I disagree

I recently found a post on TalkLeft that I think is a bit dramatic. It's about Republicans crossing over to vote for Obama.
Democrats, not Republicans and Independents, should pick our party's nominee.
Frankly, I think some Republicans and Independents see that there *will* be a Dem president next. These things are cyclical. Unless a miracle occurs, in my opinion, our next president will be from the Democratic party. And if I'm a Republican or Independent, I'd want a say as to who that might be.

Here in Champaign County I have purposefully taken a Republican ballot in the primary in order to vote in some judge races. Generally, there's a *slew* of Republican candidates in the primary and no Democratic challenger in the general election. If I want a say on that particular race, I *have* to vote in the Republican primary. And...I have to make sure there isn't a race I'm really interested in on the Democratic side. I believe last time it was more important to me to vote Eisendrath.


Anyways...if the law allow voters to take any ballot, why would you want to restrict my ability to have a say in who my political representatives are? Is this another case of a "private entity" using public funds for their exclusive club business?

What's the more important point---the ability of the party to choose a particular candidate or the ability of the citizens to choose their elected officials? Honestly, the odds of Republicans voting en masse for Obama because they want to screw up the Democratic ticket sounds a bit off to me. The only person that screws up is Hillary---and only if she thinks it's more important to win the nomination than win the Oval Office.

Have you ever crossed party lines in a primary? Or is that something you would never do? I've heard that if you've *ever* taken an opposing party's ballot, you are forever excluded from holding certain positions or offices. Not sure if it's true, but if that's the price I pay to vote for some of the elected offices, so be it....


Yah...this is how you end up with sewage backed up in your yard or your basement or your bathroom. I can't *count* the number of women I've talked to about this who didn't even know you aren't supposed to flush your cotton canoes.

But you are not.
We literally have tens of thousands of these beach whistles lying in the rip-rap around the lagoons. And tens of thousands more get screened out of the composted biosolids when we dredge the lagoons. Ladies, these aren't biodegradable and belong in the trashcan, not the toilet. The basics of what should get flushed distills down to this: if you haven't eaten it, or used it to wipe off something you've eaten, it goes in the trash. That also applies to the device that these applicators are designed to insert. Wrap 'em with a wad of Charmin if you are embarrassed by them, but please, please, please don't flush 'em.


Would terrorists would be Alliance or Horde?

It's that ridiculous, folks. We're going broke because idiots rule the world.
Be careful who you frag. Having eliminated all terrorism in the real world, the U.S. intelligence community is working to develop software that will detect violent extremists infiltrating World of Warcraft and other massive multiplayer games, according to a data-mining report from the Director of National Intelligence.

The Reynard project will begin by profiling online gaming behavior, then potentially move on to its ultimate goal of "automatically detecting suspicious behavior and actions in the virtual world."


The publicly available report -- which was mandated by Congress following earlier concerns over data-mining programs -- also mentions several other data-mining initiatives. These include:
  • Video Analysis and Content Extraction - software to automatically identify faces, events and objects in video....
Face recognition...of virtual characters....



Diablo Cody, aka "Brook," won the Oscar for Best Screenplay last night. It's no wonder---I doubt she'll be back on the pole anytime soon....

A friend (who doesn't have an appropriate blog-nickname yet) watched Juno over the weekend. He said while he thought the movie was funny, it was also very touching at moments. I have to agree.

But can her humor top Jimmy Kimmel? You be the judge.


Not that I need one anymore...

...but this is an awesome little invention.

It's a smoking mitten.

We were talking about smoking at lunch yesterday. Someone came back from having a smoky treat and apologized for smelling like cigarettes because he knows I quit. I told him not to worry about it---I *always* want one.


I even have half a pack of smokes sitting on the bookshelf on my way out the door. Every morning, I look at the pack as I walk out the door and I consciously leave them on the shelf. I tell myself that *tomorrow* I can have one. Because, at heart, I'm a procrastinator.

At home, I'm a bit disorganized (to be kind) and messy and lazy when it comes to getting shit done around the house. I put off laundry, dishes, dusting.... Not so much at work. I seem to have stamped out some of my personal bad habits at work that I haven't overcome at home.

With work---whether it's bartending or catering or freelance stuff or my day job---everything has a place, I'm pretty organized (there is *always* room for improvement), and I'm tidy...constantly cleaning up after myself (also, always room for improvement).

Anyway, this week, someone said something that really spurred a lightbulb moment: Ultimately, perfectionism can be just another form of procrastination.

I think there's a lot to that for me. And it's sorta why my attempts at quitting smoking before haven't succeeded. Because in the past, when I had a cigarette---I failed. The attempt is over. Instead, I have to look at it like it's a constant attempt to deny myself something that I don't really need. And if I deny myself long enough, I probably won't want it anymore.

At some point.

And if I do break down and succumb to the temptation, the desire, the craving...I can't see it as a reason to stop working for my ultimate goal---I don't have to have a perfect non-smoking record. I just have to keep trying to resist the temptation that much harder. Whether it's smoking or working out or eating healthier or *whatever*....

Besides, it took me decades to cultivate these old "habits" and I can't expect them to disappear overnight.

But it sure is nice not to have to freeze my ass to get my fix anymore, though....


Glad to see it!

The White House says Congress is caving in to the fantasies of left-wing bloggers.

I wonder if they've been reading Ryan's blog lately, cuz I read it *religiously* and if this is true, I think CSPAN is going to have *much* higher ratings....

In a completely unrelated story, the ban on the sale of sex toys in Texas has been overturned.


Tasty Tidbits 13: I finally went back and counted

I've been busy with this and that lately. Here's an assortment of goodies until I bang out the next thing I've got brewing.

First off, here's that link to video of the Orchid station on Lost that I've been yammering about.

Here's their take on it:
The Orchid station is the 8th and final mystery station, not yet featured directly in the show. It has been primarily revealed through a spoiler orientation video which was used to rev up viewers for the fourth season of the series and its location is completely unknown. The video reveals first one then two rabbits that are identically numbered. From the phrasing within the video some have speculated that this is, in fact, one rabbit that was sent back in time - hence the need to keep the two apart, but surely more will be revealed.
Then there's this news about Star Trek---it's moving from a Christmas release to May 2009. Saw this trailer for it before Cloverfield.

Apparently, they are filming now.

And...to pay off everyone who got this far...someone at brunch this morning said he knows some guy who works for TJ's in Chicago. And this friend of his said TJ's is already hiring and training management for a store to be located in the old Burnham site.

Can it be true? Who would know if this is true? Cuz I really want this to be true....


Jam Weekend!!!

That's right, folks. It's time for another installment of fuzzy-drunken-weekend-moblogging.

I know, I know...I can hardly wait as well!

Probably won't post much else.

On a side note, you *must* go see There Will Be Blood so we can talk about it---because I *need* to talk about it.

Have you see it yet?


Almost as bad as the Bloody Hell post...

...but in a completely different way. I wrote most of this the night prior to Super Tuesday. Then I saved it, went to the gym, did 30 minutes on the elliptical, and decided not to post it.

Today, Catcora convinced me to go ahead and run it after the fact. And she may change her mind when she actually reads this. As you'll see, the timing of this post really doesn't really diminished my point.


I haven't really *endorsed* a candidate, so instead I'll do my pre-election rant that will inevitably lead to a "when the shit goes down" declaration, but whatever....

Here's your options:

product of Chicago machine
rich guy
soldier guy
libertarian guy
churchy guy

If you like Huckabee---then for *fuck's* sake, vote for him and stand up and defend your choice. But know this: churchy guy sounds eerily familiar to W and will definitely lose. But don't let that sway you from voting your conscience.

If you like Paul---then please, don't spam my blog. Thanks.

If you like soldier guy, sorry, but he already tried and didn't make it. I know Nixon ran a lot too, but that doesn't really bolster your argument very much. We're not big on retreads anymore. And while the Republican base might really enjoy the "Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran" show, it's gonna come back to haunt his ass in the general should he win the nomination. We are done with this war-mongering shit. Your turn at playing with the Big Guns is done.

Rich guy...well, no one likes the rich guy. They're like smokers. And thanks for spending all the extra money---it probably kept out some real contenders. He's also a "business candidate" which is fine and dandy for fund raising, but businesses don't vote. I'm sure you could get those laws changed though...might be a better investment for your money.

Besides, I hate to be the one to break it to the Republicans that don't know, but it doesn't really matter *who* ends up on the Republican side of the ballot, the Democrats *will* win the general election. That's a fact, Jack.

So before I launch into the Democratic option for Illinois voters, let's just get it out of the way.

I wanted to vote for Richardson. He didn't get a lot of money out of the gate. He seemed *boring* according to people I talked about it with. Bland. You're right---he's a diplomat. He wasn't there to score points. He was experienced. He was...okay, I'll move on.

Okay. So then, I wanted Kucinich. Because I'm still a bat-shit crazy idealist and I like what he says, what he tries to do, what he wants to accomplish. I'm down with it. But, because he's short or because he has large ears (as does the boy) or whatever irrelevant playground bullshit, he was marginalized. And whether or not he could be elected isn't really the point.

The point is that the primary process is supposed to be about an open exchange of ideas and views from the entire political spectrum within the party. When Kucinich and Gravel and Ron Paul and *who-the-fuck-ever* get excluded---it changes the debate. The limits of discussion are much narrower. The topics more defined. The diversity lessened.

Ironic, isn't it? In a primary season that brought us Hispanic, African American, and Female candidates, the diversity of ideas is so paltry. Those excluded represent unacceptable ideas---i.e. "the shit we don't really want to talk about right *now*...." and therefore those constituencies were not able to bring *anything* to the table.

So, of the remaining candidates, I really could care less who you vote for. I'd prefer if you voted Democratic because I'd like a bit of a change, but things probably won't change that much.

We're still gonna be broke. Shit is still gonna be fucked up. People still ain't going to agree about anything. Manufacturing is fleeing, the dollar (and stock market) are sinking. Mortgage lending bankruptcies, health insurance skyrocketing, energy crisis, broke-ass school systems...same shit, different day.

Why? It always comes down to having piss-poor choices. And I'll tell you why we end up with such piss-poor candidates year in and year out.

Because the process itself ensures it.

New Hampshire.
South Carolina.
Focusing on these states has once again *limited my ability to participate in the process in any meaningful way.*

Those states that *could* have shown us a bit more across a wider spectrum were thrown under the bus---Michigan and Florida. Two of the *hugest* fucking states "don't count."


So...on this primary eve, I say to you: it doesn't matter who you vote for. Any choice they wanted you to have is in front of you. The first states to vote were selected. The debates were carefully vetted and these, folks, these are your options.

Color in that circle and decide how you are going to move forward. Because it's not like any of these candidates are going to do one single thing if we don't hold their feet to the fire anyway.

Here's what should happen in the Happy Land of GameraGirl.

States are sorted. We're just talking broad strokes, so let's say big and little to make this analogy easier. You divvy up the states and then randomly draw from each category equally. Every four years, different states go first. Each week, we have a new round of voting until everyone has voted. No monkeying around with shit to control the process.

Debates are *not* private and no eligible candidate on the ballot may be excluded.

(I'll leave my media rant for another day because it's a whole other can o' worms.)

I realize it would still mean that races would be decided for some before they got to vote.

But it wouldn't be the same fucking people in the same fucking states all the time.

I've heard that the Democrats and Republicans are Private Organizations that can make rules as they see fit regarding how candidates are selected, and if this is the argument they want to go with (i.e. Fuck off and die---we'll do whatever the fuck we want), then I understand that we really don't have a say about who these parties run as candidates for President.

But...if that's the case, why in the FUCK aren't these two parties paying for their own "private" business. I don't see the Elks club or the Rotary club requesting their races be put on the ballots.

I know, I know, I'm salty and bitter.

Your point is?


So, the FutureGen project is toast. And *apparently* the Undersecretary had some reasons for that. Would it be cost? Or perhaps that the site wasn't properly chosen?

U.S. Rep. Tim Johnson, R-Urbana, and U.S. Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., are irate after learning that Under Secretary of Energy C.H. "Bud" Albright said in a teleconference with stakeholders in the FutureGen project that the Energy Department was not interested in "building Disneyland in some swamp in Illinois."
So...who the hell is this guy?

Well, he's a graduate of George Mason University law school.
As Under Secretary, Albright will oversee the Department's Energy and Environment programs, including: the Offices of Electricity Delivery and Energy Reliability, Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy, Environmental Management, Fossil Energy, Legacy Management, Nuclear Energy, and Radioactive Waste Management.


Albright comes to DOE from the U.S. House of Representatives, where he served as Republican Staff Director for the Committee on Energy and Commerce while working to address challenges facing the country's energy, environmental, telecommunications, and health industries. Albright was previously Vice President of Federal Affairs at Reliant Energy....
Never heard of Reliant Energy before?

Well, that's either because you forgot about the price gouging in California a few years ago or because it's a *Texas*-based utility company. You remember Texas? The *other* state in the running for this project.

Yah...color me *shocked* that this project was scrubbed after an Illinois site was chosen.

How did I miss this?

You can have Greek food and liquor---delivered.

Don't want Greek food? How about Siam Terrace? Or Seaboat?

All listed on www.eatcu.com.

Who's tried this? Cuz you *shoulda* told me about it sooner....

Because it came up several times today



Why Obama Needs To Do Better or We're Stuck with Hillary.


We *all* need a miracle everyday....

Promoted from the comments, sagefool, former fellow Deadhead, posted this link that spurred a radical shift in my iTunes this morning.
SAN FRANCISCO (Reuters Life!) - The Grateful Dead, the San Francisco cult rock band that has played at political events since the 1960s, will reunite on Monday for the first time in four years to rally support for Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama, a spokesman said on Friday.


"They have agreed to reunite for this one-time-only event in order to lend support to Senator Obama leading into the crucial 'Super-Tuesday' series of primaries held on Tuesday, February 5th," the band said in a statement.
And, if I happen to snare any Deadheads with this entry, here's a site with thousands of show recordings.

I just realized all my Deadhead/Deadshow pics have not yet been scanned....

Bloody hell....

Apparently, I've been under a rock lately and was unaware that there are photos out there of Britney and her Aunt Flo. (WARNING: NSFW and if you are a queasy male-type, I'd suggest not clicking at all.)

Anyways, one of my faves, Margaret Cho, has written a little something about it and goes something like this:

Every month my body completely purges everything it has been holding onto. My periods are heavy, long, arduous - old furniture and books and records come out. Gold coins and anchors and treasures and lace and shoes. It's like a big clearance sale. Everything must go! That is just the way that I am built. I am just puzzled at the idea of a pantyliner or a regular tampon. I need to stuff half an emergency room in there every 28 days or I am looking at dying everything I own black. (Here's a hot tip - if you stain something with your own blood, spit on the stain - your saliva has enzymes that will break it down. Unfortunately it has to be your blood and your saliva - you can't do it for anyone else). When my Aunt Flow comes to visit - the bitch brings presents. All the feminine products I use have "overnight" on the box.

The point here is let she who is without menstrual stains throw the first tampon. Britney is not Carrie and Chris Crocker was right - leave her alone!

I gotta agree---I don't care how much of a public figure/official you are, don't you get *any* fucking privacy at all?

On a related note.... The other night, Bryant comes down and says "Mommy needs to talk to you right now." So, I go upstairs and my sister is sitting with the girl and she's a bit freaked.

"Look." She holds up a diaper---it's got a bit of red on it.

"Yah...I wondered if she'd get one."

"Get what?" she says.

"Ummmm...well, I hear that after going through birth, little girls can get their periods. It's from the hormones."

"Really? I never heard that," says my sister. "I freaked out, we already called the doctor's office and everything. Said we could bring the diaper in on Monday if we want. We thought about going to the ER."

Ok, I know I bitch all the time about the horror stories I hear---as a female without children---at baby showers. But...apparently, some *knowledge* has also passed to me via baby showers. I've been to *many* over the past 10 years---and now it's finally paid off.