I've been in a house mood lately....

If you like house music, there's a podcast that I have been digging on for a month or so called Deeplicious. I subscribe to it through iTunes but they also have an RSS feed if you are interested. There's also, of course, a MySpace page. I've had a friend request pending for some time now, so I don't know how often someone checks the MySpace page.

From what I can see on the MySpace page (which is hard to read anyway), it looks like Deeplicious is podcasts of mixes by several different people here in C-U. And there's some sort of connection to Ko-Fusion. That's about all I got figured out.

I've had some of the stuff off of "A Night Out" and "Robert Goes to Ko-Fusion" banging around in my head for some time now....

Course, I just got my hands on mertz's newest mix called "Future Purest," so I've been listening to that as well. I posted a whiny comment on mertz's MySpace page begging for a new mix, and he took pity on me and posted a link to Future Purest on *my* page....

I've talked about this with friends, but I like a lot of different kinds of music. And it depends on mood, situation, activity, season, and more as to what I want to listen to at any particular moment. Soul (or neo-soul or R&B or whatever I'm supposed to call it), house, and rock are staples. But I'll listen to just about any kind of music as long as it's good.

Except country....

You're never too short to hoola hoop!

And that's a direct quote.

This is a very inside joke that wouldn't be funny if I had to explain it.

Cyanide and Happiness, a daily webcomic
Cyanide & Happiness @ Explosm.net

Thanks to Leeanthro for finding it....

Trader Joe's can't be far behind, can it?

I saw in the N-G this morning that we are gonna get a Body Shop at the mall. It's supposed to open this summer.

I *love* Body Shop body butter.

Now, we need to work on Trader Joe's. I just checked the Trader Joe's fearless flyer---they have 12 oz. of Organic Wild Blueberries for $3 and grass-fed Sharp Cheddar for $5 a pound and 16 oz of Hummus for $3. I would *love* to pick up Luna bars for $1.



Do you watch Craig Ferguson?

I've caught his show a few times and I happened to catch this when it aired the other night.

It's a really good piece. I'm gonna have to start DVRing his show....


Great time tonight at the Blogger Meet-Up

Gnightgirl took some pictures and I'm sure she's post them soon. We had quite a few people in attendance.

Maladjusted; prairiebiker; momo, woof, and baby onion (no blog yet, not yet finished gestating, but baby will blog as well, I'm sure); moon_grrl and jonathan (better known as "asshat" to his fellow bloggers); matthew and ashley; mrs. cake/wayward; IlliniPundit, Jason Barickman, and John Farney from IP.

I had an awesome time. We started out in two groups because, of course, we stragglers didn't bother to check in back before sitting down. I forgot the sign...again....

Anyway, file this under "It'd be funnier if it didn't happen so often."

When I first got there, me, momo, woof, prairiebiker, moon_grrl, and jonathan were in front waiting for everyone else...who was already all in the back---but I digress. We made some introductions and when we got to jonathan, he said he posted under the name "asshat." To which, prairiebiker replied, "That's good, cuz that's what we were gonna call you anyway."

Then, momo called gnightgirl and we discovered where the party was.... And when we made our way back and did the introductions, I, of course, introduced everyone to moon_grrl...and "asshat." Of course, he had been joking early, but, once again, even though he has posted here *several times* as jonathan, the joke went *right* over my head....

But, we had a great time. No surprise---a bunch of bloggers never ran out of things to say. There was a lot of cross-references going on. I used to work with Gnightgirl and I currently work with moon_grrl. Momo, gnightgirl, and woof are all good friends. Matthew is my County Board representative. Several blogger couples were in attendance as well.

I heard many times over the course of the evening: We should do this more often.

I agree.

So...how can we get the word out better? How can we get more people to come out and chat in real time?

Maybe more importantly, is there something keeping you from coming out to a Blogger meet-up? Location? Time? Day of the week?

I include commenters in this as well. Just because you don't have a blog, doesn't mean you aren't a blogger. Blogs aren't nearly as interesting without commenters.


Matt Hopper song on Brothers and Sisters tonight

I saw Matt Hopper perform with Cameron McGill last year (that's him on the left). He's awesome.

He posted this bulletin on MySpace today.

On February 18, 2007 at 9 PM ABC's show "Brothers and Sisters" will be playing about a 1:30 clip of the song "Our Love Is So Soft"---so tune in and check it out if you get a chance.
The show is on WICD. I've never seen the show, but I'm recording it so I can catch how they use his music.

Great idea for foreign language instruction

Wonder why someone in the Unit #4 administration hasn't thought of this yet....

They were one of three groups learning Spanish in an after-school foreign language program at Westview. Trower said she and the other teachers---all University of Illinois students in Spanish education---use songs and games to engage the students.


The classes were started last fall by PTA parent Kelly Hill, after a hiatus of several years since Westview last offered an after-school language program. Hill's youngest daughter, a first-grader at Westview, had Spanish every day while at a private kindergarten, and Hill wanted her to continue learning the language.

Hill and other PTA moms recruited teachers from the UI. The classes meet for 45 minutes twice a week. Last fall, they offered Mandarin as well as Spanish, but they couldn't get a Mandarin teacher for the spring session.

This article is one of a series of articles in Sunday's N-G about foreign language instruction in the Champaign schools


A picture really is worth a thousand words....

Exploding Aardvark has a great photo....

My car this morning

Me and my sister already have a game plan in place to prevent anyone from snagging my shoveled out space. I only shoveled out in front of my car and our driveway so it doesn't look appealing to anyone else. I swear to cheese, if *anyone* parks in the spot it took me two hours to shovel, they will meet the true wrath of Gamera....


Makes me wanna puke....

Does this mean I can punch someone in the nose for being an asshole because they are an "overtly offensive person"?

Cuz a certain person seems to spring to mind at the moment....

I'll bring a sign this time....

Hey guys---I see IP and Matthew have been discussing another Blogger Bash.

Monday, February 19th at Crane Alley in Urbana at 7pm.

Crane Alley is in downtown Urbana at 115 W. Main Street. I think you should be able to park in the parking garage after 5pm. According to the post at IP:

This means you have a *week* to try and find a babysitter if you need one and come on out and have a good time with your fellow bloggers.

See you all there!


Fun with Lite Brite

In light of recent news, here's a website where you can create your very own Lite Brite design. I've been seeing a lot of Lite Brite avatars on messageboards and MySpace.

Now, instead of just Ignignot and Err, you can make your own.

I still want one of these, though....


No, I'm not dead....

...I'm just *really* sick. I got an email from a coworker saying people were popping in looking for me and wondering where I was.

I went to the doctor on Wednesday. I got a little tickle in my throat Monday afternoon/evening, pretty much had lost my voice by Tuesday, and then the fever, headache, chills, hacking seal cough, and sticky congestion kicked in on Wednesday. It's a virus, so there isn't much I can do for it but take some decongestants and mucinex and chloroseptic spray for my throat and sleep, but I have *long* coughing spells in which I basically have to cough up nuggets of joy and I'd rather not subject *anyone* to that (hell, I'd rather not subject myself to it either).

Plus, I figure that's a *great* way to spread it---hack up a million germs at work---and give to everyone to carry home to their children. I have been avoiding the nephew since Monday as well so he doesn't get it, but I'm afraid he may already have. Doctor put him on prednisone and a few other extras to try and pre-empt any asthma problems he might face with this doozy.

So...I'm just at home...sleeping...checking in on the email and internets every
12 hours. I thought I'd be better today, and in truth, I feel better than I did
yesterday, but I'd rather just wait til I can breathe a little better and not have to cough as much.

The doctor said this is the third round of this virus they have seen---Thanksgiving, Christmas, and now. She said it can be tough on people with pre-existing breathing problems. So...if you get a tickle in your throat, load up on mucinex and decongestants and get your humidfiers going....

I've been told I sound like a frog.