Happy Halloween!

I am missing all the fun this year but I still get pics from my sis. Scary, huh?



So...odds and ends---*tidbits,* if you will. I honestly have no idea how many Tasty Tidbit posts I've done nor do I care to look. Maybe someday when I'm *really* bored, I'll look it up. But probably not.


Mom is good. Foot is healing. Wrist still a bit of a problem. The crisis is over. We are into recovery mode and she is healing well.


My sister is good. Had her sonogram---she's having a girl. Yay! I, on the other hand, am apparently a fembot. I guess because I haven't replicated yet, I'm "emotionally unavailable." Because only people with offspring care about other individuals. Absurd.


Life is busy. I'm headed to a conference in Knoxville on Wednesday to sling books---gone 'til Saturday. This will be my last trip for work until spring. We're staying about 20 minutes from Smoky Mountain National Park and I hear Dollywood and Gatlinburg are nearby. Expect another fun and confusing installment of fuzzy moblogging.


It's jam weekend for sagefool and our old college buddies. I hope to make it back in time to see them all. By the time I get back, they should be drunk *and* deaf. Always fun.


I recently had some blood work done and my cholesterol is high---as is my sodium. In my preparations for my new exercise and diet routine (which started today), I found this great blog, zenhabits. Check it out---it's got all kinds of good stuff. Also, I'm back on FitDay in an attempt to keep my sodium/cholesterol/calorie intake/exercise levels in check. It's *super* helpful. I just use the free online version, but you can buy it for $30 if, for some odd reason, you don't like free.


Since a bunch of my favorite local bloggers seem to like lol pics, here's another site---LOL DJs. Cuz sometimes you need more than cats.


And finally, yah, he's still a tool.


Birthday girl and her baby

Tonight we celebrated Crispy's 40th birthday. We surprised her at Milo's for dinner. We had appetizers and wine and dinner and wine and cake and wine. Her family and co-workers and friends all showed up for the happy occasion.

Then Crispy, her husband "Cheeto," her daughter, a friend, and I went to the Squire for shots and drinks. We had a great time. I've posted a few pictures from our time at Esquire. They were talking about my blog, so I decided to put them all on it.

Crispy's had a hard time with this birthday. She said she kept thinking she'd wake up today and look in the mirror and be like the guy on Heros that sees a bloody beat-up guy in the mirror. I think she looks great. It's a biggie, for sure, but I think by the time we left the Squire, she was feeling a lot better.

Happy 40th, Crispy!!!!

Aron---Isn't he a cutie?

Birthday girls hubby

Crispy and Aron


Fuzzy pics

Walking down to the Grotto:

The Grotto:

Some sort of administration building next to the Basilica:

Post-sight-seeing activities (yes, that's my Ketel and Cranberry sitting there):

Happy to be home....


One more for the funnier if it happened less category

Well, I've been gone for a bit and rather than wait any longer to blog about why I've been gone, we'll just do a nice daily breakdown for all the would-be stalkers out there...catch me if you can!

One week ago: Went out of town with moon_grrl and KJ to sell books at a conference in South Bend. Had a good time there. Sold books, saw the Grotto and Basilica but didn't get to see Touchdown Jesus up close. I'll post my pics later. Haven't downloaded them yet. You'll see why.

Saturday: The day before we were to drive back, I got a phone call that my mom had fallen twice and broke her right ankle and left wrist. Get home at 11pm and my mom, sister, and nephew are at my house because the hospital sent my mom home even though she couldn't walk, go to the bathroom by herself, nor feed herself. My house is an old two-story house and I live on the first floor while my sister lives on the second. You can't even *get* the chair in the bathroom. This means you get to the bathroom and then half to work your way to the toilet. Great fun.

Sunday: Me and sagefool spent over 12 hours organizing, moving, cleaning, fixing my mom's apartment so she could get around it in her wheelchair. I owe him an enormous debt of gratitude for finding a sub to work for him, not sleeping, and working like a dog to help get my mom back into her apartment. I got to bed around 3:30am, I believe....

Monday: I stayed home from work to watch my nephew (no school) and so I could help my mom go to the bathroom as needed and, you know, *feed* her. Plus, we took my mom to see the orthopedic surgeon re: mom's broken foot. The ortho was about 2 hours behind schedule, but when we finally saw him and his team, they were great. Cut the casts off---one was so tight it was cutting off circulation to her thumb. Put her in a special shoe and a brace. Said wrist wasn't broken, but because she's had 4 surgeries on that wrist/hand, there's not enough structure to the wrist and it's collapsing. The fall probably only moved everything around where it's painful because there is a gap in the middle of her wrist. The fifth metatarsal has an oblique fracture that will be difficult to heal. That means it's a lengthwise fracture of her pinkie foot bone that will split apart if she puts too much weight on it. Could need screws. Ortho suggests that a walker with a platform adjustment for her arm will work better than a chair and that she *can* use the foot to pivot and whatnot, but not to walk. Suggests consults with podiatrist, primary doctor, hand surgeon, home health, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and neurology. Suggests that loss of balance and increased incidence of falling may be neurological in basis. Take mom to apartment for the first time. Get her settled in. Go home and crash.

Tuesday: Take mom and wheelchair to primary doctor's appointment. She's only running an hour and 10 minutes late. She thinks mom should be in the hospital. Load mom and wheelchair back into car and go through Mickie D's drive-thru. Did not win $1,000,000 via Monopoly promotion---not surprised at this point. Take mom to podiatrist appointment and arrive 45 minutes early. Podiatrist is *on time.* Says surgery to put pins in to fix foot adds more risk than necessary. Puts giant black boot with velcro and metal on her foot. Says if not better in a four weeks, revisit surgery. Really nice guy. Load mom and wheelchair back into car and go back to mom's. Get her ready for bed, organize her stuff, and receive call that mom is to be admitted to Carle. Re-dress mom, load her and wheelchair back into the car and drive to Carle. Unload mom and wheelchair at Carle and check her in. Get mom settled in. Go home and crash.

Wednesday: Decide to sleep in and get laundry/dishes/etc done today. Write email to work. Receive phone call from mom 15 minutes later that they are discharging her today and that I need to pick up a quad cane and her prescriptions for her. Go get mom's car, run errands, pick up nephew, pick up mom, get mom home with her quad cane and wheelchair. Get mom settled in. She can now basically do everything she *needs* to if we aren't there. Go home and crash.

Thursday: Went back to work today. She got her walker delivered today and she's pretty mobile now. Enjoyed my work...sitting at my desk...listening to music...not worrying. Doing laundry and chores tonight but might pop out for a bit to blow off some steam.

What a week. Definitely TGIF.