Lurking mode on

So...like 6 people on my Facebook feed have said something like tired, need sleep, resting, need a break, etc. I think exhaustion is going around. Plus, the time changed, it gets dark earlier and the moon is coming up during the day right now so not much moonlight at night either. And it's just about to get *ridiculously* cold outside. With Halloween and an astounding election behind us, people need to recharge.

I'm feeling sluggish as well. Need to do really fun stuff this weekend like put plastic up on a couple windows and change out my summer covers for my winter comforter and maybe get shit ready in the yard and car for snow.

I did say they are predicting snow for Saturday, right?

Yah, so...I think the cocooning feeling is completely justified.

But I'm still reading. And I like what I see regarding some of the potential picks that are being floated around.

RFK Jr. for EPA? Outstanding.

I'd, of course, like to see Richardson at SoS as I've said before. I also think that Lugar or Hagel will show up somewhere. I know Lugar has refused a position, but who knows.

And I think Patrick J. Fitzgerald at Justice (you know, the one who's looking into all that "Public Official A" stuff) would be a *terrific* pick.

Anyone feel like venturing out on a limb and offering some picks for positions? Or maybe just people you'd like to see in an Obama administration?

I can think of one scenario I *never* want to see....


Leeanthro said...

I had a dream last night that you and I were staying at a hotel (either in Vegas or Alaska) and we went down to the casino and there was Sarah Palin and her husband, daughter, and her baby. For some reason I just had to go back to the room and change my shirt and get my camera. And then I was having issues with the elevator and having a difficult time getting back.

I will say this, I was running a fever off and on all night.

Cassie said...

I'm totally smitten with Patrick Fitzgerald after he was on an episode of Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me. Awesome, smart guy who is not afraid to go after big fish!