Planet Bush Bureau Chief Lawton Smalls rides again....

Back when Air America Radio started---almost five years ago---they had a great show entitled Morning Sedition. And Morning Sedition was Marc Maron, Mark Riley, and a cast of characters played by Kent Jones and Jim Earl to name just a few.

Marc Maron and Sam Seder are now on a weekday streaming show called Break Room Live and they stream from the break room at AAR everyday at 2pm. People drop through the kitchen behind them and sometimes they have guests or skits like Remedial Theater. They hang up silly pictures in the background. They have a chat window next to the stream and they get on AIM for the post-show chat (really, just second part of the show) where they read funny comments from listeners. It's a progressive radio geek's paradise...complete with inside jokes.

And Lawton Smalls is the biggest inside joke of all. Lawton Smalls was a right-wing character on Morning Sedition. He's done by Kent Jones who you may have seen on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show or heard on Unfiltered---another original AAR show with Chuck D and Lizz Winstead...which was also the first show to be axed by the network. Huge fan uproar about the cancellations of both Unfiltered and Morning Sedition.

Today, I share this tidbit from today's Break Room Live show. Great example of the return to funny+politics...only better cuz now there's pics, too.


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