Couldn't moblog for a while. Had to reconnect my Storm with my blog. I have no idea why.

Hopefully I can get more posts up that way in the future.

Here's a quick taste of selected tidbits:

Bling Pig Brewery open (in the space where Barfly used to be)---that's gonna be a great beer garden.

The "devil" is on our side---I'm sure some already think that.

Cynthia from The Sandwich Life got a great write-up on Smile Politely about her blog. Give her some love. If anyone needs it, she surely does.

If you miss the Snuggie/Slanket fun from this past winter, no worries. No there is the Wearable Towel.

That's right, one oversized towel with three slits cut in it for ONLY $20. Plus shipping and handling.

A five-year-old gets a "rope of hair" in her innards---the parents either too stupid or too lazy to cut her hair short enough so she can't eat it.

I'm leary of granola right now...I prefer my fiber to be of the *food* variety.

And I'll close with some really good news. Apparently, the CUMTD might reduce bus passes...drastically. Adult passes would drop from $235/yr to somewhere between $50-75/yr. And student passes would drop from $145/yr. to $30/yr. That's some *great* news for people who depend on the bus.


Gnightgirl said...

That rope-hair kid reminds me of the kid my mother babysat years ago, that stuffed blanket lint up his nose while he slept, and it eventually molded.

Also, I think CUMTD is kind of an unfortunate acronym; I never initally think "Champaign Urbana Mass..."

That is all.

the sandwich life said...

hey....I never said thanks for the kind mention....so....thanks...

see you soon....