So...here's the deal....

I think I might move this blog to WordPress and a new domain name.

Has anyone else done this? Was it a nightmare?

I'm looking for input here, so gimme your opinion.


Anonymous said...


Is something so broke on blogger that you feel the need?

Leighann said...

I'm about to do the same thing.

For SEO, I think that Wordpress has a lot more to offer.

For instance, you can title the post one thing (something catchy) and give the url something more SEO-worthy.

Also, it's easier to format links to pop open in a new window instead of taking people away from your site.

I'll let you know if/when I do it.

I do know that you can pull all of your content over. Though having a fresh, clean slate is sometimes good, too.

Lisa said...

I've been contemplating the same thing, but I'm terrified and loathe to spend the time that surely will be involved even in the unlikely event of a smooth transition (ah, me, the eternal optimist).

angiece said...

I started to do that because I wanted to comment on a Wordpress blog and because the format looked cleaner. But after starting the process, I think that blogger is more intuitive and easier to use. So far, some things on Wordpress haven't worked like it says they will.