Recently, I've been introduced to dubstep.


Never heard of dubstep, you say? You could read wikipedia if you want wiki knowledge, but better yet, you could give it a listen. That's the only way to really know what *it* is.

Here's an internet radio station: Dubstep.fm. You can add the stream to your iTunes and listen to it whenever you get the craving.

I've heard some people are rapping over dubstep which can be *amazing.* Some people locally are making thugstep remixes---here's a thugstep mix from DJ Belly. He spins Thursday nights at Boltini. You can download it for free after a 45 second wait. It's only 12 minutes long so it doesn't take forever to download.

FYI: If you don't hear this on good speakers, you will *totally* miss the fabulousity of the bass in dubstep. Something about the bass going down to X mhz and most speakers only going to X+Y mhz. Or something. And the YouTube doesn't sound as good either---the bass is missing. But I'm sure that's because it gets compressed somehow.

Frankly, I dig it. And since I *love* some serious bass---especially with my politics---here's a 10-minute dubstep mix with photos of Banksy's work from around the world.

You are either gonna love it or hate it. I *really* like it.

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