"Electronic Dickery"

You can expect to hear this phrase a lot more in my vocabulary in the future.

Why? (Other than the fact that I tend to latch onto phrases that make me laugh on the inside. And sometimes *outside.*)

Check out this "preview" of the Pygmalion Music Festival that starts tonight and runs until Saturday night. The "preview" in Smile Politely is written by Mark Sieckman. And, yes, I'm going to keep using quotations because the article deserves it. You might not know it from this "preview," but Skream is headlining a DUBSTEP! show at Highdive tomorrow night. And you may not know who Skream is and that wouldn't be too surprising.

Mr. Sieckman, however, is in another position because, you know, he was supposed to be writing a "preview" of the shows playing Pygmalion this weekend. And you really should get out and see something regardless of what kinda music you like because there's something for everyone. Cameron McGill is playing and Mordechai in the Mirror and....

Anyway...here's just a few highlights from Sieckman's "preview":
The Bad: Not only is The Highdive a little off the beaten path for Thursday's action, but moreover, the abundance of DJs doesn't help its appeal. Kudos to DJ Belly and DJ Mertz, but they're both area locals so this won't be the last time to check them out if you miss them.


The Bad: Enough already! Canopy Club is begins their evening with the Physical Challenge DJs and concludes with RJD2. Aside from what should provide an interesting artistic interlude from Portland's YACHT, Canopy Club has packed the bill with synthetic electronic dickery. Keep your eyes out for YACHT, though. You have to respect any band that promotes its artistic philosophy over its musical ability while listing Yoko Ono as a primary influence.
Notice how he doesn't even *mention* the fucking HEADLINER?

Now, I'm not much of a country music fan. But you can bet that I could write an article about a country music act and/or show without wiping my ass on it prior to hitting "Publish." At the very least, I'd know who was headlining the show.

There are so many reasons why that article sucks. It's factually inaccurate, it's misleading, it's a piss-poor review, etc. There are over 100 acts playing this festival---the article covers only a little over thirty. It's not like we're saving paper or anything here.

But there are also many reasons a person who likes electronic music might wanna hear that Skream is in town. And that's kinda the shame.

An internationally-known dubstep producer and originator of the genre is at the Highdive Thursday night---did you learn that from the "preview"?

Tonight, he plays Miami. Friday, it's Chicago. But he'll be *here* before Chicago. It's a major feat that the 217mafia dubstep crew has brought Skream to Champaign. His other tour stops are Vancouver, Montreal, Portland, and LA. But you didn't learn that from the "preview" either.

Some of the staff at Smile Politely have chalked this up to a difference of taste according to their comments to the "preview." A difference of taste doesn't explain poor writing or factual inaccuracies. Oh, and the lack of a preview in the "preview."

Electronic dickery, indeed.


joel said...

Hiya Gamera,

We tried a different tack at a "preview" for the show at Highdive tonight: http://www.smilepolitely.com/music/get_to_know_your_djs/

Sounds like it will be a great show.

It's been a while since we've pissed off fans of a whole genre of music (last time it was ska, I believe; ah, 1997), so that's always fun. /sarcasm

Thanks for the constructive criticism. /no sarcasm

Joel Gillespie
A Smile Politely Editor

Gamera said...

I saw the article and thought it was great.

I really don't care whether anyone else likes what I like. I took issue the factual problems in the article.

Oh, the electronic dickery.;)

But thanks for stopping by and commenting. I actually share quite a few of the article on Smile Politely on my Google Reader. Especially the articles about Tent City and the problems that the homeless are finding when looking for services in C-U.

But, once again, thanks!