Bass and a blast from the past

So...I was listening to some of the Dubstep mixes from the last Dubstep Massacre and one of the mixes has a song that got stuck in my head. I thought I recognized part of it from somewhere else. Here's the dubstep track, Digidesign by Joker.

Did you hear a familiar part? For some reason, the movie Pretty in Pink kept popping into my head, but I think it reminds me of this song:

Also, if you want to hear some local DJs spin dubstep, the next monthly Dubstep Massacre is Friday, April 24 at 11:30pm at Cowboy Monkey. There will be four DJs and the cover will be $2. If you sign up to attend the event on Facebook, you could be one of 20 lucky people who get in for free. The cover is going towards bringing some national or international dubstep DJs to town when they are swinging through the midwest circuit (Chicago, St. Louis, etc.).

And, to close out, here's some of the local DJs dubstep mixes that they have been handing out at each show. You can download them all and hear how each DJ puts their own unique spin on dubstep.

Dubstep Massacre 1 mixes
Dubstep Massacre 2 mixes

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Anonymous said...

Why does this remind me of Half-Baked?