This cracks me up every time I see it....

Think this is the second or third time I've seen it on LJ. Wonder how many takers they get....

Note: This is one of those old posts I'm finally getting around to publishing---which means they *probably* don't need models right now. But next year, I'll repost it right away for all you nudists out there yearning to be free.

And make $12/hr.


Soliciting opinions....

In case you missed my previous post, I'm looking into gyms in the area. I was going to Workout24 but it closed recently. So...I'm looking for cardio---treadmills but mostly ellipticals---and some weight machines, but I don't have to have those.

Any ideas? IMPE isn't open for a couple more months, and that's always an option I guess. I know some people go to Cardinal because it's like $20/month. And I've known people to go to the Fitness Center, but I think that's a little outside my price range---especially in the summer when I can exercise outside for free. I'm getting a guest pass there tonight to try out some fitness class with a friend so we'll see whether I like it there or not. Not sure I'll like it enough to pay $40/month, though. But the classes are a big bonus.

Plus, I *lovelovelove* yoga and I took an awesome cardiokickboxing class before (with gnightgirl) that I *loved,* so a gym with classes might be just the ticket to preventing burnout and boredom with exercise.

So...got any gym recommendations for me? Cuz I'd like the input.


First Name meme

I forgot to get to this one a while back from Cynthia over at The Sandwich Life so I'm gonna do this one real quick now. I'm trying to catch up on old drafts I've never finished. And I tag anyone who wants to do this meme.

1. What is your name: It begins with the letter S.
2. A 4 letter word: sh*t
3. A vehicle: Saturn
4. A city: San Diego
5. A boy’s name: Sam
6. A girl’s name: Samantha
7. Beverage: Sprite
8. An occupation: Surgeon
9. Something you wear: Sweater
10. A celebrity: Sarah Jessica Parker
11. A food: Spinach
12. Something found in a bathroom: Soap
13. Reason for being late: Sleep
14. Something you shout: Sonofa....
15. An animal: Snake
16. A body part: Shin
17. Word(s) to describe yourself: Selfish That's from my sister...if you can't tell, I'm rolling my eyes at that one.

There may a few more older posts in the next few days that I'm going to update and finally publish. Sometimes I write a post out and forget to publish them. I scrolled through the other day and realized I just need to follow through.

But mostly, I just need to push that GINORMOUS map down my front page....


Have *you* seen it yet?

So...I went to the Jerry's IGA near my work to get a huge-ass spinach salad and orange juice lunch (it's a weird craving I get) and a co-worker and I were discussing The Dark Knight. She has a couple of kids that want to go and she wanted to know whether it is kid friendly. I took my nephew on opening weekend but I think it was a little long for him. I, of course, loved the movie but am troubled by where it went in the end. I'll leave that for another post in case you haven't had a chance to go see it yet.

Anyways...so we're getting our salads and talking across the sneeze-guard about the scary part---I knew that kind of thing wouldn't upset my nephew as he is fascinated by how a body works and we've already gotten him books that show bones and muscles and whatnot. He's the kid who likes to watch them stick him when they draw blood. There are some other moments in the movie that allude to some real brutal-ass shit---there's no doubt this movie is *dark*---but I think most of the darkest elements in the movie went over his head. Except for one part. Early on. He got that just fine.

As we are talking about the movie, no less than three people at the IGA salad bar start asking about the movie and commenting on it. When I mentioned that my sister brought up Anakin's horrible burning and leg removal in the last Star Wars movie, I realized the "scary part" in The Dark Knight wasn't really that different from that *really* graphic scene. And then some guy who works at Jerry's started talking about the movie with us. Then, when I was saying how it's more implied violence rather than overt, but it's still a really *dark* movie, another guy asked if I meant dark visually or thematically.

I can't even remember what the other guy said---I think it was something like "good movie." My co-worker thought it was truly bizarre that all these people would just chime in, but the movie is so good I can understand why.

I'd like to have a little talk about the message this movie ends with---and it's one that brought a specific current event to my mind. And I don't think this message has truth for me. So hurry up and go see the movie so we can talk about it. I'd actually like to see this movie in IMAX. So maybe I'll go watch it again and solidify what about it troubles me so much.

But really---hurry up and go see it because I want to have that discussion.

So the next post you see about the Dark Knight? Don't read it if you haven't seen the movie, k? I don't want to spoil it for people but I do want to talk more about it.




The Places I've Been....

Hat tip: moon_grrl.

Visited States

Visited US States Map from TravelBlog

We were a car-trip-camp-at-the-KOAs-in-our-pop-up-camper kinda family when I was small. We traveled to Florida and Texas for weddings when I was a kid and we took a week to get there and a week to get back for both and camped all along the way. I remember lots of signs for bear shows in the Carolinas and my parents explaining to me that they weren't zoos---they were people who had bears chained up in their backyards in cages and we wouldn't be giving them any money to see those bears because it would only encourage more of these places. And there were a *lot* of them.

I need to go Northeast and Northwest. My dad thinks I would like San Fran or farther north on the Pacific coast because I couldn't *stand* the lack of green and trees in San Diego. It was disturbing---sand and small shrubbery isn't going to cut it for me. I apparently require *green*...trees, grass, you know...shit living in the ground for shade and cooling and...well, just *green.*

I happened to pop by where some friends were camping last night over at Moraine View---which was *beautiful,* by the way. And the primitive sites are less than $10/night. Thick with trees, it was beautifully green and cool under the canopy of trees. And the weather was stunning---low 60s with a cool breeze and no moon. We heard owls and bullfrogs and ate yummy food and made smores and chilled out around a campfire and I *wasn't* eaten up by bugs. What more could you ask for?

Well...I *was* pondering sleeping out-of-doors in the hammock they had set up. Until we heard something *howling* back at the owls calling out to each other.

I'm not high maintenance, but I ain't stupid, either....

Perfect weather for a camp fire

And then I heard howls and I drove my butt home.


Tasty tidbits 15: LOLs and FAILs

Yah---some of this stuff is NSFW so be forewarned.

Back-up LOLs---most need the headlines. This one? Not so much.

LOL247---this one's titled "Only in Japan."

PIXFTW---you might remember this guy. He's apparently got a stash of gold paint somewhere.

Failblog---cuz everyone loves a good fail.

fail owned pwned pictures
see more pwn and owned pictures

i has a hot dog---if lolcats isn't your speed....

loldog, omg, getitoff, funny dog pictures
see more dog pictures

Fail Dogs---similar but more...*dark*....

Me? Well, let's just say that instead of cute pictures of cats, I'm gonna start posting stuff from Pundit Kitchen.

Obama Pictures and McCain Pictures
see Obama pictures

Why I love the pool....

Action reel

But the Tilt-a-Whirl was not as much fun.

For the boy.



Her first interview

She wanted my elephant ear as well....


Only one place had them....

Because I'm a sucker for a theme

While reading stuff from my feed reader recently, I stumbled across a couple stories that made my blood boil a *wee* bit.

First, there's this piece from TalkLeft about Phoenix Sheriff Joe Arpaio. Apparently, he's now being sued for racial profiling. You might remember Arpaio from Bill Maher's Politically Incorrect show. They did a series of shows *from* his jail. I remember thinking back then that he was a complete douche when I heard about his policies of making inmates wear hot pink underwear and work on chain gangs. Real winner, that guy---and original ideas! Oh wait...not so much.

Then, I saw this post on Chicago Metblog about another douche. I think that one stands on it's own.

And finally, my day was rounding out with one more douche. I'd just like to point out for those that might think he's got a point---many people take birth control pills for reasons *other* than birth control. There are a whole host of conditions that can be relieved when you simply regulate your hormones. And the easiest way to do that is with the birth control pill. It's bad enough when the knuckle draggers on the political message boards post drivel like this---but one of CNN's major names? I think that qualifies you as a douche.

Or maybe I just like saying douche....


Cuz I'm at the pool all the time...

...and haven't had time to post anything better. I'm still posting snippets to my Google Reader Shared Items feed though if you miss me or are stalking me.


Here's a tasty tidbit til I post again.

Discover Ayro!

Ayro - Burning Brightly


Divvying up the pie in new ways

A couple of articles jumped out at me recently. First there was this article about a recent meeting of media moguls.
"The whole industry is in transition," said Anne Sweeney, co-chairman of Walt Disney Co's Disney Media Networks and President of Disney-ABC Television, as she left the morning session of the annual Allen & Co media confab in Sun Valley.
How so? Funny you should ask because this *other* article kinda goes into that in a little more detail.
When September rolls around, the most anticipated new program of the fall season will be on the Internet instead of television.

That's when "Family Guy" creator Seth MacFarlane will release exclusively via Google a series of 50 two-minute animated vignettes.


"Cavalcade" will be presented online through the Internet giant's AdSense network, which can syndicate video content to advertising slots on thousands of Web sites targeted to reach specific demographics. Each two-minute episode will have advertising embedded in several different formats ranging from preroll to "sponsored by" styles increasingly common online. Click on an episode, and the revenue is split among MacFarlane, Google, the host site and Media Rights Capital (MRC), which brokered the deal.

I'll be interested in seeing how this shakes out.... I watch a lot of stuff on Hulu and other sites when I'm working at the computer so I'm all for internet episodes. And it's not like you need a high quality picture for this cartoon. And...if this were to work well, it might be a step in the direction of people retaining creative control of their work---and still make money at it. And I'm *all* for that....

Edited to add the following: Looks like another of my favorite favorite favorites, Joss Whedon, has something he's releasing TOMORROW.... Looks like the first couple of episodes are free and after that, he's looking to have people pay per episode via iTunes or via DVD. It's a musical, and even though I'm not huge into musicals, I'm a *huge* Whedon geek so I'm gonna trust his ability to entertain me.
Wired.com: Would you consider doing a sequel to Dr. Horrible or cooking up another indie web series?

Whedon: Hells yeah! There's nothing I'd like more than to become a micromogul, just layin' down ridiculous content for all to stream.
Me too....


F@cking Micro$uck....

I got caught by this. And the thing is, I *know* better than to download updates so soon after release. But I was home sick and figured I had the time to do it, so what the hell.

Big mistake.

I've uninstalled the update and apparently ZoneAlarm has released an update that will resolve all of this, but forgive me if I don't jump right on that.




Soothing, soulful, summer sounds

Just picked this puppy up this weekend.

Love it.

If you like soul music, you'll like Sketches of a Man by Dwele. Since it's pretty new, there's only one video on YouTube from the new album. So instead, here's one of my favorite older tracks by Dwele---Weekend Love.

Here's an album preview of Sketches of a Man on YouTube that's 23 minutes long.

So far I like just about everything on it...I'm Cheatin', Love Ultra, Spiritual, Shady, Vain, and more. But be warned---it may not be full of "booties and thugs" (as Chuck D likes to say), but it *is* music for grown folks.

And right now, Dwele is the soundtrack running through my head....


Not-so-deep thoughts

I've been away from the blog again lately. Summer brings long days and beautiful weather so I've been going to work at the ass crack of dawn so I can go to the pool in the afternoons. I love it. I love laying by the pool, reading a book or magazine, popping in the wonderfully refreshing water every so often and then laying back down to dry in the sun. And as much as I love it, it wears me out so I'm more tired at night. But that's not the only reason why.

I've *also* taken up "jogging."

Yah, it needs quotes cuz it's barely jogging. I warm up by walking a few blocks. Then I "jog" until I have to walk and recover. It gets better after a while---maybe halfway into the walk. I've been trying to do about 4-5 miles when I go out. I feel good afterward. And I intend to keep it up, but I'm not sure how long it's going to take before I could actually enter a race or "jog" with other people. But walking just isn't getting my heart rate up where I need it to be. I've been walking on and off for several years now and I think I've just adapted to it. I was doing the elliptical at the gym (and once it's 100 degrees I'll probably go back to that on occasion) and that really got my heart rate going. The treadmill---not so much. But I can't run on a treadmill. I *can* run around town.

And this week I'm starting the hundredpushups plan. I've *never* been good at doing push-ups so I'm kinda excited to see if this really helps me improve my dismal upper body strength.

Oh...and I've all of sudden gotten a bug up my butt about organizing my house, getting rid of clutter, finally finishing all those projects I've had laying around, and make my space *my* space. Why I have this urge in the middle of *summer* is beyond me, but there it is. It *apparently* includes the car because I had the brother-in-law put on new brakes and charge my air conditioner over the weekend. Oh, and there's an old microwave cart sitting in my front yard if you want to come pick it up. It's too heavy for a microwave (which is why I got a new one today) but it could be used for something else.

Anyway, here's a little tidbit until I get back on a regular posting schedule.

ThinkMenThink's list of 50 Greatest Quotes on Men.

I found a couple I really like and want to ponder. Like:
Only the wisest and stupidest of men never change. ~ Confucius
A man may conquer a million men in battle but one who conquers himself is, indeed, the greatest of conquerors. ~ Buddha
or, my *current* personal fave:
There are three kinds of men. The one that learns by reading. The few who learn by observation. The rest of them have to pee on the electric fence for themselves. ~ Will Rogers


Summer sounds....

I know it's not really a new song, but I heard it today on Pandora and I had to buy it---My Man by Angie Stone. I have Angie Stone's lastest album, The Art of Love and War, but I really wanted this song as well. And since I can't find My Man on YouTube, you get a taste of another
Angie from her latest album instead.