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Joe the Plumber - SecureOurDream.com

For $15 you can get a one-year Freedom Membership. However, Freedom Membership Benefits won't arrive until Version-2 of the website is up. You will get to read his blog, join his online forum, and get free shipping on Joe the Plumber merch---things most people give away.

If you pick the free membership, you can buy his book for $15 bucks *and* get a one-year Freedom Membership.

You can also donate to the "soon to be established non-profit organization SecureOurDream.org" that, as of right now, just goes back to secureourdream.com.

Oh yah, and four crawls on the home page.

Apparently, his book is set to release in December from a publishing company based out of Austin, TX that has one other fiction title with a novel-dedicated website that looks suspiciously like Joe the Plumber's website---complete with crawl.

Regardless of...everything, $15 is a good price point. You might even get a few curiosity seekers at that price. Plus, it's probably going to help keep down the level of trolling on his forum. However, if I were a betting person, I would bet he'll still find those who think $15 is a small price to pay to mess with him.

And I'm not insinuating that there won't be successful opposition groups to Obama's administration. I'm just not sure this one is gonna get much traction.

Know what I mean?


Anonymous said...

That man is a true capitalist and opportunist. I admire his quick thinking in jumping on that media wave before it could pass him by. He obviously intends to ride it all the way to the bank. And there are just enough suckers out there to see that he does it.

Don Gerard said...

I am going to tell you how YOU can make a million dollars...and NEVER pay taxes!

First - get a million dollars, THEN...

David said...

tick... tick... 14:58... 14:59...