Holiday Meet-Up with a Twist

So let's try this whole blogging from the phone thing. After our fantastic ongoing Thanksgiving weekend, my thoughts are drawn to holiday gatherings yet to come before the end of the year.

I would like to plan a Holiday Blogger Meet-Up in December. And I'm thinking of a couple options.

First, we could always do the familiar Happy Hour at a local watering hole. Second, we could do something different like bowling or skating or something similarly cheesy and fun. Or third, and I'm kinda partial to this idea, we could plan it to coincide with the annual Santa Rampage. Looks like Chicago's is scheduled for December 13th.


So…are you interested in a Holiday meet-up? If so, any interest in these ideas or perhaps another idea you'd like to share? And, probably most importantly, what days/times would work best for you?

I don't think we've had a Blogger meet-up in quite awhile. Anybody game?


David said...

I'm game for a holiday shindig. Those all sound like fun ideas, although I'm allergic to costumes so dressing as Santa could be hazardous to my health. Otherwise, let's do somethin'. I'd have a party here, but my apartment is just too small... :-(

Ryan said...

I would be potentially if it occurred before the 11th when I leave the country again. :)

Matthew said...

I'm up for the bowling idea (or something along those lines).

The whole blogger-meet-up-at-bar has been done already.... many, many times.

Let's change it up a bit!

Anonymous said...
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wayward said...

I'd also be interested in doing something. There was a thread on IP.com suggesting a "Fitzmas" celebration in honor of Blago finally getting arrested.