Tasty Tidbits 17: Cavalcade of Links

Joss Whedon has a new show on Friday nights called Dollhouse. Check it out. I'm a *HUGE* Joss Whedon fan.

Facebook has retracted their newest Terms of Service. My guess is they'll re-write it to better reflect what they are trying to do. I'm pretty happy about that. I pulled all my blog posts off of there. It's for the best anyway. From now on, if I want to share a blog post with people on Facebook, I'll share a link rather than have Facebook import the feed from my blog.

This just in from Captain Obvious: Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. At least when it comes to knowing what he's talking about. Can't search PDFs...okay. Maybe you can't when you're high as hell on hillbilly heroin, but I can search PDFs just fine, thank you.

In other Captain Obvious news, Champaign City Council gets the memo that the parking rate scheme in downtown Champaign isn't well thought out. I heard my class instructor say during class last night that she got a ticket while eating dinner with her husband at Ko-Fusion. She said they waited for their table, ate, and by they time they left, they already had a ticket. And then she pointed out she could eat plenty of other places and not pay for parking at all.

Global warming is so *totally* not happening...lalalalala....

I've started reading a couple new blogs:

Dear Old Love makes me laugh. A lot.

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

Speaking of...AllFacebook has lots of tips and news about Facebook---privacy setting suggestions, TOS information, application and ad reviews, and more.

And finally, there's a set of five sites that cover similar stories but package them different ways. apartment therapy (room and small space design), ohdeedoh (child-focused design), the kitchn (all things food and kitchen), Unplggd (tagline: smarter homes. fewer wires.), and re-nest (green home design). I subscribe to all five and there are dupes: a green kitchen story might show up on the kitchn and re-nest, but I'll say I've found a lot of cool stuff on all the sites. How to extend a wireless network with repeaters, DIY dryer sheets, Two-Ingredient Biscuit recipe, and How To: Eliminate Cooking Smells From A Studio Apartment.

Also, Smile Politely changed their feed. If you subscribe through Google Reader or Bloglines, you'll need to go directly to the Smile Politely site to re-subscribe to the feed.

To close it out, YouTubage. Catcora introduced me to The Streets yesterday. She's been telling me how awesome they are for quite some time. I should have listened. Bought A Grand Don't Come For Free today on iTunes. Only been through it twice but I really like it. Here's my favorite song so far, Blinded by the Lights. Oh, and *totally* not work-safe....

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