So there is projectile regurgitation amongst the youngest members of the household and it has led to a *mountain* of laundry---sheets, comforters, rugs, etc. That and some snot-sucking from the baby's head with those little bulb thingies.

Baby girl screamed her head off while falling asleep because, as my sister texted "I want my binky but I can't breathe with it in wwwwwaaaaaaaaa :-("

And, yes, we text each other from different floors of the same house. Deal.

So...speaking of disgusting bodily fluids...

I spent the afternoon doing a bit o' laundry and dozing on the couch with the boy while watching Alien Resurrection. We've now successfully made it through the Alien series and are now going to watch the Predator series. He'd seen the Alien vs. Predator movie and asked me a million questions about it that I knew could be answered by simply forcing the child to watch the Alien movies and like it.

Sigourney is a favorite of mine and I love the whole series---Aliens being my favorite because Bill Paxton's character has great lines. Plus the action scenes are terrifically thrilling...but it's directed by James Cameron, so what else can you expect? And Aliens 3 has Charles Dutton and I'm a big fan of his as well.

I think my Sci-Fi indoctrination has taken hold. The other day when Alien vs. Predator was on TV, he realized the actor that played Bishop was in AVP.

Made my day....

Didn't realize til the other day that Joss Whedon (whom I adore) wrote Alien Resurrection. After watching it again, I can see shades of Firefly in the movie. Really like that series as well.

I think the Predator series will hold up okay. I tried to get him to watch an old Star Trek movie one time---total fail. I think he needs better graphics---though he liked Godzilla when he was a wee little boy. Course, it was Godzilla vs. Mechagodzilla. And he likes robots. He pointed out today that there is always a robot in every Alien movie.

He also pointed out that people shouldn't go off by themselves when Aliens are around: you're just gonna die cuz they are always behind you...drooling.


David said...

Aliens is one of my favorite movies ever. I'd be embarassed to tell you how many times I've watched it, both the original and the director's cuts. I would think watching all four movies together would be a bit overwhelming. And icky.

Gamera said...

Yah, he's got a phobia about the face huggers now, but other than that....

I can't put my finger on why Aliens is my favorite. Good cast, awesome dialogue, great action, suspense---and Ripley in the driver's seat almost the whole time.