Before I head out....

I'm headed downtown for the Boneyard Arts Festival here shortly. Hitting up Cupcakes on Main, Luna, Bee Mi Gallery Show, and Boltini.

Oh, and I *hope* to catch the UI Black Chorus at 8:30. I'll try to moblog but I'd hate to blind anyone with my flash.

In the meantime...HOLY CRAP!


So...here's the deal....

I think I might move this blog to WordPress and a new domain name.

Has anyone else done this? Was it a nightmare?

I'm looking for input here, so gimme your opinion.

Teabaggery afterthoughts

Drove by the park today. Saw lots of Libertarian signs. And Libertarian shirts.

Oh, and Libertarians.

Now, don't get me wrong, I like some of the ideas Libertarians have. Libertarians generally support individual liberty---pro-choice, assisted suicide, gay marriage---and they usually are anti-war. Not necessarily because they don't agree with the war, but because they don't agree with public funding for anything.

And that's where I split with them. I'm all for cooperating with Libertarians when it suits me---voting reform, drug law reform, pro-choice issues, etc. Call me a Cafeteria Libertarian. And if we had a coalition style government, this might come into play. But we don't.

And, when Libertarians start talking about getting rid of public education and social security and environmental regulations and financial regulations and all that...well, I'm out.

So, as you might imagine, when I read this comment on the N-G's TEA party article, I laughed my tuchus off.
I dig the irony of tax protesters using a public park.
Posted by htucker on April 15, 2009 at 2:41 PM
That comment is all WIN.


Does. Not. Compute.

I *really* hope there's some information missing from this story because the reasoning not only makes me scratch my head, it chaps my ass as well.
A former Danville police officer on Tuesday was exonerated from criminal wrongdoing in a March 2008 incident, which resulted in his dismissal by the city a year later.


"We have felt all along this should never have been filed as a criminal case," Christoff [Piatt's defense attorney] said. He added that the Vermilion County sheriff's department launched an independent investigation of the incident and determined that Piatt had not committed a crime.

Christoff said he believes that filing criminal charges set a bad precedent. "Whoever thought of using the criminal justice system to affect personnel policy in the city police department needs to rethink that," he said. "The police department already has a system of employee discipline in place. This new state's attorney looked at all the evidence, the statements I took from the actual individuals involved, the videotape, and has determined there was no basis for a criminal case."


The charge – a Class A misdemeanor, which is punishable by up to a year in jail and/or a $2,500 fine – was filed on April 8 under previous State's Attorney Frank Young. It alleged that on March 8, 2008, Piatt, while off duty, "without lawful authority" pulled a weapon on Benny Rhodes in a local restaurant, placing the man "in reasonable apprehension of receiving bodily harm." No one was injured.


"I went over and over everything numerous times. ... It was my strong feeling that not all of the elements could be established beyond a reasonable doubt," [State's Attorney Randy Brinegar] said, adding it would not be appropriate to comment on which element or elements weren't met.
So, he's not saying he *shouldn't* prosecute, he's saying he *can't* prosecute. I'm still scratching my head at the idea that pulling a gun on someone isn't a crime. I'm gonna assume there is more to this than the article contains.

Cuz it smells rotten to me.

I read this as if I pull out a gun at a restaurant and point it at...oh...let's say...you, then it's not a crime. How does that work? And why in the hell would someone think that just because you get into hot water at work, it negates criminal charges? If I steal shit at work and get fired, I can't be criminally charged with theft? Hardly.



"Hard-line negotiating stance" code for complete dick move....

From yesterday's N-G:
A hard-line negotiating stance by Champaign Township officials is threatening to shut down the long-planned, $11 million Curtis Road project.

Township officials are withholding approval for improving a three-quarter-mile stretch of Curtis Road between Prospect and Mattis avenues unless they get concessions from the city of Champaign on annexation policy or future city boundary lines.

Champaign, Savoy and Champaign County officials, who are partners in the road project along with the state, call the strategy "inappropriate." And they warn that the project might have to be shut down in four to six weeks if the dispute isn't resolved.
Oh good. We can have this cross-town pipeline closed for even longer.

Dipshits. I hope this backfires on the Champaign Township in a HUGE way.


Wonder if they'll travel to their tea parties on Cleveland steamers....

Audio is NSFW.

I can't express the joy I find in listening to conservatives talk about their teabags and teabagging in general.

Endless hours of amusement. Even Rachel thinks it's funny as hell.

See? Hell, I might even turn on Rush this week so I can hear him talk about teabagging.

You know, on second thought....


Bass and a blast from the past

So...I was listening to some of the Dubstep mixes from the last Dubstep Massacre and one of the mixes has a song that got stuck in my head. I thought I recognized part of it from somewhere else. Here's the dubstep track, Digidesign by Joker.

Did you hear a familiar part? For some reason, the movie Pretty in Pink kept popping into my head, but I think it reminds me of this song:

Also, if you want to hear some local DJs spin dubstep, the next monthly Dubstep Massacre is Friday, April 24 at 11:30pm at Cowboy Monkey. There will be four DJs and the cover will be $2. If you sign up to attend the event on Facebook, you could be one of 20 lucky people who get in for free. The cover is going towards bringing some national or international dubstep DJs to town when they are swinging through the midwest circuit (Chicago, St. Louis, etc.).

And, to close out, here's some of the local DJs dubstep mixes that they have been handing out at each show. You can download them all and hear how each DJ puts their own unique spin on dubstep.

Dubstep Massacre 1 mixes
Dubstep Massacre 2 mixes


What a difference a year can make

From Seeds of Doubt (the direct link at SoD is messed up---sorry!). I don't think the difference could be starker. I think the G20 has shown that, at least symbolically, international relations are much better, thank you.

Course not everything is sunshine and rainbows. Here's some really great photos from another side of the G20 summit---the protests that took place in London at that same time. The photos come from a joint project between Boston.com and Getty Images.