I can't even really call them tidbits today

I'm sick and I've been laying around my house doing absolutely nothing for days. Didn't even get on the internets until today, really. Thought I had bronchitis or something. I coughed so hard that I barfed Sunday night. And I really hadn't gotten any better.

I finally went to the doctor today and apparently, I have some sort of lung inflammation. I got an inhaler, some prednisone, some antibiotics, and some cough syrup with some sorta narcotic in it that will apparently allow me to sleep without waking up and coughing uncontrollably.

Oh, and I picked up some nicotine gum. I think this episode is exactly what I needed. I kinda realized that if I keep on smoking, this is going to be my life when I get old. And that would suck immensely. I mean, shit, I CAN'T BREATHE!!! Well, after a couple doses of prednisone and the breathing treatment at the doctor's office today, I can, but before that I couldn't.

So, other than The Real Housewives of Atlanta/Orange County and daytime TV (I sorta dozed through Snoop Dogg on Martha Stewart yesterday---I swear, I thought I was dreaming....), I have nothing to share.

Except this:

Boy, I sure hope this cough syrup stuff works cuz I'm freaking BORED out of my mind at home. I'm hoping to work tomorrow---if only for half a day. Now that I can actually BREATHE, that might be a real possibility.


moon_grrl said...

LOL @ the graphic. And I'm glad you haven't died yet. I was getting worried.

wayward said...

That graphic is pretty funny. I hope you feel better soon!