Where I picked up my newest batch o' earworms

Spinnerty has about a zillion mixes available for download on his MySpace page. I've been digging on That New Boom Bap and Sans Fluorescent lately. Making Babies is a great as well.

I especially love the jazz cover of Frontin' on San Fluorescent by Jamie Cullum. Here's the YouTubage.

Which, for some reason, reminds me: what ever happened to Trombone Joke Tuesdays?


Every one loves a Slinky!

Someone posted the most *bizarrely random* listing for "come pick up this free stuff" on the Chambana LJ today.
1. Miniature/table top remote controlled car

2. One set of computer speakers

3. Decorative dagger in sheath. Could also be used as a letter opener

4. Pablo Picasso calendar. Great way to get some free art!

5. Star Wars: A New Hope Original Motion Picture Soundtrack CD

6. Buffy the Vampire Slayer "Once More with Feeling" soundtrack CD. Never opened!

7. Sony Clie PDA. Circa 2000. Worked last time we used it. Comes with various cords, memory card and case.

8. Slinky! Every one loves a Slinky!

9. Books: General Chemistry text, The Complete Origami Course, Starting a Home Business, Virtual Reality, Whitewings paper airplane book, French text book, Graphing Calculator Manual, Pre-Calculus text book

10. Beige Powermac G3 minitower with everything but hard drive! Includes keyboard, mouse and 19" CRT monitor!

11. Original Movie Script of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi

12. Remote control kit for your computer (ATI Remote Wonder II)

13. Two-piece pool cue w/case

14. Computer case w/CD burner but nothing else

(May be edited to add things as they appear from the depths of our closets. Watch this space for further developments.)
Unless you read this before 1pm on Saturday, you are out of luck because I will already own the decorative dagger in sheath.


He's at it again....

There's a thread over at IP that has he-who-shall-not-be-named (because he probably googles himself hourly and then he'd show up here) making an appearance in a discussion of gay marriage.

Spoiler alert: He's *against* it....


Tasty Tidbits 14: Blog Treats

I've been reading some different blogs so I thought I'd share them with you. I'm going to be getting a Blackberry soon (the Curve just came to Verizon and that's the one I want) and that should help me be more active here and elsewhere. But still...getting this phone will be a treat, for sure.

I'm currently addicted to Facebook. I like it because you can add all kinds of applications: Scrabulous is an obsession. I like Scramble. Love SimmBook. I like the other stuff as well like (Lil) Green Patch and Send Good Kharma. I just synched up Twitter and Facebook. I'm not much into the Twittering, but that's the next project---mobile Twittering which will update on Twitter, Facebook, and here. I'm getting ready to add the widget for the sidebar now.

As far as newer blogs I'm reading, Lincoln Jones, a local house DJ and graphic design has a new blog, LincolnDJ.com. He's mostly got some posts up about fonts he's creating and he offers free downloads of his fonts and, in the future, his mixes.

Strange Maps is self-explanatory.

As is passive-aggressive (and just plain aggressive) notes which always has some funnies.

And hulu has all the Buffy episodes online so I've been watching (or rather listening) to Buffy in the background at work recently. Time sure flies when I'm listening to Joss Whedon productions. Next up: Firefly.

So...Enjoy your weekend! I'm hoping to do a little moblogging this weekend. I'm going to try and catch Cameron McGill at the Monkey tomorrow night and then there's the "I'm not going to DEMF" thing on Sunday---DEMF is the Detroit Electronic Music Festival. And *hopefully* there will be lots of just hanging out and having fun this weekend. That's my *favorite* kind of vacation....


Serious will have to wait for another day


boingboing has an interesting post up about a marital scale developed in 1939 by a marriage counselor. Click the image to enlarge.

What a hoot! That marriage counselor deserves some Burger King as a reward. They had a special at the BK on North Prospect this morning.

And to close out this hodge-podge of not, here's something that's been rolling around in my head for about 3 hours now.

Yah...I know, but this was my day.



Hope the weather will be nice....

This Saturday is the first Farmer's Market.

This Saturday is the C-U Herb sale at Lincoln Square.

This Saturday is the Common Ground Food Co-op's Plant Sale.

After a couple days of rain, my yard should be *perfect* for digging.

Someone was saying today that if everyone put vegetable/fruit/nut-bearing plants and trees in their yards, we'd be better off. I think that's not so off the mark.

I'm thinking tomatoes, maybe some peas, maybe some cukes. And a pot of herbs---basil, sage, chives, and maybe some lemon balm.

So...what are the "must have" plants *you* would choose for a garden?


Shamelessly stolen so it can be shared selflessly

Big thanks to emily for this blog entry---I laughed out loud last night. Well...it was probably more of a cackle---regardless....

This is definitely NSFW and NSFK (kids). And definitely something the ladies might enjoy more than the men, but still...entertaining.
VILNIUS (Reuters) - The Austrian national rugby team tried to get over their 48-0 defeat by Lithuania by staging a mass striptease in the capital Vilnius late on Saturday, only to find they had been caught on video and put on the Internet.

The video, put out by a blogger on social community website Virb (http:/www.virb.com/justafa/blog/701053) and then taken up by the Lithuanian news portal Delfi, showed a group of 20 men singing and stripping off their clothes on a street in central Vilnius, while people in a nearby bar clapped and cheered.
Click here. Scroll to the bottom. Play the *video*....

I *think* they might be singing a version of "Singing in the Rain." Could be wrong. I'll have to watch it again and see....