)
Star Trek: Insurrection
Star Trek: Nemesis
Star Trek (JJ Abrams reboot)

Lord of the Rings trilogy

Resident Evil 1-2

Jurassic Park 1-3

Back to the Future 1-3

The Matrix
Hitchhiker's Guide
Total Recall
Starship Troopers
Independence Day
War of the Worlds (Tom Cruise version)

Fifth Element
The Thing
Escape from NY
Road Warrior (waiting---rape scene)
Three Days of the Condor
Blade Runner
Running Man
12 Monkeys
Minority Report
Logan's Run
Planet of the Apes
The Descent
Forbidden Planet

Any favorites that I missed in this list? Don't bother with Star Wars...that's a given. And...we've only *just* started with zombies. Personally, zombies scare the crap out of *me* so we watched one Resident Evil movie on FX with the gorier stuff removed. Even so...zombies are scary. So that explains the lack of zombie movies.


The ayes have it...

Blog it is. Anyone have any input as to whether drupal or joombla or something else is best? I'm just now researching it. Also, what features would you absolutely want to see in a group blog?

Music Monday: Instrumentals

Here's four videos to start off your week. All instrumental and all will take your mind on a journey. I hope you find at least one that you enjoy.

Clogs - Tides of Washington Bridge

Mount Kimbie - At Least (Instra:mental Remix) - HFRMX006

Caribou - Bowls

William Basinski - Melancholia - #2



Burgers cooking
Fabric softener wafting
Clark Park
Pizza cooking
Fresh mulch baking in the sun
Wet basement drying
Hessel Park
Music playing
People cooking
Kids swinging
Dogs barking
Fermented apples reeking
Fabric softener returning
Cicadas singing
Harris Park
West Side Park
Secret shortcut home


This is why you're single: Humpday!

Summer fun - 40 (Champaign)

I’m a normal mid western guy looking for someone to hangout and have fun with. Go watch a movie, listen to a band, lunches, trips to Indy, maybe someday a weekend getaway and any other things we want to do. ;-) Go do things we’ve always wanted to do. I like to make things happen.

A little about me. I’m white, early 40s, decent looking, in great shape, love music, easygoing, professional job, and open minded to whatever. Btw yes, I am married with kids and not wanting to change that.

What I’m looking for. A lady in her 30s or early 40s that is flirty, fun and sensual. I’m not looking for a super model but at least someone who is in good shape. I am active. Someone who can get away to be with me. For drinks after work or to go out at night. If you’re married or single that’s fine. I’m not wanting to be a sugar Daddy but I do want to spoil you. ,Someone with the mindset to have amazing sex. The kind you say “WOW” afterwards.

I want honest, upfront conversations about life, the world and sex. Oh, the amazing sex!
This is not all about sex. It’s about a friendship of flirting, fun and being alive.

I’m an open book so if I’ve intrigued you. Ask and I will tell all.

I'm already saying WOW and it's because you are a douchebag. Speaking of....

yooo you wanna kick it? =] - 19

yooooo wutupp mahhh ninjahhhhhhhss, so heres the dwn low, im just lookin for someone to hangout with ya knw n just to have fun with, not really lookin for sex or anything of the matter, im a pretty chilled guy dont really get bothered much, dont really want drama or any of that shit cuz i could use that time to have fun with my life but instead stuck there arguing over some stupid shit thats finna get ppl hurt n i dont really wanna deal with it. i speak my mind if something bothers me ill let ya knw n we could work it out im a patience person i would be willing to work things out for the girl i love. i would love nothing more then to make her happy. so bout me, im currently a student at parkland , im 19 im 5'9 slim kina active ya knw been going to the gym to keep in shape n stay healthy um im a friendly guy once u get to knw me. i like meeting new ppl n make new friends, if shit doesnt work out we could always be friends i wouldnt mind, um im funny i like to make ppl laugh when shit gets kinda awkward lol. im outgoing down for anything that catches my interest. my interests are music any kind really cept for country or that opera shit lol if its good ill check it out, kickin it with mahhhh homiesss from time to time, im more of an outside kinda person, dont really like to sit a home doing nothing ya knwww? but if u wanna kick it at home n watch a movie or something then im down it should be SWEEETTTT!!! =] but most importantly i dont discriminate against other ppl, i see every race as equal, if ur fun n cute then ur fun n cute to me that all that matters u really dont need to prove anything to me, im just a normal human being like urself n i believe that u should be treated the way u wanna be treated. but cheaaaaa hit me up if ur interested ive been knwn to be cute ;] feel free to ask anything n ill hit ya up in a hot sec. i would give u an honest n straight forward answer. Cheaaa hope to hear from u soon n thnx for reading beautifullllllllll =] n oh plz send a pic with ur reply so i knw who im talkn to n ill give u mine thnks agian

Stay in skooooooooooool there ninja! And the answer to your headline is no. I can't even read that block of text you crapped out. Try hitting enter a couple times every so often. Eh, fuck it. I probably wouldn't read it then either.

And finally, we close out with one that will make you go "awww...."

help me get revenge on my ex - 20 (champaign)

hi boys. i'm a normal cute 20yo who just got cheated on by the biggest doche on the planet. i really just want to release some tension and have some fun. i live in champaign and go to parkland and i'm normal and not a slut but i def want to try this out and see if it works. not looking for a date and def not looking for older guys. say hi and we can trade pictures and maybe meet somewhere public first just to be safe. put jim is a bastard in the subject so i know you're real, lol

First off, awwww.... And second, you should be hooking up with his best friend. Not strangers. How will your ex find out otherwise?


Heads up!

Just an FYI: I'm updating and renovating the site. I'll continue with full feeds so those who don't actually visit the site won't see much of a difference but I may continue to change things over the next couple of weeks as I update the blogroll, tweak the layout, and add more widgets.

I've already re-added the Twitter updates and Google Reader items in the sidebar. If you use Twitter or Google Reader, you can follow me here or there for both. I use both a lot. However, I've dropped Last.fm. It interferes with Illustrator so that makes it impossible to run while working which is when I listen to a ton of music/podcasts/etc.

Let me know if you see anything wonky. You should still be able to comment without logging in. Let me know if that craps out on anyone. Moongrrl had a problem with it recently.

My goal is to have everything updated and running smoothly before my five-year blogiversary. Can you believe it's been five years since I started this blog? I think my initial description of "a meandering mix of serious and not" has held up well over the years.

Tragic BP Photoshop Disaster

Go...read this article at AmericaBlog about how BP has *horrendously* botched a photo of their crisis command center on their website. They basically took a photo from 2001 that had blank screens and sloppily tried to put in current images. Only...who ever did it cut out the images with a pair of rusty garden shears. And then didn't blur, smudge, and clone as any good photoshopper should do.

If you like Photoshop disasters that are funnier than this one, check out PhotoshopDisaster blog for regular doses of poor graphic judgment. I swear, sometimes these images by committee must be made by blind folks.


A quick poll: Blog or Forum?

What do you prefer to visit? A very active:

blog where you can post your own articles for comment by all


internet forum with many different discussion forums (music, politics, current events, etc.)

This is sorta related to my post about Illinipundit/ChampaignPundit, but it's also out of curiosity. I'm a forum person myself but I know others who prefer blogs. I can't seem to make a poll with the Blogger tools, so just chime in with a comment.

Music Monday: See Line Woman

Found this version from Don-Ray's Midnight Maraudaz podcast. And even though I know folks who *hate* the term nu-jazz, that is how I found this podcast: searching for nu-jazz podcasts. Don-Ray's is one of the only ones I still avidly listen to---Soul Sanctuary is the other.

Here's Nina Simone's version.


I sense a disturbance in the force.

So...I've removed IlliniPundit (now ChampaignPundit) from my blog roll. First, a little background. IlliniPundit was a local, conservative, Daily Kos-style group blog initially run by an anonymous owner, IlliniPundit. After a while, IlliniPundit outed himself because he began to work on Republican political campaigns and wanted to make full and complete disclosure. Recently, Gordy was appointed to the Champaign City Council and he took down IlliniPundit. After a time, he apparently sold or gave it to unknown individual(s).

I used to post there and I used to read a lot of the posts there even if I rarely commented. For a while, I posted anonymously and signed my posts "-gamera" because I was locked out. The former owner/administrator (and now city council member) Gordy Hulten saw that I was locked out and fixed the problem for me.

Now...it is unknown at this time who runs ChampaignPundit (as it is now known) and the problems with spam are not just a CP problem. Spam can get through captcha and any other security so keeping out spammers requires some work. In the past few weeks, no person or group stepped forward to state who to contact when problems occur. It is also unknown who can help with login issues or who can delete spam posts.

This is simply a lack of leadership. There was a whiny post about "Gordy kept his identity secret" recently but the *actual* identity of CPs owners isn't the issue. I could care less if the owner used the name Lazlo Toth. (Note to the administrator at CP: the original post stays in the feed reader.) What people wanted was a stated username/admin to contact when there were issues. What we got was attitude.

I also noticed Arvid put up a post to consolidate all the whining and it disappeared. I finally met Arvid at a party last weekend. He said he never deleted that post. Later, another more generic post that contained basically the same thing as Arvid's showed up but it had a reference to Laszlo Toth as a pseudonym for the new admin...and then it was modified to remove the Laszlo Toth reference...and then a bunch of comments from the new post were deleted.

The final straw for me was when no one had stepped forward to take responsibility for the site publicly and spam posts were all over the board, yet the admin was busy removing anonymous posting privileges rather than removing the spam. Way to prioritize. So...since I have no idea who is even at the helm at that site nor do I know what the stated purpose of the site is anymore, I'm just going to stay away and part of that is removing it from my blogroll.

Of course, you all are free to frequent whatever websites you'd like, but just know that at the current incarnation of ChampaignPundit.com, your comments can be deleted without warning, your blog entries can be deleted without warning, and you have no idea who to contact if you are attacked or if you need tech support with login. Did I mention someone posted a generic Yahoo! email address to contact for support? It was promptly removed either because (a) the admin didn't want it out there in the open or (b) it was a fake. Hard to know since there's *no one to ask.* And don't get me started on the rampant homophobia all over the CP. It's disgusting.

At the very least, who ever is running the show is technologically incompetent. And that's the kindest thing I can say. To me, it's kinda pathetic. The latest "big story" on CP is some business-muckity-muck bemoaning a bill that would prevent *potential* employers from obtaining your credit report. Why someone I don't even work for yet should have access to my personal information is beyond me anyway, but hey, my private information is apparently something I should be selling in a job interview. You know, rather than previous work history, competence, skill, education, etc. or other facts that would be pertinent to the job.


This is why you're single: Looking for love locally

So...today we have a bunch of catching up to do with our series This Is Why You're Single. Our doggedly determined correspondent, moongrrl, was on vacay for a while but upon her return to the grind, she discovered these gems from the local Craigslist. First off, we have a gentleman looking to feed his critters. Wink wink nudge nudge.
assistance? - 47 (Champ County)

I live in a farmhouse w outbldgs, peaceful setting, have cats and dogs, dish tv, ac, etc.
Kind of laid up--broken leg, etc.
Difficult feeding critters by myself.
Also, I get kinda bored and could use a little company.
Wife will be gone end of week, unable to assist.
Would someone want to come hang out, maybe help feed critters, etc.?
Maybe develop a friendship, maybe more later...
Kind of an odd post, but thought I'd throw it out there.
If somebody responds, it will be better than hobbling around trying to get things done--lol.
BTW--if it matters, I'm easy on the eyes, and not overweight
Want 2 B my skinlamp?

Well Ladies i am fresh market after 9 long years!!!! - 30 (Rantoul Il)

Well ok ladies my name is Mike. I am thirty yrs old and i just got out of a 9 yr relationship and i have no idea where to begin. i am looking for someone to show me that there is still happyiness out there. Well i guess other than that if you have question just ask. sorry about the pic yes it is my x and we are not together anymore. i have lost wieght since then but it is the only pic i currently have.

Hi Mike! You should meet the crop tool. Also, I note you didn't say *divorced* so...where are your wife and kids? Hmmm....

Sexy interracial couple at church (church in champaign)

I shook your hands at church this morning, but don't recall seeing you before. You appeared to be a couple and are a nice looking black man and a white BBW. If there's any possibility you two are open to a threesome, write back. We can exchange more information to find out if we are the ones who met. I'm a fit attractive white guy who is great at massage and straight but orally bi. We could have a lot of fun together if you're up for it.
Uh...scoping threesome material at *church* seems like a huge FAIL but that's probably just me. And wtf is "orally bi"? You give blowjobs but aren't gay? Or...you let guys blow you?

into nudism seeking female - m4w - 41 (central IL)

I enjoy clothes free lifestyle on weekends visiting nudist resorts across Midwest. One thing is missing and that I would like to have a female companion go with me. If you want a perfect all body tan and fun in the sun the come with me to various places in IL, IN, MI, MO, or WI to be a nudist.

I am divorced and not seeking sexual relationships.
OMG SCORE! Also, bringing a female with you to the nudist resorts will probably help cut down on the creeper factor. At least...a little.


This is why you're single: Keep it off Facebook.

The names have been *slightly* changed to protect the innocent. Don't post your personal dating drama on Facebook. Or you deserve to be made fun of for like...ever.

Music Monday: Multiple Mentions

I've been working a lot lately on a big project and since I'm tied to my computer a lot, I've been catching up on podcasts, Soundcloud, Hypem, and other music stuff. The first two tracks are sorta broken beatish, the third is from The Roots newest album, and the last is a haunting, folky song. Hopefully something here will help get you going this Monday....

Ratatat - Bilar

Alex B - Talk It Out

The Roots ft. Joanna Newsom - Right On

Clogs - Last Song


Why are they always full of shit?

From Sunday's N-G:

Brady's company stalled on project near interchange in Champaign

CHAMPAIGN – Even before the Curtis Road interchange opened in May 2008, city planners were working with a developer to build a residential subdivision west of the interstate.

read more

I don't know what's more aggravating. The fact that yet again a developer doesn't want to pay for the services needed to build a neighborhood or that someone is looking for state money to build this shit for them. Reminds me of Garden Hills where this are no sidewalks or streetlights. Or how sidewalks begin and end at random because previous developers were allowed to develop without putting them in.

Why are we supposed to keep paying for developers to make a profit? Why is someone who is running for governor of this broke-ass state balking at providing the necessary infrastructure in his private business? Is this how he is going to run the state as governor? Cutting corners and expecting use to pay for his personal gain? Not that Quinn is much better. I'd like to kick his dumb ass up and down the street for giving his staff raises while other state workers who have taken on extra responsibility don't get squat except furloughs, benefit cuts, and hiring freezes.



A little blog love

I want you *all* to head over to D-Mom Blog where my friend, Leighann, blogs about diabetes and congratulate her for making HuffPost today.

Music, music, and music

Check out this animation combining font and folk. There are other videos on that same site, but I like that one best.

Speaking of music, there are two events I wanna show some love. First, there is dub/reggae/roots/ska night that debuts at Boltini tonight:

and the on-going Thursday Is the New Friday techno goodness at the Zombie Mall:


Say goodbye to life as we knew it

I know, I know...I'm a Debbie Downer. I saw this video on io9 today. It's a animation of projected oil spread over 360 days. See more details in the video description.

In addition, seafood consumption is over. Crab larvae are already contaminated which means it's already in the food chain. Just wait til the entire eastern coast is soaking in crude oil.

"I think we will see this enter the food chain in a lot of ways — for plankton feeders, like menhaden, they are going to just actively take it in," said Harriet Perry, director of the Center for Fisheries Research and Development at the Gulf Coast Research Laboratory. "Fish are going to feed on (crab larvae). We have also just started seeing it on the fins of small, larval fish — their fins were encased in oil. That limits their mobility, so that makes them easy prey for other species. The oil's going to get into the food chain in a lot of ways."

Perry said researchers have not yet linked the hydrocarbons found in the crab larvae to the BP disaster, but she has little doubt it's the source. She said she has never seen such contamination in her 42 years of studying blue crab.

Hope you all enjoyed having fish as a source of reliable protein. Sure glad BP fixed that.

There was *one* possible bright spot: there could be a way to stem this spread. From the YouTube animation link above:

The animations furthermore suggest that the narrow, deep Straits of Florida force the Florida Current into a narrow channel, creating a tight bottleneck for the spreading of oil into the Atlantic. After one year, about 20% of the particles initially released at the Deepwater Horizon location had been transported through the Straits of Florida into the open Atlantic according to an averaging over the 5 different years of typical ocean surface current data. The animations suggest that a filtering system in the narrowest spot of the Florida Current could mitigate the spreading of the oil film into the North Atlantic.

Good news?


Music Monday: Ani DiFranco - Hearse

Caught a UStream of an Ani Difranco concert last week and this song jumped out at me. I heart Ani anyway and she could sing Row, Row, Row Your Boat and I'd probably be in awe, but this one just kinda felt bare to me. Especially this part....
I will always be your lover
even after our atoms are dispersed
we'll be pushing up daisies
and my crush will just be getting worse
And I will follow you into the next life
like a dog chasing after a hearse

You can view the entire concert here at UStream sponsored by CreativeAllies.com and recorded on June 24, 2010.

New Gamera Gabs Feature: This is why you're single

I've been threatening to start another blog entitled "This is why you're single" in which I shall share crazy personal ads. However, since I haven't even bothered to update this blog, we'll just roll it into this blog.

Now..."This is why you're single" can be taken two ways. One: these posts are examples of why someone might be single---they share too much, ask for bizarre things (trust me, you'll see), or they are just too out there. Two: these posts are examples of the options for single people to date, hence an excuse to remain single. I'm sure there are more ways to interpret "This is why you are single" but I just wanted to point out that we aren't simply making fun of people on Craigslist. Though...that is a huge part of it. Thank heaven for the internet.

I can't claim credit for finding all these gems. I have a crack team (read: twisted friends) who will be helping me scour the Craiglist to find you only the *best* in personal ads. Now...for this first one. This one isn't that shocking it's just funny and comes to us from our very own local Craigslist Casual Encounters section. I have to give moongrrl credit for this find. She finds some real treasures for sure.
2 hornie bitches - ww4m - 29

wse are kind a drunk an VERY hory!!!



we wanna dance have fun than FUCKK YA!!!

if you are HOT AND FUN and likes to enjoy the night give us ya number!!!

we are waitihg

we will leave tha house in 1 hour if you contac us before that we mingh hang out!


Timestamp: 7:34PM CDT last Wednesday night

Just a tiny morsel to whet your appetite. Not sure how regular this feature will be since it depends on popularity here but also on available material. Your submissions are always welcome. :)


I've known for a while that we were heading in this direction...

...and in case you haven't heard, I quit smoking 8 months ago after having sinus surgery.

Should Parents Be Fined for Smoking with a Kid in the Car

Now, part of me doesn't see how this could be enforced very well. I also see this as yet another instance of criminalizing addiction rather than treating the real issue.

However...I never smoked with the kids in the car. Never. And I am, I mean, was a damn chain smoker. I've even parked to get out of the car and smoke a cigarette on a long car trip. So...that's my personal beliefs. But I don't believe my personal opinions should be codified into law.

How about you? Where do you fall on this issue? Should smoking in a hot box with children be something that law enforcement should be delving into?