Margin in Missouri Presidential race as I'm going to bed tonight. (Recount)

Oh, and tonight I couldn't remember the Montana Governor and it nearly drove me crazy.

Brian Schweitzer.

He just won re-election in Montana---66% to 32%. I really hope we see some more of him.

I'm exhausted, happy, and filled with hope. I heard people yelling "OBAMA" in the streets of downtown Champaign. There's photos of students on the Alma Mater. I need to sleep and ponder but I think Barack has helped show that Democrats don't need the deep south to win an election. He's helped show us that a minority *can* be elected. And he's help show us that we can come together.

Obama is a centrist and he has a history of working with the opposition to get stuff done. I don't think his new office will change *that* at all.

And I can't wait to see some of his picks. I have some people I think would be good (Schweitzer - Dept. of Energy; Richardson - SoS; etc...) but right now, I'm going to sleep and dream happy dreams....


Single at 50 said...

It happened so quickly! Euphoria has me walking on air this morning.

Matthew said...

Enjoyed having you over for the election viewing. Glad we got the outcome we wanted!

Gamera said...

I had a great time. Thanks so much for inviting me.


Cassie said...

I think that North Carolina should petition to no longer be considered a southern state. :)