I'm taking requests....

I received an email the other day and apparently there was a meeting in which it was decided that I should finish my Batman post *and* I should do my Biden post. I'm waiting to see if the Biden thing is even true so that's still in limbo. I will do my Batman post next week. If there's anything else that I've forgotten to get back to, let me know and we'll play a little catch-up next week.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying the weekend. Now that I've pried the broken glass out of my cel phone, I might do a little moblogging this weekend with pics.

Heard this song on WPGU on my way to the pool this morning. It's stuck in my head and I *know* I owned this CD back in the day, but apparently either I sold, lost it, or had it stolen---I had a bunch of CDs stolen out of my car long ago---cuz I don't have the mp3. So I actually purchased this music, but I just don't possess it anymore. So this YouTube link is going to have work for now.

I love how you can hear a song and it can instantly remind you of a period of time. I remember when she was controversial...for a lot of bullshit. Here's the link to the music video---it's not embeddable.


Enjoy your weekend....


A friend from Minneapolis alerted me...

...to this billboard that can be seen when entering the city on I-94 from the Minneapolis, St. Paul Airport:


'Nuff said

Can't wait to hear Clinton speak tonight. He's a fabulous orator and I always say that when he speaks, it's like he's stroking you until you purr. He makes your forget all about his foibles.

And with the Foreign Policy theme tonight, he's got a lot of material to work with.


Am I a total geek...

...for being excited that Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer is opening up for Clinton tonight?

Can we afford four more years? Is it time for a change? When do we need it? And who do we need as the next President of the United States of America? That's right. Barack Obama is the change we need!

Right now, the United States imports about 70 percent of its oil from overseas. At the same time, billions of dollars that we spend on all that foreign oil seems to end up in the bank accounts of those around the world who are openly hostile to American values and our way of life. This costly reliance on fossil fuels threatens America and the world in other ways, too. CO2 emissions are increasing global temperatures, sea levels are rising and storms are getting worse.

We need to break America's addiction to foreign oil. We need a new energy system that is clean, green and American-made. And we need a president who can marshal our nation's resources, get the job done and deliver the change we need.

That leader is Barack Obama. Barack Obama knows there's no single platform for energy independence. It's not a question of either wind or clean coal, solar or hydrogen, oil or geothermal. We need them all to create a strong American energy system, a system built on American innovation.

After eight years of a White House waiting hand and foot on big oil, John McCain offers more of the same. At a time of skyrocketing fuel prices, when American families are struggling to keep their gas tanks full, John McCain voted 25 times against renewable and alternative energy. Against clean biofuels. Against solar power. Against wind energy.

This not only hurts America's energy independence, it could cost American families more than a hundred thousand jobs. At a time when America should be working harder than ever to develop new, clean sources, John McCain wants more of the same and has taken more than a million dollars in campaign donations from the oil and gas industry. Now he wants to give the oil companies another 4 billion dollars in tax breaks. Four billion in tax breaks for big oil?

That's a lot of change, but it's not the change we need.

Dig him. I've heard him on Rachel Maddow's radio program. His goal is to put Montana ahead of the curve on alternative fuel research and production. I'm sure a lot of people don't know that about him and will probably be surprised to hear him speak tonight, but he's great. And I'd like to see more of him in the future.

I think now that all the broken glass is gone...

...the pics from my phone aren't as bad. At least no worse than before I broke the outer lens. Today I got a text *and* an email about the new phones I can get from Verizon. Free....



...I use this blog to make jokes that like *two* people will get.

This is one of those times.

I'm sorta all politics all the time right now. I heard an internets rumor about Biden today that might make his VP selection a little more clear. But...since it's a rumor, I'm going to keep it to myself unless I find or hear something to corroborate it.

Otherwise I'd sound like this moron.


Adult beverages and Adult games

I met some of my closest friends in the world almost 18 years ago today. Sagefool walked up to me and asked "Know how to play Asshole?"

Of course.

After a day of tailgating and playing Asshole, I met some of the people I'm still friends with today. And today, Sagefool is hosting a reunion of sorts where whoever can make it down with their kids and wives and other friends and relatives get together and we play bags, darts, cards, talk about past, present, and future and just hang out.

Oh---and drink. Did I mention that?

I'm going to try and do a little moblogging but I dropped my phone the other day and cracked the lens so the pics might not be that great. Not to worry, though, I got a mailer and I can get the Palm Centro for free with my New Every Two $100 discount and a $70 rebate so that's probably in my near future.

Right now, however, my near *near* future involves packing up the car with chairs and hitting the liquor store before heading over to Sagefool's.

Couldn't ask for better weather, could ya?


Sorta like deja vu but not

Note: This is one of those old posts I never got around to publishing but current events has made relevant once again. Looking back can help gain foresight.

This article, dated February 12, 2008 was supposed to be the focus of a post from six months ago today that I originally entitled:

"Cuz it's not like we don't already kinda *know* this...."
For years, Bill and Hillary Clinton treated the Democratic National Committee and party activists as extensions of their White House ambitions, pawns in a game of success and survival. She may pay a high price for their selfishness soon.

Top Democrats, including some inside Hillary Clinton's campaign, say many party leaders — the so-called superdelegates — won't hesitate to ditch the former New York senator for Barack Obama if her political problems persist. Their loyalty to the first couple is built on shaky ground.


Obama has won 23 of 35 contests, earning the majority of delegates awarded on the basis of election results. The remaining 796 delegates are elected officials and party leaders whose votes are not tied to state primaries or caucuses; thus, they are dubbed "superdelegates."

And they are not all super fans of the Clintons.

Some are labor leaders still angry that Bill Clinton championed the North American Free Trade Agreement as part of his centrist agenda.

Some are social activists who lobbied unsuccessfully to get him to veto welfare reform legislation, a talking point for his 1996 re-election campaign.

Some served in Congress when the Clintons dismissed their advice on health care reform in 1993. Some called her a bully at the time.

Some are DNC members who saw the party committee weakened under the Clintons and watched President Bush use the White House to build up the Republican National Committee.

Some are senators who had to defend Clinton for lying to the country about his affair with Monica Lewinsky.

Some are allies of former Vice President Al Gore who still believe the Lewinsky scandal cost him the presidency in 2000.

Some are House members (or former House members) who still blame Clinton for Republicans seizing control of the House in 1994.

Some are donors who paid for the Clintons' campaigns and his presidential library.

Some are folks who owe the Clintons a favor but still feel betrayed or taken for granted.
For me, it said a lot that Richardson didn't endorse her right after bowing out. I had feared at the time since he had served under Clinton that he might be aligned with them. When an immediate endorsement didn't come, I wondered why. Looking back at how Clinton treated Richardson when he *didn't* endorse, it confirmed (for me at least) the sentiments reported in this article.

Flash forward to today---and the release of Clinton campaign emails and memos. It was rumored last week by HuffPo and others that The Atlantic was set to publish these emails and memos, but then, the links went down everywhere. Was the story fake? Did The Atlantic get pissed when other sources tried to scoop them? Was the material obtained illegally?

Who knows what happened then, but now? Well, see for yourself.... The memos and emails are posted online and accompany another article---The Front-Runner's Fall.

The after-battle assessments in the major newspapers and newsweeklies generally agreed on the big picture: the campaign was not prepared for a lengthy fight; it had an insufficient delegate operation; it squandered vast sums of money; and the candidate herself evinced a paralyzing schizophrenia—one day a shots-’n’-beers brawler, the next a Hallmark Channel mom. Through it all, her staff feuded and bickered, while her husband distracted. But as a journalistic exercise, the “campaign obit” is inherently flawed, reflecting the viewpoints of those closest to the press rather than empirical truth.

How did things look on the inside, as they unraveled?

I'm still working my way through the enormous amount of material there, but I'm *guessing* that I could still use the same title from six months ago:

Cuz it's not like we don't already kinda *know* this....


I'm actually speechless....

The State Senate actually *voted down* pay raises for state officials and legislators.

Lt. Governor Pat Quinn had a petition on his website that I signed and sent to *many* people today. With the state budget in shambles, if the State Senate had *not voted* on this bill, the raises would have automatically gone into effect.

I sent my email, I signed the petition, but I was pretty resigned to the fact that they wouldn't prevent these raises. Thank goodness I was wrong.

I'd just like to point out that these weren't *small* pay raises:
The increases would have boosted a lawmaker's basic salary more than $7,000 a year, to nearly $73,000. The governor's pay would have jumped about $20,000, to $190,000.
All while a budget has not been passed and the state is in deep financial trouble. Who knew they actually had some sense?

Or maybe just a sense of self-preservation, whichever....

In the meantime....

Starting softball soon. We have a our first practice tonight. It's all just for fun so I'm just hoping for no injuries. Especially since most of us haven't played softball in a couple *decades.*

Here's the latest tune banging around in my head. This is Chromeo's Bonafied Lovin'.


Dear Dave Chappelle,

In light of recent events, maybe you should take it easy for a little while. I'm sure you've heard the old saying about these kinds of things happening in threes, right? Well, I'm just a bit worried---especially since it looks like Morgan Freeman is gonna be okay.


Anyone else think it's completely bizarre that they've been running Escape from New York all weekend?


America, I can't believe the news today....

Sad news this morning---Bernie Mac has passed away from complication from pneumonia. I'm a big fan of his and I can't believe he's gone so soon. He was only 50 years old. I think one of the reasons I enjoyed his work is because he *truly* loved what he did. Here's a clip from Tavis Smiley's show where he talks about loving what he does.

Here's a clip from his first appearance on Def Comedy Jam. Be warned---NSFW.

He'll have a couple more movies come out that are in post production, but this is truly sad news. He had such a way of telling stories that could make you understand while making you laugh your ass off.


Cutie Patootie

Go here. Last one in the fourth row.

Please, please, please, vote for my niece. This one:

Spread the word. My sister and I have sent out emails and texts but apparently she's only in 16th place in this week's crop of contenders in the Babes of Summer Promotion. I can't see how....