"Hard-line negotiating stance" code for complete dick move....

From yesterday's N-G:
A hard-line negotiating stance by Champaign Township officials is threatening to shut down the long-planned, $11 million Curtis Road project.

Township officials are withholding approval for improving a three-quarter-mile stretch of Curtis Road between Prospect and Mattis avenues unless they get concessions from the city of Champaign on annexation policy or future city boundary lines.

Champaign, Savoy and Champaign County officials, who are partners in the road project along with the state, call the strategy "inappropriate." And they warn that the project might have to be shut down in four to six weeks if the dispute isn't resolved.
Oh good. We can have this cross-town pipeline closed for even longer.

Dipshits. I hope this backfires on the Champaign Township in a HUGE way.

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Angie said...

1. am haappy you are blogging again. 2. best post titles ever.
3. do you have any patches or gum i can borrow...seriously