Tasty Tidbits 17: Cavalcade of Links

Joss Whedon has a new show on Friday nights called Dollhouse. Check it out. I'm a *HUGE* Joss Whedon fan.

Facebook has retracted their newest Terms of Service. My guess is they'll re-write it to better reflect what they are trying to do. I'm pretty happy about that. I pulled all my blog posts off of there. It's for the best anyway. From now on, if I want to share a blog post with people on Facebook, I'll share a link rather than have Facebook import the feed from my blog.

This just in from Captain Obvious: Rush Limbaugh is an idiot. At least when it comes to knowing what he's talking about. Can't search PDFs...okay. Maybe you can't when you're high as hell on hillbilly heroin, but I can search PDFs just fine, thank you.

In other Captain Obvious news, Champaign City Council gets the memo that the parking rate scheme in downtown Champaign isn't well thought out. I heard my class instructor say during class last night that she got a ticket while eating dinner with her husband at Ko-Fusion. She said they waited for their table, ate, and by they time they left, they already had a ticket. And then she pointed out she could eat plenty of other places and not pay for parking at all.

Global warming is so *totally* not happening...lalalalala....

I've started reading a couple new blogs:

Dear Old Love makes me laugh. A lot.

Oh Crap. My Parents Joined Facebook. I think that's pretty self-explanatory.

Speaking of...AllFacebook has lots of tips and news about Facebook---privacy setting suggestions, TOS information, application and ad reviews, and more.

And finally, there's a set of five sites that cover similar stories but package them different ways. apartment therapy (room and small space design), ohdeedoh (child-focused design), the kitchn (all things food and kitchen), Unplggd (tagline: smarter homes. fewer wires.), and re-nest (green home design). I subscribe to all five and there are dupes: a green kitchen story might show up on the kitchn and re-nest, but I'll say I've found a lot of cool stuff on all the sites. How to extend a wireless network with repeaters, DIY dryer sheets, Two-Ingredient Biscuit recipe, and How To: Eliminate Cooking Smells From A Studio Apartment.

Also, Smile Politely changed their feed. If you subscribe through Google Reader or Bloglines, you'll need to go directly to the Smile Politely site to re-subscribe to the feed.

To close it out, YouTubage. Catcora introduced me to The Streets yesterday. She's been telling me how awesome they are for quite some time. I should have listened. Bought A Grand Don't Come For Free today on iTunes. Only been through it twice but I really like it. Here's my favorite song so far, Blinded by the Lights. Oh, and *totally* not work-safe....


Planet Bush Bureau Chief Lawton Smalls rides again....

Back when Air America Radio started---almost five years ago---they had a great show entitled Morning Sedition. And Morning Sedition was Marc Maron, Mark Riley, and a cast of characters played by Kent Jones and Jim Earl to name just a few.

Marc Maron and Sam Seder are now on a weekday streaming show called Break Room Live and they stream from the break room at AAR everyday at 2pm. People drop through the kitchen behind them and sometimes they have guests or skits like Remedial Theater. They hang up silly pictures in the background. They have a chat window next to the stream and they get on AIM for the post-show chat (really, just second part of the show) where they read funny comments from listeners. It's a progressive radio geek's paradise...complete with inside jokes.

And Lawton Smalls is the biggest inside joke of all. Lawton Smalls was a right-wing character on Morning Sedition. He's done by Kent Jones who you may have seen on Rachel Maddow's MSNBC show or heard on Unfiltered---another original AAR show with Chuck D and Lizz Winstead...which was also the first show to be axed by the network. Huge fan uproar about the cancellations of both Unfiltered and Morning Sedition.

Today, I share this tidbit from today's Break Room Live show. Great example of the return to funny+politics...only better cuz now there's pics, too.



Better not visit The Onion for a while....

At least not until the morons aren't running Gitmo and the rest.
A British ‘resident’ held at Guantanamo Bay was identified as a terrorist after confessing he had visited a ‘joke’ website on how to build a nuclear weapon, it was revealed last night.

Binyam Mohamed, a former UK asylum seeker, admitted to having read the ‘instructions’ after allegedly being beaten, hung up by his wrists for a week and having a gun held to his head in a Pakistani jail.

It was this confession that apparently convinced the CIA that they were holding a top
Al Qaeda terrorist.

But The Mail on Sunday can reveal that the offending article – called How To Build An H-Bomb – was first published in a US satirical magazine and later placed on a series of websites.

Written by Barbara Ehrenreich, the publication’s food editor, Rolling Stone journalist Peter Biskind and scientist Michio Kaku, it claims that a nuclear weapon can be made ‘using a bicycle pump’ and with liquid uranium ‘poured into a bucket and swung round’.

Despite its clear satirical bent, the story led the CIA to accuse 30-year-old Mohamed, a caretaker, of plotting a dirty bomb attack, before subjecting him to its ‘extraordinary rendition programme’.
It just goes downhill from there. I linked to a story about this very man in my video fluff post in which Think Progress details all the brutal shit done to him. But it still chaps my ass so I decided to do a whole post about it.

Who is interrogating these "terrorists"? Cuz *they* should be IN Gitmo...not working there. I guess we know why all these people want *amnesty* for this stuff. Cuz they know they are monsters....


Destraction: Relive the 70s and 80s via Travolta

Cuz I just watched Saturday Night Fever.

Here's fine-as-hell ripped-up John Travolta---dancing too close to the fire. :)

Staying Alive final dance part 1

Amazing difference a decade can make, huh?

Yah, it's s fluff post, but sometimes I just can't bring myself to think about the real news.

Today is one of those days.

Everybody loves a visual aid---but probably not this one

Found via Boing Boing in their aptly titled post "Scary-ass job-loss chart comparing previous and current recession." It's a chart from Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi's blog.

Scary. *Very* scary.

I saw another article that had an economist making the case for "actual unemployment" being at 13.9%. The economist went on to say that meant inflation wasn't much of a concern. So, we got that going for us.


I'm *still* not sure how a tax cut on $0 earnings is much of a help to all these folks without a job....


What utter bullsh*t....

The NYT has an absurd article regarding the proposed limits on executive compensation. I think these folks are in for a rude awakening. They have absolutely no concept of what is a luxury and what is a necessity.

And frankly, it wouldn't be an issue if they weren't being paid with *taxpayer money.* But that's the rub---these folks are paid their salaries with *our* money because these very institutions were going to fail. This article, though, is an even bigger FAIL if the attempt was to gain sympathy.
PRIVATE school: $32,000 a year per student.

Mortgage: $96,000 a year.

Co-op maintenance fee: $96,000 a year.

Nanny: $45,000 a year.

We are already at $269,000, and we haven’t even gotten to taxes yet.


Sure, the solution may seem simple: move to Brooklyn or Hoboken, put the children in public schools and buy a MetroCard. But more than a few of the New York-based financial executives who would have their pay limited are men (and they are almost invariably men) whose identities are entwined with living a certain way in a certain neighborhood west of Third Avenue: a life of private schools, summer houses and charity galas that only a seven-figure income can stretch to cover.


Barbara Corcoran, a real estate executive, said that most well-to-do families take at least two vacations a year, a winter trip to the sun and a spring trip to the ski slopes.

Total minimum cost: $16,000.


Many top executives have cars and drivers. A chauffeur’s pay is between $75,000 and $125,000 a year, the higher end for former police officers who can double as bodyguards, said a limousine driver who spoke anonymously because he does not want to alienate his society customers.

“Some of them want their drivers to have guns,” the driver said. “You get a cop and you have a driver.” To garage that car is about $700 a month.

A personal trainer at $80 an hour three times a week comes to about $12,000 a year.

The work in the gym pays off when one must don a formal gown for a charity gala. “Going to those parties,” said David Patrick Columbia, who is the editor of the New York Social Diary (newyorksocialdiary.com), “a woman can spend $10,000 or $15,000 on a dress. If she goes to three or four of those a year, she’s not going to wear the same dress.”

Total cost for three gowns: about $35,000

Not every bank executive has school-age children, but for those who do, offspring can be expensive. In addition to paying tuition, “You’re not going to get through private school without tutoring a kid,” said Sandy Bass, the editor of Private School Insider, a newsletter that covers private schools in the New York City area. One hour of tutoring once a week is $125. “That’s the low end,” she said. “The higher end is 150, 175.” SAT tutors are about $250 an hour. Total cost for 30 weeks of regular tutoring: $3,750.
Someone needs to explain to these folks whose "identit[ies are] entwined with living a certain way" that when you are on the government payroll, luxuries are not the taxpayer's concern.

If these folks don't take government funds, then they can run their business however they want. But once you are using government money, this kind of bullshit---declaring two vacations totaling $15,000/year or $35,000/year for ball gowns are necessities---isn't going to fly. I don't know *anyone* who would try and sell spending this kind of money as a necessity.

We all know people struggling to secure health insurance when they lose their jobs or people who are cutting back on real necessities like medicines or food. Or people who aren't losing their jobs but are being put on forced furloughs.

And this article is trying to argue they can't make it on $500,000/yr of taxpayer money because of nanny, vacation, chauffeurs expenses?



Six more weeks of this sh*t?

Third time's a charm---I've started this as a longer post twice before. Finally getting it out there.

Yppah - It’s Not The Same

I think I'm sun-deprived.

Something needs to change. Either gimme some sun or warm the hell up because I've nearly had it with this winter. I mean *really* had it.


Will it count if I write-in his sock puppet's name?

Looks like prairiebiker is running for city council in April.

In addition, his blog is now only available to invited readers.

Probably a good idea....